Massive comprehensive list of EVERY error, inconsistency and nitpick I could find for all the tooltips and buff icons for all skills as of patch 7.32

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  1. A good reason is : cause the game is better without stupid regionlocks. We have pings for a reason, cause we can communicate with them regardless of speaking the language or not lol.

  2. Well because people like to play with SF and Sniper. Yeah sniper can be annoying if you don't know how to play but its life.

  3. Huh damn i liked the old one. Though this one makes more sense with the lore they are going for

  4. Daamn this brings me back memories. me in my colorless TV which i had to go to the tv to change channels too. "good times "

  5. Btw I read some of Asan's responses and re-read the contract comic to be sure and Oracle wasn't target of the Veiled Sisters, Mordred came to Oracle herself, because she didn't like that she had no choice and simply obeyed(killed those who she was told to kill). From that and Asan's responses(like a whole lot of them saying that Oracle is the one responsible for his exile) you could probably say that Oracle is the same oracle that tells Veiled Sisters who to kill.

  6. From the looks of it. Its probably quite in thefuture cause in his intro we see PA withe the blades. Probably oracle took over the voiled sisters together with PA and the ones that took Asan out were members who oposed that coup. We know the war will happen but it probably can happen in different points of history. Earlier or later

  7. I don’t think they abandoned because they want to, but the games got some serious problems in terms of replay-ability

  8. No no. they abandoned Underlods cause they wanted to. They had planned a second season but then got bored of making thegame.

  9. its cause primal beast is incapeable of cooperating with other creatures. Its too primal and beastly

  10. or you could follow the guide. Its trying to tell you something

  11. No no, i'm contractually obligated to buy it .

  12. I want another Siltbreaker. That gamemode is such a classic ( old war3 warchasers) and a blast to play

  13. every time i read " X has no lore" i clap. YOU UNDERSTAND, MAN. YOU UNDERSTAND

  14. As mininum as possible that can get me everything

  15. All competitive games are inherently toxic. There is no way around that and its been like that since forever, well even more cause the industry puts an especial care in making people want to be more competitive to get involved in the game.

  16. Hololive Brazil, here i gooo hue hue hue

  17. The biggest leap foward we had on dota lore was artifact and they couldn't keep it up . Valve doesn't have the responsability in them to keep something like an MMO goin for years and frankly a MMO ISN'T A GOOD IDEA. MMORPG's fail more than not and its a coin flip to see if these things survive.

  18. I'm the MK who's got instant killed. I don't understand. Shouldn't disruptor's W got 4.5s cooldown? Guys, help me out plz

  19. Aparently he is canceling the animation while casting the skill again and again. Its probably a bug he is exploiting,

  20. Something to do with ranked cause all the players went there . just can't remember what

  21. The problem is that when you take away the stakes of winning you'll find lots of people grinding this fast by losing after X to get most of their time.

  22. old man here, playing since 2004 or 5 ( can't remember rofl) but going strong still What can i say? the game is good .

  23. If you go int othe game with some friends to play amongst yourselves, Yes. You should. Otherwise then noi lol

  24. Well people already anwsered but as a phoenix player i'll say.

  25. There is a chance. Didn't they add her to the workshop or something recently? her and primal beast

  26. Yeah, no. W-G-S is way too busy and wierdly sped up. W-B-X is still way better for me

  27. They don't ANNOUNCE shit, They just release it like its an explosive diarrea .

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