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I needed this today

  • By - 1q8b

  1. Know how to properly roll up and store cables.

  2. Had to teach a few people how to wrap cables when I was a recording engineer. I'd tell them "it's just like wrapping a hose."

  3. At this point racism is just monumental ignorance and self-denial

  4. If scientists clone this eagle species, could it adapt to hunting Emus instead of having to clone enough Moas to feed cloned eagles?

  5. I finally caved and got the NSO Expansion for N64 games, so I'll be buried in Ocarina of Time and Kirby 64.

  6. If anyone is interested in a meetup this sunday morning to help clean it up i will help.

  7. Yeah this is my usual weekend climbing spot so I definitely feel an obligation to keep it clean. I can be there Sunday morning with a sawzall and industrial trash bags.

  8. I will say this game is fun but its just not for most people. I myself love the AC franchise and have played every game including the slog of oddyseys dlcs, but valhalla just didnt click the same.

  9. Yeah I played odyssey first and loved it, so I went back and played origins, which I also really enjoyed, so I got valhalla day one and couldn't get past 30 hours because it just felt like I was doing chores to get a hint of main story.

  10. My bastard masochist friends... The same ones that got me hooked on FromSoftware games.

  11. You’re really getting up in arms over a misspelling lmao

  12. Whenever I'm feeling too lazy to work out I put on Black Clover or My Hero to hype me up. Shit works every time.

  13. I met my wife on tinder. It’s a dating app it’s all in how you use it. Only trashy if you make it trashy

  14. Met my girlfriend on Tinder 6 and a half years ago. Only thing keeping me from popping the question is fucking ring shopping.

  15. I proposed with a $10 placeholder from target, then we went shopping for one together. Got a setting locally and a lab diamond online. It doesn't have to be crazy expensive, and you don't have to get it right on your own on the first try.

  16. Yeah she's got a little diamond band (that I found heavily on sale) that has been our placeholder for a few years now so neither of us are in a rush and I don't necessarily feel the need to one-up myself. I just want to surprise her with a proposal that she'll love and then we'll probably do it how you guys did - together.

  17. My dad got nominated. Which is why my gramma was also there.

  18. I'm guessing your dad is someone high up on the production side? Like a key grip or an SFX team manager?

  19. He's a re-recording mixer, so more specialized, but AMPAS recently lumped production and post-production into one giant sound category, so I'm sure it's more of a mess now regarding who gets to go.

  20. Went to a magic bar with my buddy and Holy shit I've never seen someone so exhilerated by magic. He talked about it for days.

  21. A magic bar? Are the bartenders also magicians or is it a place to watch magicians perform while getting served drinks?

  22. There are magicians that perform around the bar as well as a venue in the back for performances. It was pretty convenient since it was impromptu and the show that night was sold out.

  23. Thanks! Love a solid beaker. Just got this new downstem for it that only has 3 slits so I figured I'd try it for dabbing and I'm a big fan.

  24. Dammit, I knew it was a gamble. Wasn't sure if it was w for "dub" or "what".

  25. I just assumed it was in the scabbing phase

  26. Girlfriend got me a bottle for my 22nd. Loved it. I've still got about one pour left and my 26th is coming up so I think I'll finally finish the bottle then.

  27. Well, I’m going to throw myself in front of a moving train to avoid seeing this movie

  28. If you want a good piece, Kush Scientific makes some insane matrix pucks and they have a really smooth pull and are easy to clean. I would avoid their flower spinners(18mm straight tubes with a klein incycler) unless you want an "on occasion" piece or if you're a madman that wants a huge dab rig. I have one and while they say it's made for bud, it gets really dirty so damn fast because of the constant movement of the water. Despite that it's a great piece

  29. That's how I feel about my ryedyer ash catcher. I use it as a dab rig with a J Hook now because it got so gunked up so fast as an ash catcher

  30. I work at Universal so I'll check this place out for lunch soon, thanks!

  31. My buddy brought a wood carved version of this back from India for me. You could rearrange it all sorts of ways. I never even smoked out of it, just played with it like a fucking toy hahah

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