1. Cancel the transaction! This is such a blatant scammer idk how you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt! and report him to mercari!

  2. UPDATE: he sent me pics of the shoes in the box at fedex and the receipt with the tracking number so it wasn’t a total bust. At least I’ll be getting the shoes 🤷‍♂️

  3. Now you have an opportunity to leave him a shit review. Or do u not want him to have a chance to rate you that’s why you want to wait the 3 days?

  4. Fine I guess? Idk I can’t really tell. The duration of a cold sore healing is kinda the same with or without it

  5. I scored this thing new for $60 at an auction. Hopefully it works. Trying it for the first time today

  6. Yes, it matters when you don’t have experience. Brick n mortar is the way to go

  7. What is brick and mortar exactly? my school has a physical university. But they also offer an online FNP as well as other programs

  8. I make over 150k yearly in primary care as an NP. Depends where you are, how you negotiate, and level of experience.

  9. Your quality of life must be sweet! NP’s make about same in NorCal where the cost of living is through the roof!

  10. I did the same, got a wild hair one day when I hated my job. I applied, got accepted and start this Sept.

  11. That’s true, and I would generally feel the same if it wasn’t 63k! That’s a big chunk

  12. Looks more like a pimple to me, like it stems from a cracked corner of the lip

  13. Why would you post your god child on Reddit cold sore subreddit is a better question? I wouldn’t want you as a godfather, poor kid.

  14. I am not talking about myself. I am talking about new grads I worked with who went to good programs vs crappy online programs. The difference was massive. My hospital stopped hiring people from online only programs.

  15. I feel like more programs are online only now, so good luck only hiring NP’s from on campus. I think Samuel Merritt has a pretty good rep, even though it’s online.

  16. What the heck. You come on here, you ask for advice, seasoned NPs give your their honest thoughts, and now you're acting like a know it all.

  17. I want to add about Haleakala sunset summit, leave early!! We left at 5pm from Kihei, and there was some hold up close to the summit. A huge line right before the booth where you pay to get in. We waited literally 30 min at least in line for absolutely nothing!! I don’t know why they held us up! Once we got to the booth she said there’s no fee anymore and just let us up. But we had missed the main sunset at that point it was already the after-light. Super frustrating! So if anyone is planning the sunset. Make sure you check how long it takes and then allow at least another 30-45 min on top! If not an hour.

  18. We went for sunset and it was amazing. Wear warm clothes and bring a comfortable chair if you can. I found the drive a bit scary since the roads are very winding. When you drive back it’ll be pitch dark so just make sure you drive down carefully. Other than that it is totally worth it and it’ll be a memory you keep with you forever.

  19. If you don’t mind the cost, “inito” urine strips are pretty awesome. They measure 4 different hormones, estrogen, LH, FSH and progesterone. So they’re able to predict more accurately when you had a surge and when u ovulated.

  20. I just passed my CPNP-AC today! I graduated in 2014, so I was super intimidated to be taking it so far out from school. I used the NAPNAP review course, the PNCB acute care practice tests, and Nelson’s pediatrics. 🤩🤩

  21. I understand, honestly I think all the gatekeeping gets a little bit ridiculous and annoying, but I do think people have a point about how people do FNP just because they don’t know what else to do, and it ends up just contributing to the surplus of FNPs, when maybe that isn’t even what you would have chosen to do if you put consideration into all the different options. But if that seems to be the best thing for you, then don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Are you sure you can get hired as an FNP? Obviously that’s worth considering as a rhetorical question given high supply of FNPs, but I’m also sincerely curious what you’ve taken the job market to be like for FNPs in NorCal.

  22. Well I don’t think anyone exactly goes searching for a job until they have the license right? So how are you REALLY going to know what the job market is like until you’re searching for a job. I just know what they say the job outlook is for the next 10 years. Which they say is a growing demand for NP and mid level providers, so that’s gotta be a good thing right? I don’t think the FNP pool is as saturated as RN’s that’s for sure. And almost all RN’s find a job sooner or later too. I was never someone who had a clear goal of “I want to be in peds icu” or “l&d” and that’s that. I work to live not live to work, ya know what I’m sayin? Lol I just want to find a position where I’m respected more than most RN’s get, but where the work is flexible so that I can put my family and life first.

  23. I went to UCSF for np. The name is all you get out of it. 50% of the faculty is good, 50% of the experience was good. Had to teach myself everything for boards. Currently sitting in front of textbooks that i just bought after graduation to teach myself everything else before starting my new job. Buuuuut, only got this new job because of the name of the school. Pick your poison i guess.

  24. 40k 2019. I didn’t notice the CA part. My apologies. Indiana state

  25. My FNP was about 40k in SF, graduated last month.

  26. I find them to be very available, haven't really seen them hard to come by. Another option is to start somewhere full time and then try and drop to part-time after a while. Frankly, I will never work full time again.

  27. i work at a clinic that administers biologics. i have one MA that works with me and all we do is give injections and run infusions all day. on my busiest day i might see 8-10 patients. i don’t really write orders unless it’s for some type of infusion reaction. it’s five days a week which was the biggest adjustment coming from 3 days. but other than that it’s very chill, with lots of down time, 830-5. weekends off.

  28. Leave as soon as you find a good one. I was forced to leave my “dream job” due to harassment and feeling unsafe. I eventually found another and the financial struggle was oh so painful. I didn’t starve and I had a roof over my head. I even enjoyed my time off and took good care of myself. But I wasn’t saving for retirement. Now I have multiple jobs and am still applying. I have no intention of ever wasting my time at a work place that doesn’t respect me again. While my current employer doesn’t harass me, they are still not idyllic. I will keep searching for the next best thing and encourage others to do the same. I’m making way more money now. I utilize my brain and skill at the main job and the other 3 are easy going. Working smarter or at least trying. I have great work life balance now too.

  29. Could you please share how you got harassed? Just interested to know what that looks like in our line of work

  30. It’s almost as if it’s still news to some that you can get pregnant when you have sex. If you don’t want a child, use protection, every damn time! Simple. abortion should not be a backup birth control method! That’s just sick.

  31. Anyone here ttc while one or both had Covid? My partner is day 5 of Covid, he feels fine now, and of course it falls on my ovulation. Don’t know how safe it is 😞

  32. Thanks for the thorough reply. After reading some more reviews, I think the Mona will be too big for her. I ended up getting the Je Joue Uma, based on some other reviews posted here. Looking forward to seeing her have a g-spot orgasm!

  33. ?????? do you think we scan it ourselves and drive it to you or something

  34. Who’s “we”? You’re not the only one selling on mercari! 🤦‍♀️ I know exactly how it works ok! You can press that button and mark it shipped, and then pretend that it’s the post office taking forever. I find that ups usually scans faster than 2 days for sure. Especially since they work weekends

  35. You have to have a tracking number to mark it as shipped.

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