1. Have you checked the new national broadband map here:

  2. Get a home device. 25 a month. Use any address that works.

  3. Verizon home internet with an address that says it’s available. They will still ship it to your house. Sounds crazy. Works great a friend told me.

  4. But if you have a certain Verizon plan, it’s 25 bucks a month with no up front costs. I wish I could get it.

  5. Co risks? Really? On a new furnace? Hardly even on an old one.

  6. Kinda short sighted if you’re assuming equipment will be new forever. Different people have different levels of tolerance to risk. Obviously CO risk is extremely low on modern furnaces, but shit happens. Extremely low levels of CO are still dangerous long term.

  7. My jetpack worked good. My Verizon 4g internet works better. I don’t have to watch my data anymore. Use a friend or family member address if yours doesn’t qualify.

  8. Can’t use someone else’s address to get at least Verizon 4g?

  9. Is it running when you smell gas? If so tighten the fitting at the valve to the main burner.

  10. You can sense the gas even when not running. The manufacture gave me a replacement gas valve. Have a plumber to install next week.

  11. Home 5g internet from Verizon is hardly available anywhere. Dreamers.

  12. Be as good as your truck to every customer and they will request you and you will make your company proud. Looks freaking great!!!

  13. Replace it with the same size. They’re are different inch sizes that go into the furnace.

  14. Call the gas co. Natural gas is actually non-toxic. The only way it can hurt you if you breathe so much and deplete your oxygen. You would have to be in gas business to breathe that much in. Maybe there’s a gas leak nearby. His furnace could have a bad burn going on also.

  15. Damn it’s not cashback, but could I use it to pay for our bill hmmm

  16. Same difference. The reason I have one is to get an extra 10 bucks off a month per line on Verizon wireless. You can also get the 10 bucks off a line by using a debit card or checking account and paperless billing but that doesn’t get any points.

  17. No they won’t. Most of the nation can’t even get wireless home internet if any sort from them.

  18. Not sure about 5g. 4g all okay. I heard it from a friend.

  19. I have. I live in rural PA used a Michigan address to qualify and had it shipped to my address. I've had the service since April.

  20. I’m going to do the same thing. Is it still working for you? Thanks

  21. Thanks for the info dude. Working good. Just 4g but best I’ve had in the sticks ever. Fiber coming soon but this is hard to beat for the price.

  22. That money is just as well spent on a second or third home as it is on new fiber. Just ask Mr. CEO.

  23. Sorry about only a title on post, because my Internet stopped for six minutes. Verizon is giving me $140 a month back because they admit they have a serious problem in northern Michigan. My Internet stops for minutes on end and then when it does work it is less than 2G. Is the most pathetic thing you would ever want to see. Please if we could get 10 or 20 or 30,000 people to call in three or four times a month maybe we could make a difference. Once again insist on getting your money back because they’re giving me 40% of my bill back every month. They could probably do the same for you. I would rather pay but it doesn’t work. I don’t know why they wouldn’t make sure everyone with 4G were good before they went into 5G. We are probably 10 to 15 years away from 5G where I live. Please call if your service sucks like mine does.

  24. I live in a tourist area and my Verizon jetpack doesn’t even work at time after 10am until 11pm. When it does work between those hours it is really slow. But at 5 o’clock in the morning I get 50x5. The same thing happens with our phones or sometimes it drops a call or you can’t even make a call. While talking to Verizon one rep admitted I was being deprioritized 42% of the time. I called them back and I got 40% off my bill for that month then I’m going to do it again next month and the month after that until it does work correctly. We have five phones and paying on a couple of them yet and the jet pack, so 40% was like $120. It’s worth being on the phone for a short while.

  25. I don’t game with it at all or stream very much, but I use visible wireless hotspot. More than happy with it at 25 a month if you join a group. I live where Verizon is the best coverage but it’s not great. Very seldom buffers when we stream a movie.

  26. Terrible. But yet my bill is still less than what it was 5 years ago, after jumping through their discount hoops. Plus I have a better phone with better pictures more data. Life is good. Depends how you look at things. Plus I never got that email!

  27. I use Visible. There isn’t a T-Mobile signal where I live, and Verizon doesn’t like money, so they won’t let me get theirs, even as Visible uses their towers. Visible is capped at 5dl, but for 25 bucks it’s hard to beat. iPhone let’s more than 1 hotspot connection at a time. There’s other options to use the sim but 5 works for us for now.

  28. Terrible in N. Michigan when tourist season is here. As in now until December. I can’t even do a speed test to let you know. Get Error message. Unusable.

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