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  1. I know. But it can’t be much more expensive per dose in the US.

  2. The pound is worry more so yes it is. They got free test strips here and I think free or cheap Narcospray

  3. I really should try your technic. I haven’t ever tried LOA with money. I had a pretty bad car accident 2yrs ago, it was a hit and run. Never found the person. My van was hit on the passenger side, where my 7yr old daughter was sitting. She was fine, I ended up with a concussion and long term issues with my hands/arms. Insurance company only wants to settle for $7k. My lawyer will not back down. She wants to set a precedent, liberty mutual doesn’t like to pay at all, I guess. She’s literally sick and tired of them getting away with paying so low. She will barley make any money with all the work she’s done on my case. Maybe if I tired this, I could help.

  4. Take them to court so you can get a bigger settlement especially with your little daughter being in the car. If you don't like the settlement just mention you're ready to go to court. You have ongoing injury pain that may even be permanent so I would take it to court if i was you.

  5. I forgotten to mention my lawyer mentioned people with seriously long term or permanent injuries have received over $100k in settlements after their medical bills were paid. So don't accept nothing less than $100k after lawyers fees and medical bill payments from insurance. A family in Colorado that got into an accident got $130k recently

  6. That’s awesome. I wish I was better at manifesting actual cash, it’s always been ‘stuff’ for me. (Although, I did hit 31 black at a roulette once with my last $8 before I walked away from the table. It was my first time at a casino, everyone was high-fiving me, and I didn’t understand why until the dealer started stacking mountains of chips in front of me.) And the scratch offs have always been for fun, not for winning in my experience haha.

  7. Great 👍 hit on the casino. How much was the prize of mountains of chips? From observing events in my life closely, I have come to the conclusion that LOA transcends time and space and it knows future events. It prevented some undesirable and potentially dangerous situations in my life. To the untrained mind the real world events look mere coincidence but to us that believe in LOA, there are no coincidences. You may not have been aware but the big casino hit from your $8 was actually already put into work in the past before you went to play. The thought of playing the game at the Casino originated from your LOA higher self (Soul) so it can manifest money for you. I won huge on two scratchers and also a few $500 prizes. LOA manifested those for me.

  8. I don’t remember the exact amount, but it was over $300. I remember because I made change and got 3 cool $100 chips, and I spent the rest on the table to see if lightning could strike twice, even though I was already leaving before I won, which should’ve been my follow through.

  9. LOA even helps people avoid dangerous situations. Example is that show "I shouldn't be Alive" that is renactments if true survival stories. We live in a multidimensional world and most people wanna only believe it was a coincidence or luck.

  10. I'd kick him out instantly. Pax know the no smoking policy. Some weirdo pax think a moving car makes the smoking experience more relaxed. I had a Pax arrive from middle east on international flight and picked him up in Minneapolis. Guy kept asking me non-stop if he can smoke a large cigar in my car. I nicely declined. I'm even Muslim like him so I wasn't 100% easy telling him that and felt bad when he got out of he car after he asked me to stop at a road inside the airport that humans don't normally walk on. I warned him he looks out of place and airport police may grab him and he even had the name Mohamed. But he still got out and was pissed with me.

  11. I’ve had large tips come through on Uber, but I know for a fact that Lyft steals tips. I’ve physically watched Lyft pax enter tips and then never received them and Lyft claims there’s nothing there.

  12. Lyft is a suffering company that's going downhill. It will br aquired soon

  13. Can we get some mental healthcare for the author of this convoluted and nonsensical headline?

  14. Lol. It's the British style. Here is another odd headline.

  15. Uganda government itself is good, but the problem here the crime problem. The government here even maintains the Forest reserve that has endangered species wildlife. Uganda even has its own Airlines that are nice and modern and great airplane food.

  16. I was previously in Kenya and Somalia and those were actually safer than Uganda. I have a relative here I am visiting (i think I mentioned that in the post).

  17. I want to see Ngannou box Tyson Fury so bad….I’d pay $100 for the ppv for damn sure.

  18. It really seems like it's better to use reflective hexes rather than flat out offensive ones.

  19. Live and learn. This looks like an opportunity to learn how to cast a spell like this but without it affecting you.

  20. Yep 👍. Mine was a painful $20k loss and a broken foot too.

  21. I noticed only men in the Crowd, Looked to be engaged in some kind of mob mentality, almost appears they’re hoping the guy will be executed.

  22. They bring crane for hanging on site. They hang gay men too

  23. What's a Viagra member? Do they sell Viagra pills or something?

  24. US Department of defense is always 50 years ahead of any technology and that includes even metaphysical paranormal and psychic technology.

  25. It's why Einstein said "Do you really believe the moon is out there when you're not looking at it?. In Quantum mechanics, the act of observing something changes it.

  26. Lyft sent this out in anticipation for pinky swear upcoming rate slashes across America.

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