guys can you guess my favourite animal

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  1. Actually it's the other way around. Most of the time the manga is always better, very few are exceptions to this rule.

  2. Eren kinda doesn't want to put all of his friends directly in harms way.

  3. She was my top artist last year This year she's my second with Dancing in the Velvet Moon being my second song.

  4. I thought Delta was his daughter since he mentioned he had one.

  5. lol why the fuck was this removed

  6. Republicans loved to play that game when it came to Biden in 2020

  7. So you're deliberately misquoting Trump? Because rather than asking how the statement you quoted is wrong you immediately start pointing fingers.

  8. Ok so I listened to the clusterfuck, maybe if he had better speaking skills, his words wouldn't have been twisted.

  9. Perhaps if he wasn't dealing with a completely hostile regime that did all it could to thwart and delegitimize his authority and position as president his words wouldn't have been twisted.

  10. Why does God create people He knows will end up rejecting Him, if He doesn't want people to reject Him?

  11. He loves us so although He wants all of us koin in his eternal love, He also lets us choose whether or not to embrace His love.

  12. But He creates humans He knows won't do that. Why create them?

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