1. It's remarkable that despite the sheer volume of material Chris drew his skill never improved. anyone else, doing anything over and over again will just naturally get better, even if it's not the goal, Most people aren't very good at drawing, but if they do it enough would improve and get better, but not Chris. It's actually quite indicative of his inability to learn from his mistakes.

  2. I'd say he did get better. But his "style", that of a 8 year old, never changed. Because, to Chris, his hand drawing style was timeless and perfect.

  3. Jag hade en arbetskamrat som trodde helt och hållet på allt. T.om sjöjungfrur, för hon hade sett en YouTube video.

  4. Det börjar med att kvinnor får rösträtt, byxor och jobb. Sen slutar vi slå våra barn. Sen kommer invandrarna.

  5. Kan man fortfarande besöka? Är det öppet för vem som helst, eller behöver man något tillstånd?

  6. Förhållande handlar om mycket om "uppoffringar". Man gör saker tillsammans, även om dem inte är ens egna favorit saker. Huvudsakliga är att man spenderar tid med varandra.

  7. Also the high pitched voice he does to try to sound female but he just ends up sounding like Mickey Mouse. It drives me insane

  8. I love it when Chris gets too angry or annoyed an slips back into his normal voice. Which itself is somewhat high pitch. And sometimes, when he does his "female" voice, he struggles when he increases pitch while speaking.

  9. Speed of the combat. More oriented around movement. The story. The world design. And the overarching Lovecraftian theme of it all.

  10. Why did he share that fact? What was Chris trying to prove?

  11. It was that damn house. Bob should have moved his family into a 2 bed 2 bath apartment. Would’ve been way cheaper and easier for him to see the chaos going on around him. The hoarding would stop once the Legos and chachkies obscured Bob’s view of the television. Then, change would occur. Bob would convince his wife to stop hoarding and leave her to her snorlax pit. Chris would be assigned to his small room where he would have to choose between his toys or space to move. Bob would also be able to see Chris try to leave the house with the dreaded “attraction sign” that would seal Chris’s fate, then stop him. Thus ending the Chris Chan saga in its tracks right then and there.

  12. Geno, during one of his tea time streams, where watching one of the house tour videos. He commented on all the electronics being on. Multiple radios, tv:s and lamps being turned on in over hoarded rooms.

  13. Chris's reasoning for buying that DLC was absolutely baffling: they were trying to support Sony in the console war by buying as much as possible from the PSN.

  14. The reason why Barb refuses to take the dogs outside is because of their own retarded fear that someone will take their dog, and it all stems from one event.

  15. Really?! When did this happend? Is there any link to read about this event?

  16. It's unsure exactly when, but sometime after Bob's death. "Kim Wilson" sent a explanation on the KiwiFarms, but unfortunately since both that and the Cwcki are down, it's lost.

  17. Same. Maybe all of us wants to hear it, just to experience Chris showing something can could resemble emotion and distraught for another person.

  18. The time Chris and Barb got a kids cat put down because it scratched him is right up there too

  19. Wasn't it the neighbours cat? Chris and Barb called animal control and they had the cat put down. Then Chris got into this weird paranoia that a snake under Barns porch was planted there, by the neighbours, to kill/bite Chris and Barb.

  20. When he took 5 years to finish a 2 year course and helped him get the tugboat after the Donald duck incident, catching him wanking in the kitchen, it was all around that time that I think he just gave up, stuffed him in his room to play with his toys.

  21. I think Bob saw some sort of path Chris could take. If not just to get him started on his own and move out of the house.

  22. Jag blinkar alltid i rondellen. Det underlättar för alla. Men jag fick så mycket skit av trafikskolan, för man ska endast blinka på vägen ut ur en rondell.

  23. That would require effort and taking responsibility in their lives, which we all know they couldn't do. It would also be actual punishment for Chris and admitting he did something wrong, instead of enforcing the idea in his head that everything wrong in his life was some elaborate conspiracy against him.

  24. I think the worst punishment Chris received was Bob taking away his recording equipment and not allowing him to use the computer for like an evening.

  25. I wonder sometimes that he did lots of stupid things for his e-girlfriend but never asked them to do the same for himself. They all needed was a good looking profile picture and nothing else. They never had to make any goofy video for him.

  26. Because Chris was desperate for pretty much any form of attention from a female.

  27. Dem hjälpte mig att få fast jobb. Sen när jag blev aktiv inom facket var jag med och ordnade bättre scheman, bättre löner och månadslön för mig och mina kollegor.

  28. Breaking things off with Jackie Romy because he couldn’t meet her IRL.

  29. Trodde surdegen var de nya flickvännerna.

  30. Featuring psychichPEbbles, and MAARK cuSacK. My name's is captain dickhead!

  31. Har du sett 'One punch man'? Han är också skallig och cool! Du kan bli superhjälte!

  32. Nupe. Har inte sett. Men han är också tok ripped och det är inte jag.

  33. I think he's in a mix of childlike joy, because it's Christmas, yet a bitterness of someone who's disappointed.

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