1. Can't blame him for not wanting to be the fourth choice centerback for long tbf, he would be a starter for many teams around Europe.

  2. Ideally he’d be third choice. I don’t think Maguire will stay.

  3. If Maguire goes he'll definitely be replaced for depth, if it's someone like Timber as reports have suggested then Lindelof will go back to being 4th choice.

  4. He scored 5 goals and 1 assist in 23 games (0 in the prem), Weghorst is on 2 in 18 but also has 2 assists and is way more important to the way United play.

  5. Weghorst's assist and overall brilliant performance in the cup final will always be remembered even if he leaves in the summer

  6. Spurs about to use the new manager bounce to secure top 4 for the second season in a row ffs

  7. New manager bounce about to secure them top 4

  8. When Liverpool sign Nunes for £40m and Mount for probably around the same that's pretty much Bellingham

  9. No shot Wolves sell Nunes for almost as much as they bought him for only this summer.

  10. Play like today against Brighton and they're hitting us for 5.

  11. Christ imagine we make it to the final vs City in the form they’re in & Playing like we did today….. that Liverpool game might look less terrible

  12. Gotta keep the faith that the team rises to the occasion at Wembley

  13. should be a very lengthy ban for that type of behaviour towards a ref

  14. Fulham staff on the pitch too harrassing the ref, should be a hefty fine.

  15. Another Sancho hall of shame performance you really hate to see it

  16. Spanish teams have really sent their final boss in the Europa ffs

  17. Fuck we're going fourth with 2 games in hand on Tottenham most likely

  18. They really said Martinelli>Rashford lmfao hold that you gremlins

  19. Rooting for them as a neutral!

  20. Yo it's the Telegraph itself

  21. I remember Jose being a big advocate of going to the States for preseason because of excellent training facilities

  22. My XI for tomorrow would be -

  23. Erik is giving Martial all the time in the world. Hopefully, he can be important towards the end of the season, we still have a minimum of 15 games to play.

  24. Ten Hag's clearly a big fan and rightfully so tbf..the worst part about Martial's injury woes is that he has always looked excellent whenever available this season

  25. https://twitter.com/victorosimhen9/status/1635656561707163649?t=47O-eOcY2tkgG2jv3CXFLw&s=19

  26. Back after the international break hopefully, should only miss Betis and Fulham

  27. Shaw was quite good I thought

  28. He's looked quite good tbf, but especially with Nkunku coming in next season I don't see any reason for Chelsea to buy him permanently at the price Atletico is asking.

  29. I was mid celebration as well ffs

  30. Absolutely incorrect. He'll be back in the squad next week I don't know where you are getting your rumours from.

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