1. This looks pretty cheap to build, without having to bother pulling from the new pack? Only 4 UR beetrooper cards, if I counted correctly?

  2. You realize that Speed Duel cards can be used in regular duels, right? These are a great way to get cards for a lot cheaper than you otherwise would

  3. Wasn't one of his quotes literally "love the sinner, hate the sin"?

  4. I think that’s just a saying that some Protestants say. The sentiment is something that Jesus would agree with; He was always eating with sinners because the sinners were the ones that needed Him, much like sick people are the ones who need doctors

  5. I'm genuinely curious as a lesbian: does the bible call homosexual relationships sin or not? I've heard that it's actually talking about pedos, and that, no, it's talking about homosexuality.

  6. I’ve heard that as well but only on the Internet and never from an actual theologian and mostly just hearsay

  7. The only problem with Laplacian is that it SUCKS against Tear, it sends to grave so it triggers all of the tears effects.

  8. Yeah, you never trigger the send from hand effect against them and have to very carefully pick your targets on field to make sure you’re hitting the ones they’ve already used that turn

  9. Appliancers. They have a grand total of three main deck monsters, one of which is a battle handtrap. They have two extra deck monsters that actually put up an offensive threat and one of them doesn’t deal battle damage. Their field spell is amazing and searches literally everything in the archetype except field spells of which they have one

  10. I guess Mathmech? They're kinda funny but I'm pretty sure they fall to a well time interruption.

  11. Until we get their support from POTE, Mathmech plays are much too fragile to do anything at the moment. They mostly run links as they’re Cyberse locked and can only summon level 8 and level 12 synchros

  12. I think the problem is that they never stuck with one storyline. The Force Awakens set up some plot points, The Last Jedi subverted our expectations, and then the Rise of Skywalker said screw that, we’re doing our own thing

  13. I don’t know about y’all but I think we should ban Shiny Black “C” Squadder. 2000 atk on a normal summon without tribute?! How am I supposed to deal with that?! They might as well have summoned Jerry Beans Man and ended the game then and there

  14. DRNM. Always relevant no matter how many monsters the opponent controls while sphere mode is only useful if they have three or more

  15. Inzektors have always been for me as a casual deck. Just loop Hornet and pop tons of cards

  16. The best searcher for the deck and most of their support is. Everything else you would need for the deck is dirt cheap unless you want to include a Beetrooper engine. Pure Inzektors should be around twenty to thirty dollars

  17. Machina Citadel and Geomathmech Final Sigma. They hit the field and you know that something is going down, usually something very destructive

  18. I feel like I’m the Skilled Brown Magician. Dude’s super skilled but uses for the stupidest things like summoning Kuribohs and adding their support cards from deck to hand

  19. For Shinobirds, just give us a way to recover ritual spells from grave and some quicker searchers. The deck dies if their Pre-Prep gets ashed or if their Impcantation engine fails because of a negate. Their biggest problem is definitely not being able to recycle ritual spells; with two good ritual monsters and only one ritual spell between them, it’s hard for them to be able to have any grind game because they only get to summon their ritual monsters up to a maximum of three times if not you’re running Urgent Ritual Art

  20. I think cornhole was the holdup

  21. Cornhole is a game played with beanbags. It’s just another name for that beanbag toss game. You try to throw the corn filled bean bag into the hole to score points. I’m not meaning the beanbags that you sit on; I’m talking about the little tiny fabric squares

  22. [[Witness Protection]] Funniest enchantment to use on a commander or an important creature for their board state imo

  23. That's actually infinitely frustrating. Haha. I'd laugh but also be annoyed

  24. I’ve used it on my friend’s were-wolf commander and set him back like an entire turn

  25. For yugioh is grading more of a collecting thing? Say I had a card I really liked I would grade it to put it on display. Rather than with Pokémon to increase value

  26. You only really grade stuff if you want to sell it. Grading in Yugioh is much more of a collector’s thing

  27. Nah, for me it’s the guy with Esccelestia pfp. He always has that damn ash and maxx c along with a nibiru in his starting hand. And always plays annoying decks like pre-nerf drytron

  28. Don’t forget about the Ash Blossom mate, so even if he doesn’t open it you still have to deal with seeing her smug face on the sidelines

  29. There was once a time where a near mandatory competitive staple was 900 for a play set. Think it was during early chaos format iirc

  30. I was misremembering. I looked it up. Mechanical chaser was 300 a pop for a while because it was the highest attack monster that could be summoned for no tribute and was only available in OTS packs and was not even a guaranteed pull

  31. I heard from somewhere else at one point and really liked the idea, so I’m not going to take credit. But thanks anyways

  32. I literally watched a video this morning which suggested this, and it was from someone who had NO experience playing the TCG and solely played Master Duel. I was dumbfounded at the fact that I'd never heard this suggested, especially with how much time I've wasted on halqdon just waiting to see if I draw droplet.

  33. Ah, I see. The level modulation strategy made me think F.A. was a synchro-based deck. I’ll look into speedroids.

  34. It can be, but you need to run a few engines. F.A.s are a mediocre synchro deck that can’t spam them and relies on meta engines to carry them in non-casual play. That being said, they are a lot of fun in a casual environment

  35. I'll never understand the awakening take. Probably the most relevant game in the series, extremely beloved characters and 2 quite unique playstyles (combo swordie, trapper swordie). Id understand ditching Lucina but whyd you ditch Robin or chrom. Also Byleth aint exactly a favorite in the fe community (controversial af character) and keeping both Roy and Marth because they are legacy melee characters feels unfair if you ditch so many chars. Ike is already a legacy char from brawl (great pressence in subspace) and is way more popular than both of them. If you were to ditch or change 3 chars i wouldnt be able to justify keeping Roy specially when you could add Ephraim or Eliwood instead as better reps from the GBA era

  36. I was going to keep Robin as he is definitely the most unique of the Awakening reps we have. I’m fine with the amount of Fire Emblem reps honestly. I didn’t know that Byleth wasn’t a favorite so I’m fine with them being cut. I feel like adding Hector over Roy would definitely be a great idea as an pure axe user is something we don’t have yet in smash. Honestly, I’d be much more fine with the amount of FE reps we have if four of them weren’t essentially echo fighters of each other

  37. Yeah i agree the selection of fighters (which has been mostly promotional sadly) is kinda lackluster. Byleth is def a liked char, just a controversial one due to their role as a silent protag (3Hopes kinda fixes this issue) but overall Roy and Corrin inclussions were literally comercials for two or the less loved games in the franchise. Lucina is also a weird pick considering chrom was way more popular back before sm4sh came out and its kinda clear her inclussion pumped her popularity up seeing as she is considered a mediocre char at best by long term fe fans. Some things that really annoy me is that the skills the fe chars use for their specials make no sense and Roy's playstyle doesnt fit his character at all (It does suit chrom tho who didnt exist back when sakurai designed Roy)

  38. Yeah. That’s one reason why I think that the only reason Roy would come back would be for legacy purposes. I don’t think anyone would argue that Corrin would be a bad choice to cut; it’s not often that the smash fandom has the same opinion on a character that the fans of the series they come from do. I do wish that they didn’t use smash as a way to promote new games and instead put in characters with more diverse movesets

  39. Too slow to be useful. It’ll first be able to be used turn three provided your opponent doesn’t destroy it first. Turning off handtraps is good problem is that this isn’t able to be used turn one when it would be most useful

  40. As long as the mat isn’t gory or sexual in any way, it’ll be fine. I heard once someone came to an official tournament rocking the paper playmat you get out of a structure deck after he just bought three of the Albaz one; this was his first tournament btw

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