Pouring alcohol on fire is a thing now

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  1. So... You are came to an anime memes sub to criticize anime in general?

  2. This is my first time seeing a negative down-vote, thank u for being my first🤝🏼

  3. I mean bro dont get me wrong your medjay looks clean but cmon its been like 3 days since release😭

  4. I took a shit in my bathtub when i was about 7 and i blamed it on my brother who was in the bathtub with me, It was pretty funny watching my mom try pickup this floating turd, it was shaped in a pretty abnormal way too considering my young age but hey the more u know

  5. I loved this scene, Hollowknight is trully an amazing game and im so happy i got to experience such a masterpiece, i highly recommend if u into Metroidvania games, I cant wait for Silksong to drop too🤧

  6. Lol yeah it had a ton of potential but I think the developer mostly moved on. new official discord out though 🙂

  7. I still re-download the game here and there just to get the feel of it, i currently have the game on my phone rn and personally i havent encountered any game similar to Bombsquad in any way, It was such a game changer for me😭

  8. Wouldve been such a sick vehicle if u could actually drive cars ontop of it without having any problems😭

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