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  1. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while, screw wallets and wrist watches made of leather…BORING. I need more creativity in

  2. Check engine is on for the EGR, which is being addressed tonight. Any advice for my first truck? Things to double check, or focus on?

  3. Goddamn in sonic clucking spo icer the place rn Baki is a goddamn fuxk by sereewzct hahahaahhaha

  4. Yeah, so last night we got home after road tripping for thanksgiving and I asked her how tired she was.

  5. How much are you looking at purchase price wise?

  6. This one was asking $3500. I ended up passing on it due to what appeared to be an oil soaked frame, the rust on the frame actually wasn’t bad, but it was everywhere.

  7. Looks like a rust pocket on the driver front quarter panel too. What state has this truck spent most of her life? My 06 panels aren't rusty but my uncle said the frame is questionable. Supposedly Toyota would warranty them until 15 years after production. Do you guys think the dealership would be the best place to get an opinion on the state of my frame?

  8. I need help figuring mine out :( I’m not good at following the instructions from retro

  9. Same, i wish i could go back and watch it all again for the first time

  10. I took a lot of time on this survey to give my whole thought and opinion for my answers as a lifelong resident of the city.

  11. Dude is going to cause the downfall of mankind building the first borg.

  12. The only reason I did want one was to put pressure on Smithfield to treat employees better due to competition

  13. We had the harbor freight one, after a windy season almost all the panels blew off and some cracked. I secured the base with cedar posts as the base, but the frame still constantly wiggled. Honestly, building it was constantly trying to figure out the construction between my wife, my friend, and I, and we all have plenty of experience in putting things together, still took all day.

  14. After all of this discussion I am thinking of building our own… my only hesitation is we already have such a long to-do list around the homestead, but this takes priority over fixing the dam and other stuff. It’s a constant juggle, for sure. Thanks for your input!

  15. Good luck! There are so many videos on YouTube about building your own and the planning part will be the toughest because after that it’s just putting it together!

  16. Crug take many washing in cave water. Crug make flower smell. Crug rub beast hair on mouth stones. Crug do ritual every moon. Cavewoman smell Crug, see Crug, touch Crug skin. Crug show many mouth stones. Crug find new waterhole with cavewoman. Crug learn new hunting . Cavewoman like new hunting. Crug keep stick on ice. If Cavewoman don’t find Crug handsome, Cavewoman find Crug handy.

  17. What kind of name is Jessk? It sounds like a weak ejaculation!

  18. I didn’t see anyone mention The White Walls / Last Stop, I would try with them as well

  19. Ha reminds me of TREX David furgeson on the Bob Cesca show

  20. Can you please all ACTUALLY go vote, don’t be a dick who laughs about how they missed voting day again.

  21. I’m going to give it a go, I have not read any of your work but I’ve been doing a lot of sci-fi and fantasy recently, (The Martian, Warhammer, Three Dark Crowns) looking forward to a new book series!

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