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  1. Basically imagine a block chains that follows something as it’s produced to keep track of customs emissions or customs. Or block chain that stays with a product to deem its authenticity to combat knock offs.

  2. I buy a LV bag and get an nft with it, I buy a knockoff LV bag and sell with the nft. Bang! Got an LV bag for next to nothing that I could also flip and make some more dineros

  3. The exact details might be more sophisticated than just selling the bag with an nft, but rather possibly embedding a chip in the bag with a unique code linked to a blockchain ledger.

  4. Won't work. I'd just take the chip out and put it in the knockoff bag, or clone it. You have fallen victim of the bLocKcHaiN tEcHnoLOgy marketing scheme. There is no way to tie a physical object to a blockchain in any meaningful way. I'm not saying this to be a douche, I'm saying it so that you can get out of the scams before they hit zero

  5. Definitely doesn't help the corporate greed part of what's driving inflation or the supply chain part, but maybe the currency debasement part.

  6. Corporate greed and supply chain is nothing but smoke and mirrors by politicians and central bankers to obfuscate the truth of inflation. They use those arguments to shift blame away and fool the public and it's a complete lie. Have a look at this clip of Milton Friedman, it's mindblowing that they still use the same arguments and get away with it

  7. There is no cure. The whole system is fucked. We are fucked.

  8. Bitcoin has already fixed money. It's just a matter of people realizing it

  9. Why is it so difficult to understand that inflation can have many causes?

  10. Because it's illogical. There are many things that can effect demand, but only one thing can effect inflation. If we remove the ability to create money, rising demand in one sector would cause a lower demand in another sector

  11. What about if you destroy the supply chain and quarantine people into their houses for two years. You actually don't think that would cause inflation? That is patently absurd.

  12. Only if you have an elastic supply of money, if the supply of money is fixed some goods would increase in price while others would decrease and balance it out. In a fixed supply of money it couldn't work any other way

  13. Don’t have access to a windows computer at the moment. Trying parallel rn, thanks for the advice

  14. Run a virtual machine and install windows on that. Check youtube for tutorials on virtualbox and set one up

  15. That walk, looks like one of the Monthy Pythons doing a sketch where they're sneaking up on someone really really stealthily

  16. I understand one of two things. You're either lying, the more likely scenario, or you're not which just means that for whatever reason you bought in early and could have made a killing multiple times but for whatever reason didn't.

  17. We're here to change the world for the better, not fiat gains. How's that for a reason?

  18. skeptics and those that didn’t understand crypto said the same back in 2018 when BTC fell from $20k to $4k.

  19. Well that's Bitcoin. 99.9% of the cryptoes from around then is at zero and I saw somewhere that only 2-3 cryptoes have ever reclaimed their previous highs relative to Bitcoin (one of them being Elon's pump of the doggy coin). I expect it'll be the same story this time around and 99.9% of the cryptoes will disappear into the void and be forgotten as the other 20.000 cryptoes that died and left heavy heavy bags for the regards to carry, hoping that one day a billionaire will find their cripto funny and make a few jokes about it so they can offload their bags on the next sucker

  20. I would avoid exchanges that lists crypto and go with Bitcoin only exchanges such as Swan Bitcoin, Strike, Relai and the Canadian one that I can't remember the name of. We have to move away from crypto exchanges to avoid the scams continuing

  21. It is similar in the way that both are created out of thin air and the average folk gets rug pulled while the ones at the top get all the benefits. Fiat doesn't need marketing though

  22. It's current form with the whole planet on a fiat standard is 51 years old so yes, a little more history. I personally consider fiat in it's current form a failing experiment that has done more bad than it has done good

  23. I hold on exchange because the whole wallet thing is 🤯 . I’ve tested one and honestly do t trust myself with it if that makes any sense. I don’t understand the lingo like some of you do. To some of you it’s obviously easy but to many of us it’s like reading Chinese.

