1. IIRC they're good for investors to sit on while property values go higher, and then sell the land to developers in 20 years.

  2. Remember folks, it's Reduce...Reuse...Recycle. Aka stop using so much. Yeah easier said than done I know but it's always good to keep that in mind.

  3. Hmmm, how to reuse a blue useless Rana can now? Store yard tools? Composting? Rabbit proof place to grow 'maters?

  4. One summer, back before social media, I cleaned out a trash cash and then filled it full of water for my own little redneck pool in my front yard. I was like 10 and it was quite fun. So maybe that?

  5. Quiet wheels (note i said wheels not tires) is already a thing for some brands:

  6. I'll never forget the guy who didn't know what a yield sign was and posted about it on this subreddit. Freaking hysterical. Sometimes when I yield at a yield sign I think of that guy. No I won't tag you but you know who you are lmao.

  7. Context: This is my side job and I work here 7AM to 3PM on my days off. There are no other shifts outside of these hours. A single person works alone from 7-3 and then the building is locked up.

  8. That definitely gets my vote then. Minivans are so nice if you don't mind their length.

  9. I often wonder if the people who post these rants (I see them all over reddit, Facebook, and Nextdoor) expect them to actually accomplish anything.

  10. If my DOG WOULD STOP FARTING IT WOULD BE GREAT! Am i doing this right?

  11. The Lexus would be terrible for a car seat. I have an '08 and it's just not good back there.

  12. Totally same opinion - but in addition I took the backtests serious and decided to do only 2x leaveraged HFEA for my portfolio. It’s still in the green and was started 2018. Quite happy with it.

  13. Hello there! I’m interested in helping but I was wondering if you could share some more information about it? Do you have hours you are assembling them? Do I need to bring my own tools? I looked online for information but I couldn’t find much.

  14. Please keep posting here, I have been following you..

  15. I plan on it. I may switch to quarterly reporting next year if things seem to stabilize a little bit. Monthly feels a bit too often on the less volatile months.

  16. I checked a weather report for east midlands UK at time now:

  17. Pretty easy answer. Is it worth $55k more to you? If yes, then yes. If no, then no.

  18. I’m buying my first home. I cook a lot. This is something I’m looking for in every kitchen I walk into lol. My realtor looks at me like I’m an idiot but it really does make a huge difference.

  19. When you’re working, sure. Your life is basically over when you start your first office job.

  20. So is this an official Tesla owned shop?

  21. They sure price it and advertise it as such..

  22. I have a single-stage 110k 80% in my 1400sqft house. My run times are freaking hilarious. I have no idea what the previous owner (and installer) was thinking.

  23. What is your runtime ? What altitude ? How cold does it gets where you at?

  24. I'm in climate zone 3. The north half of Alabama. 665' elevation. As far as how cold...heating design temp is 16F. Run time during a recent cold snap ( 3 days with overnight lows at 28F or so ) was 33, 53, and 56 minutes per day. With a 3 degree setback on my thermostat it runs for 10-11 minutes each time.

  25. This is why dealing directly with other people can be unbearable at times.

  26. At least once a day I read/watch something that makes me say "I don't know how anyone can work with the public." I did it in college... never again. lol

  27. Why are you contributing less when prices have gone down?

  28. There is no (intentional) correlation to my contribution amount and stock prices. I think I covered this a couple posts back. If not, the tl;dr is: house improvement shit, vacations, trips, etc.

  29. You making this post tells me you can't handle the volatility of TQQQ. If I were you I would sell it all for a 25% loss in a heartbeat, and never look back into LETFs. But if you want to keep some in LETFs maybe keep 10% of your current TQQQ position and ignore it for years.

  30. I think I will still go for Guardians 2.

  31. You were close. We skipped Spiderman:Homecoming (isn't on Disney+) and she asked "who is that old guy that keeps showing up?" during Black Panther, so it was the 17th watched film.

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