1. Gimme fuel, gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire, ooh!

  2. British mouths won't be ready for having food that's actually flavorful

  3. Oh look another “unpopular opinion” that’s popular. Let me guess, St Anger isn’t bad either?

  4. The funny thing is that Maiden approched LaBrie back in the day to sing for them and he wanted to stay loyal

  5. For a long time, it was Heaven and Hell for me. Then I saw Ronnie perform it live in 2007 I think and it "clicked" and now I love it.

  6. If he didn’t have a funny sounding accent I doubt he ever would have broken through.

  7. Somewhat related: Eric Turner was an excellent safety that often gets overlooked when the greats from our secondary are discussed. I'm not saying he's on Reed's level, but he was a very good player on a very bad defense and lost his life way too young.

  8. The guitar work in this song and by this band in general is insane. So much fun to listen to.

  9. Ever heard Lars live? And I don't mean the live recordings where they cover up some of his bad playing. He's alright on the slower songs but he's awful on the faster ones.

  10. Whatever it is, judging by his EP i sure hope Kirk doesn't write any of it

  11. Yes, although I was already super excited because of The Day That Never Comes, Cyanide, and My Apocalypse which were all released early as promo singles.

  12. Much like the tier lists, these things were posted all over this sub a few months ago, no need to start this again because it's been done to death.

  13. They don't even make sense, it will be lyrics from a song with Dave poorly photoshopped into a picture. Is that what passes for humor these days?

  14. The Iron Maiden subreddit is hilarious at this point. Shit like "does anyone else think Powerslave is extremely underrated?" will get hundreds of unironic upvotes.

  15. Plus constant fucking polls. I don't mind talking about albums but discussion is far more interesting.

  16. Bought the vinyl at Vintage Vinyl (R.I.P.) a few years ago after reading about them being an underrated band from that era. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Never put together that they were a big influence on Maiden but it makes sense.

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