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  1. For the ships I recomend you to use coriolis.io so that you can buy the whole ship and build at one single station.

  2. Following the LS forged tutorial, you can spawn and keep cars, however some like the limo and the FIB bufalo are black flagged so even if you do it all properly the game will despawn them the next time you log back in.

  3. rumor is they flag account that make more then actually possible so i always keep it about 1.2 base then with full lobby ends up just under 2m. seem people get dinged for 3+

  4. OMQ I am having real issues with time, I was about to replay to you that I hadn't been banned yet because I was DANG SURE I posted this like 2 weeks ago, and then I saw I posted 2 days ago, I am fudged my dood

  5. Is the same old bunker setting but going up to 7.9 (I like to go one below tho) but I don't recommend to do it. I did because I was curious and I no longer enjoy the game so if I get banned it won't really matter all that much

  6. You're arguing with a Trump supporter that thinks Trump should have been even more juvenile. This outrage of theirs is only to make them feel morally superior. They don't actually give a shit about women or treating them like people.

  7. Guys I just wanted to know if the poster was pro or against, can't we just chill for a second?

  8. Wait, is this pro or against a, or parody of a pro poster or parody of a contra poster? I legit can't figure I out.

  9. I think they realized that if they killed the Thargoids off they'd have to come up with actual story so they just deus ex machina everything back to status quo. This was basically Elite Dangerous Comatose dream season.

  10. If I was you, and trust me I wouldn't take advise from me in this case. I'd just figure out how to be there on time and explain what happened, to me it would show that you are ready to take on consequences and are not afraid of facing your mistakes with efective action instead of excuses. But then again they might see it as "oh yeah we can call him at 2:00 am and he will pickup" sooooooo what do I know.

  11. I LOVE the idea, I HATE that 99% of the times is just a lazy reskin of the main quest lines/story/missions.

  12. Oh man I LOVE CS4 that is the one where I finally felt like I knew what I was doing... I still didn't but the feeling remained.

  13. Probably dump another 5000000000 of them to some wanky new upgrade system, maybe some sort of bio-tech. Man I'm just so pissed about this limp ass Status quo BS, why won't anyone take risks anymore????

  14. I'ts been bouncing around for a while now, mostly from bad designers pretending they suck in purpose. However of course there are times where it fits the brand, or the event or whatever you are designing for, but I think I've been hearing people say it is the next big thing since like 2015 something like that, but people and most importantly clients still prefer designs that actually look nice and attractive.

  15. https://www.art.yale.edu/about/study-areas/graduate-study-areas/graphic-design

  16. well do you find it attractive or even functional at that point?

  17. Yeah, me too. The Gnosis fiasco taught me not to expect anything worthwhile from events like this.

  18. Oh man I had totally forgotten about the Gnosis poop, it legit was that disapointing I totally forgot about it.

  19. ok so it depends, are you intending to leave the lines as strokes or are you gonna convert to shapes?, is fo, then convert to shapes and then select both the lines and using the shape builder delete the extra parts of the lines, just look for a YT tutorial about the shape builder tool and you will have all the info you need.

  20. Aunque ya muchos te dijeron que no pasa nada, te recomiendo y recomiendo a todos. Que vayan a renapo, SAT, IMSS, y al registro civil a checar que todos sus documentos estén bien. Les comento porque a mi madre en varios documentos la registraron con una fecha de nacimiento distinta, y con sexo distinto; sí creanlo o no, oficialmente yo fuí hijo de dos hombres por algunos años XD.

  21. The problem I see with this is that the infinity even describing movement of sorts, doesn't really have much to do with a transport brand, the second is that it makes it really hard to read, sure you can really in brand recognition alone but there comes a point where it just becomes visual noise. And third the infinity symbol is a very tired cliche at this point, blame it on the tech dude from the .com bubble.

  22. Do you know when I'll the stream start? (Central time if possible)

  23. CST, 2am patch notes sent out, 3am servers go down, 7am they should be back up with update 13.

  24. Alliance Chieftain is pretty good. No navy rank needed, although a full fit might be a little more than 60M.

  25. Look I might be a filthy bare footed Mahón Stan but the chieftain/ Crusader is the best budget combat ship I've ever flown. With the Asp being a close second and with some clever piloting the Keel back as a 3rd.

  26. The way I got to lvl 130 (I think) was by setting my RP multiplier to something nasty like 500 or so and then used teleporter to get the collectibles

  27. A huevo somos los pobres que ya no cogemos como conejos, ah no espera eso sigue pasando, entonces debe ser la mierda de condiciones de empleo que ofrecen.... no son los pobres.

  28. This is one fo the reasons I gave up on MMOs people only use chat to puke out their political views and when you try to talk about the game or just random shit, they even fucking report you, like keep your fucking toxic sess pools my dudes I'm off to play games I legit enjoy with people I care about.

  29. la neta el Chiquitín rifaba mas, tenia más consistencia a esmegma y el Danonito parece que hagarraron la costrita del yogurt y lo echaron al basito.

  30. As krispykrenecock salud you can unlock them via the auto shop oooor if you wanna go seli-legit you can grind those races wins by getting on the race and emptying session, that will make it so that you are the only one racing netting you the 1st place, also you can use teleporter to find every stunt jump however there really isn't an easy way to complete them.

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