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  1. Recording video? Your battery is not going to last long doing that.

  2. Ransomware is largely due to crypto... advancing the criminal activities around the world in many other ways as well.

  3. I mean yeah… the phone is bullet proof. But look at that shot, center mass!

  4. How about rioting because your team won? As is the case.

  5. I started this print and the first few layers looked fine. Had to leave for a bit and when I returned I found the crazy ripple on the top layer. I also had some portions of the inside wall that bulged out for an unknown reason.

  6. You're either starting just a tad low or you're extruding at just a little too high of flow rate. That ripple in the surface is due to excess material.

  7. Too close to the bed gets ripply and sticks to the nozzle and sheds pieces as it goes. Too far from the bed and you can see the bed between the lines.

  8. Basically, if you can see the texture of the bed showing thru your first layer, you're too close!

  9. Ah, gotcha. Well, I find that if I'm further away then I just end up with filament noodles that barely adhere to the bed. I can play around with that a bit though. If I go much higher I'm left with a layer that has gaps between the lines.

  10. You may need to redo your manual leveling. If the bed isn't parallel to the gantry, it makes it extra hard for ABL to correct for it. It is also possible you have a bad POM wheel that's causing issues. Get your manual leveling squared away first, then ABL, then z-offset. If it's still not working well across a larger area, then you may have a POM wheel wobble issue as I've seen is easily possible.

  11. Thanks. That is what I was looking at. Also added some photos of the print to the first post if you would like to give your input on whether the issues are indeed temp related or not.

  12. "Buy at the bottom" and "don't be the last one holding the bag" sounds like conflicting logic.

  13. What makes you think they aren't dormant? Are you seeing new growth? Or are you just concerned that there are still leaves on the tree?

  14. My apple trees do this too, some years worse than others. I was concerned the first few years, but I guess it's normal?

  15. IMHO, that's why he didn't want to show his tax returns to anybody. Doesn't look good at all. Makes him seem like he's not rich and successful as he likes to portray himself.

  16. Anyone paying attention knew he was already virtually bankrupt many years ago. Nobody would loan him money until he hooked up with some shady loans thru Deutsche bank backed by Russian investors.

  17. It's no coincident that Trump is inextricably connected to Russia. This includes Trump apologetics as we see here with some fuckwit trying to downplay the fact that Trump was literally thrown a financial life saver by the Russians using a Dutch bank as an intermediary who now claims to have lost the documents regarding these transactions.

  18. I had the same issue using an Pixel 2 XL for Octo4A, battery started swelling up by the end when I finally sourced a PI to switch to.

  19. Cell phones in general are not meant to be heavily used while plugged in all the time. There are a number of battery related issues with using them like that. I tried Ocoto4A or whatever it's called on a Samsung 10e and it got so hot I was actually concerned about it being a fire danger if left unattended. The battery also had major issues staying charged over an OTG cable. It was charging, just not all the time.

  20. Sorry to break it to this guy, but Jesus ain't no more real than Santa... He too believes in fairy tales.

  21. Yeah I have tuned the sensitivity. G28 is working but it bugs out sometimes. In particular after x is homed, while homing y, the printhead will make a random xy move, without homing y. Its kinda weird will post some video of it when I see it again

  22. Maybe you have your Y sensitivity too high and it's sensing a stop just from the inertia of the bed? Does it print where you expect when it does this or does it try to print off the front of the bed (setting y-stop too far forward)?

  23. Actually it does matter for the formatting of the "placeholders" that pass the first-layer temp values to the macro.

  24. That surprises me that you don't have any issues I'm originally from Arizona and we had sneks for days lol I once had a cat bring in a live rattlesnake. That was fun....

  25. Oh, ya, most of Utah has some rattle sneks, but not like AZ. Up here on the north end of the state, they're pretty rare to see. I've lived now 30 years in the North end (Logan area) and 9 years in the south (Cedar City) and I've only twice seen a rattle snek in the wild.

  26. That sounds nice. I lived in southern Arizona and they were everywhere. Go out to the garden to pick some veggies?? Yup, rattler under your tomato bush. Go camping in October and have a fire going on a chilly evening? Yup don't walk on the other side of the fire there's a rattler. Go dove hunting and your bird fell in a bush?? Yup rattler in the bush your bird fell in. I had a dove land right next to a rattler and by the time I got over there (minute or 2 max) he had already bitten it and was trying to pull it in his hole. We had rattlers everywhere.

  27. I camped a ton growing up in N Utah. Not so much in my college years in S Utah, partly due to things like rattlers, scorpions, and tarantulas. Up north we don't have much to worry about and I'm thankful for that.

  28. I have tested in multiple browsers; Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari, and always the same issue.

  29. It's either on the server side or like I said, if you use a cookie cleaner it could be wiping settings that aren't loaded for some reason until the layout is forced on the console side. I'm not a programmer, so I can't say exactly how it works. Did you notice this recently? There was a new "stable" version update on 11/17. Edit: it broke my alerts database. Ended up losing all my alerts and protected file reservations trying to get it back.

  30. Not using a cookie cleaner. Been going on for almost a year.

  31. Ya, but is this a new issue or has it been the whole time? I've been using BI for 10+ years and the layout issue has only been an occasional blip for me.

  32. Sasha looks like a crime scene with that hazard tape all over her. What is the actual make/model?

  33. Ngl, as cool as this shit looks, I'm not a fan. I don't have a problem with daredevil-risking one's own life, but if someone slips, the people below are at risk.

  34. Yup, one wet spot or slicker than expected landing and it's all over. Not worth the updoots... no no no no....

  35. What would the cap be at? Apple and Alphabet (Google) have historically been around 25%. Retailers and oil companies in the 5-8%. Health insurers in the 2-4%. Where would they set the limit as a one size fits all?

  36. It's not cheap to pay doctors and hospitals. As providers merge into bigger groups, they are demanding higher payments from insurers, and if insurance companies refuse, doctors tell their patients to pick different insurance, so insurance companies are forced to pay the higher costs.

  37. So it's more of a mass of greedy fuckers and only a part of the equation... ya, that sounds right.

  38. Tell me you're a sheep fucker without saying you're a sheep fucker...

  39. Seeing these bed mesh posts makes me glad that I don't bother with it. Otherwise I'd be chasing down all these extra issues.

  40. Ya, I am only running the 12x12 to diagnose some weird spots that were showing up with the original wheels. Swapped for ones that were much better, but then bought "upgraded" wheels with sealed bearings and wanted to see if they were any better. Well.. they're not and now I know.

  41. You won't make it. Those Overture spools weigh 175g empty, meaning you've got about 85g of filament when you need 112g.

  42. I could spot you some, but shipping would take too long. LOL.. It is all good. I was in the same spot before finally finishing my first couple spools and actually weighing them. Now I see on here that that info is already available. That'd have been nice to know a few months ago.

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