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  1. We had an icy Christmas and this just looks like a slip and slide. 2/10 in practically 9/10 in PNWness.

  2. At least the new College Football game will be coming out in the summer... So we can win even if it's just in the digital world and only on my XBox...

  3. So we're the cats afraid of the water or the things (Crocs) in it?

  4. Love that everyone is focused on the Pluto nonsense and totally brushing past the part where we were taking pics of Jupiter in 1879. That's amazing.

  5. Definitely different, it's interesting how a City state like this even existed and that it had such a trippy flag by Modern standards. I figure if we pull flags from the period though they would also be very strange.

  6. I would say an Arkansas-Texas Match up to the end the year would be fun. Possibly an OU- Arkansas match would be an interesting, very high scoring game possibly.

  7. I feel like we’re going to end up going back to the Liberty Bowl. Which isn’t a bad bowl necessarily

  8. Depends on if we get the Missouri that almost lost to Vanderbilt or the Missouri that almost beat Georgia.

  9. Missouri can have the same players but two very different teams. Find an interesting magic trick they pull.

  10. I wont see this team in the playoffs in my lifetime

  11. Idk man. Once Texas and Oklahoma make it to the SEC we are gonna lose even more recruits

  12. I agree last year was pretty great too, I figure as the future of CFB starts to shape we will start having these awesome seasons more and more often. Maybe 2021 was the start to a much better era (aside from the 16 team conferences that span the country, call me old school)

  13. I think it requires quantitative analysis. Nostalgia is a bias which goes with college football like nothing else.

  14. I honestly don't think KJ is a great pro prospect, he is not accurate enough.

  15. I don't know if there is a team that could use him. I mean I am sure there is a place for him, but we are 10 years removed from the Cam Newton era, speed and accuracy are the name of the game in the NFL today. It's just too risky to play a big bruiser at QB.

  16. Our D definitely needs some upgrades, hopefully Sander stays, I have seen a lot of Pool making plays but seen him be the single cause for two TDs in the Bama game. Hopefully he gets it right. I would if we could start a pool of money to keep Sanders one more year... Gotta keep him away from the NFL money for one more year.

  17. Hot take. Arkansas still has a lot of season ahead. Another test next week with Bama. We will fall to 15 and A&M will jump up again.

  18. Worse case is a total collapse and Sam Pitman takes a ride on a motorcycle. I am feeling 10-2 or 9-3.

  19. All ESPN will run is A&M highlights. That's the real shame about this game.

  20. Cmon we made it through the Chad Morris and Brett Bielema years lol

  21. Goodwills around Fayetteville always have some hidden treasures.

  22. Tune up game found a lot of holes, A&M and Bama are going to go right for our secondary. That's the biggest problem Arkansas has.

  23. I’m not sure A&M has the ability to right at our secondary, they haven’t figured that out yet. Hopefully they don’t anytime soon.

  24. True, but if MoState can do it, A&M can on a bad day with a back up. Credit to MoState and BP to game plan it perfectly.

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