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That's a little funny

  1. I’m just shocked he didn’t park like a giant butthole. Stayed in those lines

  2. I’ve seen so many pictures of people knitting ramen noodles that for a second my brain was like, “wow, best noodle knit I’ve seen yet!”

  3. I was visiting a boyfriend who had just moved into a new apartment in CT. He didn’t have any furniture yet, and had to go to work one day while I was visiting with my cat.

  4. {{84, Charing Cross Rd}} is a delightfully quick read about strangers connecting over their love of books

  5. A recorder for EVP’s, a ouija board or even a pendulum (although pendulums are typically for yes or no questions only)

  6. No amount of spells or witchery will substitute for the old-fashioned remedy of time. Use it. Use this time to focus on yourself— think of all the times he hurt you and how you deserve better. Think about the things that you enjoy, and focus on an old or new hobby. This is the time to love yourself.

  7. I couldn’t imagine drinking magnesium… but I will start taking my magnesium supplement again.

  8. There are plenty of flavored magnesium drinks around! Lots with nice flavors like citrus or berry. I use the magnesium drink from Moon Juice

  9. Honestly, look up “witchy” in the search bar on Etsy and a plethora of things will come up. But crystals are always a safe bet

  10. Sprays with essential oil. You can get sage and palo santo essential oil sprays on Etsy, or make them yourself! There are plenty of recipes online. My apartment complex has the same kind of rules— no incense (because the smoke often sets off fire alarms) but candles are allowed 🤷‍♀️

  11. Is anybody you know sick right now? In the hospital? Or recently deceased?

  12. My father in law passed late August. And I myself have been getting into light paganism

  13. You're healing. Dreams are your subconscious interpretation of random brain firings furing REM sleep and often (although not always) reflect our thoughts, feelings, and processing of things that are on our minds. Treat your dreams like tarot readings: Use them to reflect upon how you think and feel about things, but don't hold what the dream/card was as supreme--use it as a jumping-off point for introspection. Note when your waking mind disagrees with how things play out in your dreams. These are either just weird neural firings and the mind casting about to give it some kind of meaning (see also random, seemingly untriggered nightmares) or signs that you are still processing things and have conflicting feelings, or suddenly recalling an old memory.

  14. Thanks for this. I suppose I’m subconsciously growing as a person and this may be a pillar of finally coming to terms with everything

  15. First thing when it comes to skeptic dream interpretation is to thoroughly assess if there was anything that day before you went to sleep that could have even a little bit reminded you of her. Sometimes even really little things can trigger the subconscious.

  16. I did set up an ancestor altar for Samhain, and I’ve been a little moody so it’s still in place, which is very close to where I sleep. Her photo is there along with a locket she had given me, and a prayer card from her funeral.

  17. Hi! There may be a practical explanation for the door situation, but it may make you feel better to do some protective work around your new apartment.

  18. Oh how I wish Plath could have written another novel. The Bell Jar is one of my favorites.

  19. I think it’s important to note that many baby witches are of varying ages, and most nowadays get their information from social media (gen z or otherwise). As people get older and become independent, they are more likely to embrace their witchy side without inhibitions or worry about being judged by their families, etc.

  20. In my personal experience, yes. My dermatologist didn’t do much for me. I see a herbalist and things have seemed to clear up a bit. Do you consume soda, coffee, dairy or gluten? If so, that may be really exasperating things.

  21. I consume gluten. Not much of an animal product or coffee person. I guess I should visit a gut doctor too, to see if I have something going on

  22. Might be worth a shot seeing a master herbalist. I take a lot of probiotics. I think it really helps my digestion. The juice and tea she has me drink really improves the look of my skin. All the dermatologist ever did was try to put me on antibiotics. It’s really not good to take those long term.

  23. I will definitely see an herbalist then 💜 thanks so much for the advice

  24. I live in an apartment so I can’t grow a lot of flowers— is there an online shop that you trust that sells California poppy?

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