1. Been there. Done that. Bunches of times. It'll happen again, for me, for you, for all of us that move containers.

  2. Hazmat! Oh no! My buddy who works with DOT officer was telling me there was a heavy fine for driving with cans that weren’t properly attached, I wonder if it’s more severe for hazmat cans.

  3. That is the secret.. just move forward, it doesnt matter even if you have to step back for a few steps... Just keep moving...

  4. Amen to that! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day friend :)

  5. Define 'fine'.... That looks near fatal at best. Goddamn.

  6. The driver after being medevac’d from the scene: “It’s just a flesh wound”

  7. I feel sorry for you, but congrats for making the transition so early.

  8. Thanks! Only downside to transitioning from Male to Mack truck, is now I need to pre trip the neural-interface-to-truck-electrical-system every day during my in cab inspections >:|

  9. Howdy! If you’re able to pay out of pocket for your CDL training, I’d recommend that route. If you sign up and train under contract, you’ll be obligated to stay with that company for the remainder of the contract. If you end up not liking the company and leave they’ll make you reimburse them out of pocket which can be upwards of $5000. Once again, if you’re able to pay for the school on your own, do it. You’ll make the money back in a few months and you’ll have the freedom to explore all options right out of the gate. Good luck!

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