1. Check out Snowbird or Deer Valley daily lift prices sometime.

  2. It’s funny because deer valley was the red light district for minors back in the day.

  3. Ha, just noticed that. Fuck it, both could work

  4. $500 for the pair. If I’m honest, not as bad as I was expecting. Compared to what I’ve seen them both going for online, I made out great.

  5. So we all agree it was a kaiju, volleyball spiking a meteor into a piece of a Chinese space station breaking apart above us, right?

  6. Groves Market isn’t badly priced, has great food. If you like pulled pork, the sandwich is the size of a baby and delicious

  7. Shadows of the empire two pack with IG-88 maybe?

  8. That's what SOTE means 🤣

  9. Why isn’t anybody asking the real question here? Who is the guy in the background and why is he so sweaty?

  10. Man.. I think older comedies, I’m thinking Monty Python, Mel Brooks, 70’s SNL crew. I’m not thinking movies that came out in my early 20’s! Old man rant over(shakes fist at screen)

  11. Tetris, excitebike, King’s Quest and duck hunt. The other answers here are making me feel as old as these games look

  12. And in a couple centuries everyone will be

  13. You’d be my hero forever and always if you did this one at some point

  14. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EngraversDungeon

  15. Worked at a convenience store for twelve years, saw many things that would make you wanna nope right out. Though I don’t agree with the wording of this note they aren’t wrong. Had many “charitable” people that would bring in someone that was homeless and buy them stuff to make themselves feel good about their self. They would buy them food, drinks whatever and leave. Meanwhile that homeless person would hangout at the front of my store and either start harassing other customers for more stuff or just leave a mess for me to clean up. Many could and would have violent outbursts at either I or a customer. While the customer felt that they’ve done their good deed for the day, they get to leave while I’m left behind to clean up the mess that they invited in. Long story short, if you want to feel good about yourself and help out the homeless, volunteer your time or money to your local shelter. Your local convenience store clerk does not make enough money to deal with the shit(sometimes literal shit) that you’ve invited in

  16. A perfect example of wearing glasses doesn’t mean you’re smart

  17. “Hey guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?”

  18. taps head they said flags. Lots of things aren't flags. Time to buy lots of not flags

  19. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubemen come to mind

  20. This is a Action fleet X-Wing. They came out in the mid 90’s

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