  24. Read up a bit and then install a wallet and start playing around with small amounts until you are comfortable with it. It seems like a jungle in the beginning but it's really quite simple and easy once you've crossed the initial hurdle

  25. Some of them yes. Many chugging along just fine and mines a Bitcoin at 5-7k. Heard of one guy mining at 2.8k with electricity from a nuclear plant. Some of the miners got over confident and leveraged themselves into a corner

  26. Thought we had a respectful conversation exchanging different points of view working our way towards a consensus or a middle ground. Turns out you're a complete ass wipe with delusions of grandeur

  27. When the contest of ideas progressed to a point where you could not retort and refute the facts and issues raised, you attack the messenger instead of addressing the issues.

  28. Yeah, this has nothing to do with you being unable to hold a normal conversation where ideas are exchanged, absolutely nothing at all to do with that, obviously not

  29. If I remember correctly Exodus wallet isn't open source so you have to trust them that it's fine. Better to go with an open source wallet

  30. Bitcoin is a crypto currency though

  31. And it’s a crypto … maybe stop being whining little people that doesn’t help adoption of BTC

  32. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency, the rest are scams. Thousands of the scams have already gone to zero. How many more does it take for you to get it? Serious question as I am genuinely curious

  33. Read more and learn to think critically

  34. Crypto is fiat. Bitcoin only

  35. The critics rarely have any real arguments and is generally shouting about tulips. The media is completely clueless and doesn't even understand the difference between Bitcoin and crypto. Contradicting opinions I value when it's an honest discussion and both parties are open minded, these are generally happening between Bitcoiners as we are the biggest critics on Bitcoin and are constantly looking for potential flaws to address, but we welcome anyone to a debate as long as it is a genuine one

  36. When did China not ban Bitcoin? It was so long ago I don't remember much but don't recall any exchanges going under, just thousands of shitcoins dying. Come to think of it this bear market seems way worse with the Luna, Celcius and now FTX going under. Way larger cripto scams blowing up than in 2018

  37. You know that what I said is right. Address my arguments, or don't. But don't use a copout like that

  38. Any sources on it being beneficial? Everything I've read says it's been a huge failure and El Salvador is worse off. Bukele's pretty much considered a joke in Latin America and my friends in El Salvador think he's just the latest in a long line of idiots.

  39. This is written by Bukele himself but can be verified externally at the IMF etc.

  40. I think it's pretty disingenuous to attribute or imply that bitcoin or not raising taxes had anything to do with a 52% increase in tourism when that would obviously have more to do with the end of the pandemic and reintroduction of international travel.

  41. The increase in tourism is directly linked to Bitcoin, and so is most of the foreign investments coming into the country. But if you aren't up to date with what's going on there I can see how you would view it that way

  42. No didn't see any name drop yet. Nothing but runaround.

  43. US government pre central banking (1913), or any government or monarchy pre central banking (which has been the norm for 5000 years). Is that enough clarification?

  44. Wtf are you talking about lol? Read your initial comment again. Maybe you don't understand the decentralization part of Bitcoin and that's what your weird comments are about?

  45. It's best to not hope anymore exchanges go down. It's not just bad for crypto but also bitcoin. While many here will look at it like bitcoin and crypto regulators don't. Also the people who get wrecked from these exchanges you think they will stay in crypto, they probably will tell others of there experience and be gone. Institutions will also be wary, and we need them to allocate more capital to bitcoin to hit those high 6 figures. I hope we as an industry get past this soon as possible already tons of negative media coverage and during the time were regulation is about to come. "There is good regulation and there is bad regulation"

  46. Nuke the shitcoin casinos so that we can proceed with fixing the money to fix the world. if Bitcoin crashes for a while it's worth it

  47. Bitcoin only exchanges folks, Bitcoin only exchanges! Or even better p2p solutions like Bisq

  48. Started investing BTC in March 2021. I'm numb and confident at the same time.

  49. The first rodeo is the hard one and is the test every Bitcoiner must go through

  50. Video fails to explain that modern currencies are governed and regulated to prevent wide sweeps in value regardless of changes of power (in general). Imagine a cup of coffee paid in crypto. That shit will swing like crazy and is untenable

  51. Depends on what currency you are in. There are countries whose currency has much higher inflation than what Bitcoin moves. The problem is that with fiat currencies they can expand the monetary base as much as they want, when they want. This makes it easy for governments to spend more than what they can afford and that comes with a price, as we can see today with inflation going through the roof

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