The Post-TI11 Shuffle

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  1. Sadly liquid is not gonna make it to the finals, aster is too strong for them to handle, most likely aster gonna win this year aegis

  2. You can see the improvements from the other young og cores, bzm from only playing spirit heroes and puck to now he is able to play more different mid heroes like primal, zeus, sf, magnus (i know the result was bad with this hero but it's a good try and show that he is willing to learn and go out of his comfort zone). Yuragi also expand his hero pool, over the year as he can play heroes like arc and lone well now. Meanwhile, we have ammar, who plays mars razor timber viper when new og first debut, and still play the same heroes now in ti.

  3. Lgd is just toying beastcoast at this point, it’s so brutal, giving hope then taking it away again

  4. at least they are facing lgd so the outcome would not be any different. hope they get well soon tho.

  5. I respect the jinx 🤣 this is next level 🤣🤣

  6. LGD is guaranteed upper bracket final probably, dont see anyone who can them, Secret is gonna get 2-0 by them just like last TI

  7. Actually feel bad for secret. After going through the weu quals, lcq, group stage and get top 2 eventually just to face lgd in the playoff and drop to lower bracket soon.

  8. China looking so strong this year, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the final day consist of lgd rng and aster, just don’t see anyone can stop them at this point

  9. Have a feeling that the final day will be lgd rng and aster fighting for the aegis

  10. China is winning TI this year for sure, all three lgd, rng and aster are looking unstoppable and unbeatable

  11. tbf, ATF has ENTIRE year to expand his hero pool. But he is able only to play Razer/mars/viper lol

  12. This guy is not even trying, him insist on playing on high with the same 3 heroes in pubs tell something about his personality

  13. shouldn't u leave shaker W level 1 as a support when you are facing morph enemy or is there anything im missing

  14. that game was -30mmr and -1 friend 😂😂

  15. Thats the cost of becoming a hero for his city unfortunately, Gorgkun was just an ordinary teenager studying engineering living his normal life otherwise before getting involved in all these. It's difficult decision we all know, but Gorgkun must make sacrifices when the stakes are high, even though this results in loss of friendship, precious 30 mmr get taken away cuz Gorgkun know thats the only way to save everything, he is their only hope. His teammates or us audience might hate Gorgkun for this but pls dont, believe it or not, deep inside, Gorgkun hates himself more than everyone else, he hates himself the most and blames himself all the time even though it's not his fault at all. Nobody understands the pain Gorgkun is suffering everyday and nobody will...

  16. It's understandable since the villain won the war in the end made the battle slightly anticlimatic. However, it is still worth watching the struggle and suffering as Gorgkun face daunting challenges both within and without. In spite of the hardship and overwhelming obstables pile onto Gorgkun all at once, Gorgkun shows his resistance throughout the anime and is mentally tough enough to survive them by swearing with his blood and soul and life, begging Lion on his knees. The rest is history. Gorgkun endured all these and eventually become an isekai hero and started his revenge on the traitors. This anime is one of a kind as it does not have those OG bullshit power of flower and frienship, but it's about the chosen one (Gorgkun) against the world.

  17. Gorgc warding as a supp is always content, he will realise he is a supp 10 min into the game, instantly buy 4 obs and 10 sentries, then proceed to place all of them in the most luxurious way

  18. Sometimes i wish there are 2 Gorgcs then i can watch gorgc supporting gorgc, it will be so much content

  19. Ceb probably telling ammar "you will play brewmaster every game in your pubs"

  20. Not gonna happen, if u check ammar pubs, he is only playing huskar and viper, he doesnt even try to learn

  21. Why does ammar not try to learn new heroes at all, like even in his pubs he only plays viper timber razor huskar. U can see yuragi coming up with new heroes like arc and ld, bzm with kotl zeus, but ammar decided to stuck with his 4 heroes

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