AITA for having a craving of something that makes my partner sick?

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in 2022, the new player experience is still excruciating.

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  1. Not necessarily recogniseable but stand out i guess, when capstan takes damage the massive sound is like a tanker sinking, it seems like a ridiculously over exaggerated sound effect for oh,no I need to put one piece of wood on that

  2. Discussion, if you work through each clue to test if they work if true, you'll rule them out.

  3. Lmao, thank you for sharing. Hopefully you can look back on this as a funny mishap and it doesn't put you off further attempts in future

  4. Raise a ticket, they are aware of the issue. I had it happen once

  5. It's a difficult balance. There is meant to be meaningful change that comes from adventures that persist in the world but so far we haven't seen this greatly demonstrated

  6. Sorry you had this, I had whole server there and no one pulled this crap. Tbh you don't really need your ship to do it but I guess if they're trolling by attacking you too it makes it suck

  7. How many vs how many? Make sure you go through door together so it splits attention and move as quickly as you can. Depends on the crew, it is hard, sometimes jumping off the ship is way to go

  8. Just for the variety of world events yeah

  9. I remember when I was like 10 I was playing ff7. My ps1 crapped out on me while I was going between locations on the world map. I was fortunate to get a ps2 that year for Christmas an when I went back to play I had no fucken clue where I was going or what I needed to do.

  10. I had an over hundred hour save with everything maxed, knights of the round maxed, most of ultimate weps etc. My son wiped it to make space without asking, was so gutted despite realistically knowing I'd likely never have gone back to it

  11. Share his Yt so we can downvote the shit out of it

  12. I normally play fuse and was still in that mindset unfortunately. I think they chose fuse, and I picked lifeline after because she was one of the dailys today

  13. Why are people down voting your honest response 😅

  14. shrugs I was confused, but I didn't let it get to me. Reddit is funny like that

  15. Seems to be, gone up now. I saw the negative votes and expected it to be an asshole comment overly defensive or insulting the person who asked lol

  16. Yta, your description of him running to toilet 'like a child' implies you believe its a maturity thing that he should grow out of and have a choice in the matter, also forcing him to prepare it for you just feels vindictive. Craving is fine, your attitude and way you handled it isn't.

  17. Some people do the roar to avoid pvp, others join server alliances. Personally I say embrace it and practice pvp on your own terms but with your limited time thats a choice only you can make. Its weird as I'm usually the aggressor and I rarely find these people who want fights

  18. There's also milestones for doing captains voyages on a captained ship, that and it means you don't have to run down to pl hideout, don't see why you'd ever want to go buy the old versions

  19. I suspect it puts pressure on servers to save and persist ships so they put (relatively small) costs so you have to properly consider before saving. That's a guess, otherwise maybe it's just that lots of players wanted more content to spend money on

  20. It's not complaining, but you haven't really made a point either, are you saying there should be skill based matchmaking? Lots of sweaty players have alt accounts so wouldn't make too much difference, and I think the spirit of the game is that its not something they would introduce.

  21. Hah very weird, and dude I remember you from ow and all the kickass workshop modes you made (sorry if you've done other stuff, that's the main thing I recognise you from)

  22. Hard to judge as there's obviously cultural specifics here that outsiders won't understand the nuances. Just on your description though, it sounds like you want/expect the best of both worlds. You sound lucky to have someone not only take you in but treat you as their own child. Doesn't seem that different to being adopted

  23. Nta, but I'd add don't hold resentment towards the baby, they've done nothing wrong and had no control over this. I get your anger with your dad but hopefully one day you can move past it and still have a relationship with this sibling

  24. Ask your employer, isn't there company policy on this, don't you get training on dealing with public? (Am I being naive here? 😅). Regardless I'd say safest thing is to ask them rather than reddit in case of any complaints etc that come back to you

  25. Yeah I got a screenshot from a clip and zoomed a bit, not the best 😅

  26. Jokes aside though, I think Rare need to not use the same characters for the choice based adventures as the main storyline. Yes they need to link, but in this example all the players that chose to destroy golden sands will now need to try and save merrick...doesn't make much sense

  27. I love that even his throw got him lol

  28. I got into the game fairly late into arena’s life cycle and the mode was actually umplayable. I bet it was decently fun when the queues were instant but there’s no way I was waiting 10-15 minutes for an arena match.

  29. This was mainly gally lobbies, I found sloop ones were never as bad

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