1. The video is unavailable to me. What's the title of the track?

  2. granted. it can't twist wishes physically. as in, it can't twist any objects created from wishes physically. it can still twist wishes themselves though

  3. for equipment you can take the lazy option and get renoise + a bunch of vintage emulated synths (

  4. whats this tool / website namend?

  5. How is this shitty? Pretty sure that's just a normal meal for most people

  6. the apples covered up almost all of the oatmeal except a very small part of it that's peeking out, so a couple of times i just got a bite of pure apple.

  7. And that makes it shitty? It makes jt better

  8. yeah you're probably right haha. i just posted it on here because it looked kinda odd to me. then again i usually use bananas which also cover up most of my oatmeal.

  9. nah i think those are the egg whites. i didn't even add enough butter lol, the eggs stuck to the pan a bit and they became all crispy.

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