1. Hey! Sorry for piggy back of this thread. But, did you end up finding that Dranzer GT you were asking about few months ago?

  2. Yes but you’d have to wait for payouts

  3. What Threshold would I need to surpass so switching from Ethermine to you guys would be worth it?

  4. If you are a small miner you are better off going with bigger pools like ethermine. Their payout thresholds are lower and they pay for transaction fees. On smaller pools like flexpool, you pay the transaction fees yourself and they might cost you a significant portion of your earnings if you are a smaller miner.

  5. May I ask you from what MH date it would be worth switching to flexpool? For instance I am running a 500 mh rig, am I better off with Ethermine or am I considered 'big enough' so it would be worth going to flexpool?

  6. Würd ich nicht machen. Dragoon V ohne sticker für 50 is zu viel.

  7. Oh nvm habe nicht gesehen dass er 25 angeboten hat. Für den Preis kann mans eigentlich machen

  8. I'd say it isn't worth 50£. The color doesn't make it that special and you can get the regular color cheaper.

  9. Which Series of Beyblades are you looking for? Burst/ MFB/ or the Og ones?

  10. At first glance it almost looks like a lunchbox🤣

  11. Those glasses remind me of doflamingo for some reason

  12. tf, that person did probably not know what he's selling lool

  13. Showing a lamp to your sun hisoka sama..

  14. Don't dare say this sir... The dragoon gt blue version itself is a thing of beauty a joy forever. You nib boxes are themselves the most beautiful pics ever taken.

  15. Unless you were the ones who watched the first gen on Jetix before Digimon adventure, I don’t wanna hear it

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