1. como a las de usa ni de coña, en españa la cultura drag no es tan fuerte ni la de dar propinas ,,,creo q Clover puso en ig el otro dia q le ofrecian 40€ por un bolo 😭

  2. Aparte de las propinas, las de US se ganan una pasta por marketing y entradas. Que a Raja no le han pagado los vestidos del All Winners con propinillas y bolos nocturnos.

  3. You guys know that Alexis Michelle is literally her Drag Mother, right?

  4. Boot. She literally copied Gaga, and in the context of the runway I get the blood dripping was supposed to be the nightmare part of this but it made no sense. Why are you randomly bleeding? Girl…

  5. Unafraid to reference or not to reference.

  6. Underrated. I love deadpan humor

  7. It’s so stupid i love it. That big ass picture frame…

  8. The girls this season are way too vocal about production choices and backstage drama. What happened to their NDAs?

  9. I find tiny vermin easier than that stupid large satyr who fires multiple poisoned darts and it travels so fast.

  10. For me it's the Disco Ball + Huge Walking Vase in a small room combination. I've never been so afraid of home decor.

  11. Why dont people like Aura? Ive also noticed it in other places and posts. She isnt even in the edit that much...

  12. The stereotype she's sending... She looks like the kind of gay that would death-stare you in the club. And maybe starting drag afterwards because it was hip and cool.

  13. UK and Down Under would absolutely benefit from having hosts local to those areas, if that's what you mean, yes.

  14. I've seen so many people deliberately not watching Canada because the OG pannel wasn't hosting it ("because it felt weird" for them).

  15. When people don't understand the energy of the song (Kendra Michaels is a prime example of this, but I would say Princess Poppy failed here, and there are others - Dax! and Laila both fucked up here too).

  16. Doesn't always happen. Lidl Lux Miyake Mugler played charades during Ex's and O's and won.

  17. I don't think we have enough comedy queens in the circle to be honest. But if we can typecast every winner into little Pokemon Types I would say that only Bianca, Jinkx and Bob were pure comedy/standup/hosting.

  18. I’ve said it before but the Preherstoric runway from UK 2 was a major letdown. Aside from Bimini (and a lesser extent Tia), it was just a blur of tiger print, pelts, and bone accessories. I was hoping for full dilophosaurus camp, not the onslaught of Judy Jetson Betty Rubble hookers we got instead.

  19. Sometimes I don't expect drag queens to have extremely documented points of view. Not calling them illiterate but the references never go really deep in most cases.

  20. What's even the meaning of based? Calvin Klein changed their corporative image to something more gender-neutral and pink friendly very long ago lol

  21. Good internet campyness, wholesome, and I love the good 2000's referencing they make, specially after that disaster Y2K runway that CVTW made.

  22. This and the Unaired looks thread that keeps popping

  23. Someone call the noguing police, Aura Mayari (pro dancer) just shook her arms for 1 second in a confessional.

  24. Does anybody know how to get cheaper tickets? I'm traveling for the first time ever to NYC in March, and Chicago is my all time favorite....... movie, and seeing that Jinkx will be Mamma Morton during this cycle it feels sort of a sign from destiny or some good coincidence.

  25. I saw yesterday on Travelzoo there is a $50 off coupon specifically for Chicago through March - you have to sign up for Travelzoo, but it's free, so worth checking out! I have not verified if it works, but Travelzoo is usually pretty legit.

  26. This is exactly the kind of response I was looking for. I'll take a look, thank you!

  27. I have a question: When I use my personal card (BonoJoven) and enter a station, if I exit I have to wait 3 minutes to use it again (to prevent cheating the system precisely). Would this happen with a 10-trip card like OP's?

  28. To be an eligible country first you have to have a real drag scene, and then a broadcasting service ready to show drag queens nationally. Some of your choices include countries where being openly gay is "not ilegal" but socially unacceptable.

  29. this is more or less what happened to Vivian Vanderpuss

  30. As a cinephile gay I can't help you unfortunately. I just tweet Wes Anderson, four aesthetically pleasing shots, a meme about Timothée Chalamet and Chlamydia, and I call it a day.

  31. Best lyrics SEPARATED from the performance. Things that make me want to search them in Spotify: Alaska in Read U Wrote U, Lemon in Sorry aboot it, Vanity Milan recently in CVTW.

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