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  1. Yeah basically. Sometimes you'll also unlock unique cards (some of which may appear in starter decks), most of the time you'll unlock new challenges (to fill the challenge level req more easily), and for every challenge level you'll get to read a dev log from Kaycee, which aren't special besides some lore bits. You'll have to use the vanilla deck for the first 2 challenge levels before you unlock the next deck, which IMO is much easier to build up on than the vanilla deck. The mod adds sixteen unique cards, 4 of which are rares.

  2. Awesome man I really appreciate it. I still need to figure out the trick with the painting I’m guessing it’s the one where you try to match the cards in game. Mod seems like a lot of fun.

  3. You just need to go for all the card-granting events and try to get rid of filler cards, and hope you get lucky. Also maybe take a picture of the painting so it'll be easier to remember mid-event or battle. It doesn't matter if the opponent's side is filled; you'll still unlock it. Also, don't worry if you fail the run so long as you unlock the painting, because the unlocked item will be available from backpack events in all of your next runs.

  4. Okay awesome. It def seems like I’m gonna have to get a lot better at deck building seems like a fun challenge.

  5. Yeah that’s why I don’t download company apps. I’m sure you can turn notifications off for it though right?

  6. Just scav get some money and gear and keep playing man. Get some money built up and get your levels up. Until you get some decent equipment just try to take fights where you have an advantage. At the end of the day it’s just a game just treat it as a learning experience.

  7. I dunno there are plenty of high def games that look incredible now and plenty of low def games that look good. To me it’s all lighting and art style. I def don’t want shit blurry tho half the reason I bought a pc was to be able to take motion blur off.

  8. Of course. Long time ago instead of paying for health insurance they could hire in store accountants and “professionals” to make sure everyone working there fell under Medicaid.

  9. It fell. You can see the top bolt up top. Prob just haven’t seen it or gotten to it right? But the installation wasn’t bad.

  10. That's cool, I think of the three times I played Act 3 I swapped a card to someone only once so I imagine it depends a lot what time of day you play and if there's a sale to cause an influx of new players.

  11. Yeah that’s where I’m going next! I think I just have the mycologists achievement then I’m moving on to that. Looks difficult.

  12. As the saying goes I commit just as many murders as I want to which is zero. I don’t need a threatening sky daddy to keep me from doing horrible things. Obviously the threat of hell hasn’t kept Christians from murdering or priests and pastors from fucking kids especially because they can just ask for forgiveness and be free of it. Sounds really just to me. You can create societal norms and moral laws from philosophical standards. Does what I’m doing hurt other people? Does it put more good into the world? Something being immortal cause vengeful violent sky daddy mad doesn’t sound super moral to me.

  13. No mans sky. They say it got better but feels exactly the same to me

  14. I dunno man it feels like an entirely different game now. It was super bland when it released though.

  15. If you have any tips to help back that I'd honestly appreciate it. I went back to revisit it recently after all of the hype and it felt like the exact same grind fest that it was before.

  16. It’s def a bit grindy if you’re not the type that enjoys building or exploration it might not be for you. I really liked the base/ fleet building aspects and the exploration of entirely new planets. Once you get into it you can get into living ships and even some things that take the grind out of it.

  17. There’s plenty of clips of it on YouTube just google it

  18. “Dude I’m totally sorry but you gotta admit I was like inches away from getting it”

  19. Depends how you beat malenia lol but no either way you’re in for a challenge.

  20. There was a an orange and white one in warmind expansion I think

  21. The couple he had with this dude were so entertaining

  22. It’s been a wonderful game for a while. I dunno if you’ll like it if you don’t like multiplayer but there’s a lot to appreciate in the title. I would just start playing through tutorial and learn the mechanics. You can join up with randoms but if you don’t like playing with people solo is completely doable you just have to be smart about everything.

  23. I’m genuinely trying to get into them. My only experience was CoD way back when on 360. Kind of got sick of being called “the F-slur” and other homophobic names.

  24. Yeah stuff like that is a bummer but there are plenty of unique multiplayer experiences out there with great communities. I still love my single player games but multiplayer really adds something you’ll never find in a single player game between community and the challenge of facing another player. I’ve seen shitty slurs and comments from players on SoT from time to time but it really is the exception. I think if you give it a chance and start playing with a good groups you’ll find the positives vastly outweigh the negatives.

  25. Some of that could be due to fire rate and ammo type as well as weight and gas systems/ attachments. There’s a lot that goes into recoil.

  26. Baby’s prob capable of doing a more interesting AMA too

  27. The entire world is still facing economic and supply problems I would imagine it having something to do with that or maybe the financials just didn’t work out on making a physical copy. Stuff like this happens sometimes.

  28. Sure I would understand that, but why not be transparent and say that?

  29. There might be contractual/ legal stuff they can’t bring up. If some 3rd party failed or even if they had some issues legally they don’t want to put stuff out there if there might be potential future legal action. Also it’s just not gonna change anything. For whatever reason they had to cancel. It’s a bummer but pretty understandable these days.

  30. Just beat the game and 100% it just in time for this dlc. I need more of this game lol.

  31. So excited! Melee felt like a void in this game ngl

  32. If none of y’all have checked it out Blowback is an amazing 10 part podcast and goes into the insane connections these families have as well as others leading up and into the Iraq war. Hard to listen to bud an amazing series.

  33. The pinnacle grind wouldn't be so bad if last week I hadn't gotten 6 arms all at max level while my helmet sets two below cap.

  34. Yeah that def makes me feel defeated. I just got tired of repeating this every couple months on 3 characters. I dunno. I feel like there’s probably a better way to do it but I also understand they can’t just pour out new content every couple months.

  35. Yeah I’m taking a break for a while playing new stuff. I just got tired of running the same shit over and over to get my power up just to play end game stuff over and over to maybe get one or two things I enjoy. I get tired of playing the same gambit and crucible stuff week after week or having to run strikes just to get pinnacles. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but man I’m just so burnt out.

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