1. By using a variation of a slogan used by right wing extremists

  2. Ok, so now I can actually get into it since I've now got the all clear that u take random stuff personally (aka a snowflake gen z). This is not satire, I'm pl 146 I have all my survivor squads set up in the glitch setup to get a bonus 2 pl and ive got the glitched 4 star survivors which boost it another 3.5 pl

  3. Fact to save a life: the last challenge works with The Herald Npc, just wait for her to chill between Chrome splashes

  4. OMG, i thought i had to hit another player which resulted in a lot of deaths for me. facepalm to myself.

  5. TheBladdering fails forever. Fixed it for him.

  6. Sounds like he prefers the stereotype of men being emotionless and not crying over anything.

  7. And yet he is constantly whining about some movies for children.

  8. part of what sucked about the New 52 was the lack of variety lol. they removed characters from canon, made fewer comics, and tried to give them all the same tone, making each character more similar to one another.

  9. ...and each costume was redesigned by the same guy and had this similar neck part.

  10. Whats absolutely hilarious though, is cyborg had a big part, but his storytelling potential was gone, Joss left room for a sequel, Zack was shortsighted

  11. LOL, Zack‘s Cyborg had him established and ready for a solo movie and Joss‘ Cyborg said „booyah!“ What brilliant potential that has! /s

  12. And Citizen Kane >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BB

  13. According to Chuds and Bigots the MCU is ruined forever at least five times a day. No creativity, just the same old shit again and again.

  14. "TFM is getting irrelevant! Manchildren panic!"

  15. "Disney HATES blablabla" is probably Jeremy's most overused phrase, the same facepalm thumbnail for years... at this point we can all agree that be is just a Trump-loving, Alex Jones-sucking, insurrectionist, talentless, pathetic alt-right bitch who has no idea about the things he is talking about. And people who unironically watch his videos are even worse. He is neither a geek or gamer, just a sad bigot bottom feeding on buzzwords.

  16. Jeremy is such a bitch for the orange one, sad and pathetic.

  17. It's just bitching about one unsolicited opinion by spouting another unsolicited opinion. Pot, meet kettle.

  18. Can I ask where these "Tweets" are coming from? He was banned from Twitter, is there some new social media I'm supposed to be avoiding, that I'll likely download and gate as well?

  19. Neither Stargirl, nor Titans, nor Doom Patrol are part of the Arrowverse

  20. White trash get down on your knees, it's time for cake and sodomy

  21. Guessing that venn diagram is a circle.

  22. Jeremy doing the facepalm makes him look pathetic.

  23. In fairness to Trump Jr , it is a good observation.

  24. What is "good"? Does Texas have no border? Is he mental?

  25. Marvel owns the Alien/Predator comics. They bought the rights from Dark Horse. Admittedly, they’re half-decent.

  26. They don't "own" the comics, they have the publishing licence right now. And they did not buy it from Dark Horse, Disney/Fox just did not extend DH's licence.

  27. Is that the one with the boob queen that was floating around earlier?

  28. The "Boob Queen" was a nightmare/vision, the actual Alpha Alien looked more xenomorphy.

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