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  1. Theres a 0% chance this was this persons first attempt at painting. If no one else will say it I will lol

  2. My first piece looked fabulous. But I've also been a canvas painter most of my life and spent hundreds of hours watching videos on how to paint minis before I even bought a single paint or model.

  3. Where is this? So I can avoid it. Anything important in there?

  4. If I remember right, you are in and out in like 2 minutes tops.


  6. I didn't even have to click the thread, knew immediately

  7. Eh first time I've had an enemy bug out like that for me in 42 hours.

  8. Seriously, rare bug encounters like this actually create funny memories. These bugs are not what's ruining games.

  9. That's not what he's saying. He's saying he is hearing a team approach via proxy chat as he's about to exfil with his needed item.

  10. So you are saying my 2.4 million will only take 35 minutes?

  11. ….you really think capitalism works, like as a system, for all?

  12. I mean most systems work, it's people that mess them up.

  13. You are the ending of Fifth Sense, sorry my dude.

  14. Driving me and my friend crazy also. We have tried everything with no way to fix it.

  15. Im literally loosing friends because Im crashing most of all and I understand them..

  16. Activision is a small indie developer; I can't blame them. They only made like 7 or 8 billion the last year.

  17. That has to be one of the most stupid lies. No one has ever met someone who worked for the BBC, without being told within one minute that they work for the BBC.

  18. Reminds me of a joke with my locals. The nuke plant guys can't help but tell people what they do.

  19. It has to be something to do with the exfil chopper. All of our teams disconnects were when a chopper when the exfil chopper was just landing.

  20. The comically oversized sword is very 40k

  21. Ratio is off a bit I think, sword needs to be bigger! 10/10 on everything else though.

  22. Everyone I hear complaining about too many AI in DMZ has me confused. There's a mode for that, literally WZ2. We don't need two identical WZ modes.

  23. and yet all I came across so far is trios camping/ambushing extract points. Im yet to manage extracting at all.

  24. We will push an extract in progress if it happens to pop off in our immediate area, but we have never camped one. I believe we were once killed by someone camping at an extract point.

  25. Somehow, I thought it WAS illegal (in term of traffic violations) to cause an accident by cutting someone off. Are they not usually seen to be at fault for the accident?

  26. This would fall under reckless driving, willingly making an action that could place harm to another or property.

  27. TTK is great in this game. Since I always shoot and hit enemies first, mostly upper-body/neck/head, they actually DIE instead of starting sliding uphill and bunny hopping. The previous game was retarded -- not a shooter, rather a platform game -- in this one true F P S skill shines instead of Nintendo movement. :)

  28. I'm so much happier with the TTK compared to MW1. I feel like it's in a comfy spot. I don't get insta killed if I'm full plates in WZ, and in multiplayer, I don't feel like I'm dumping 4 mags into people.

  29. My ex planned a surprise trip to Chicago I wanted to do for years. When we got there she told me she didn't have any money because she spent it on clothes the day before, and I had to pay for it all.

  30. If you mean sneak around in stealth like an RPG, no. You can avoid a lot of conflict if you want but your loot experience is not going to be good.

  31. Tarkov ai is easier then this lol

  32. Yes and no. Tarkov AI either shits the bed or no scopes you from 200 meters with an AK that has no front sight between 10 trees and 100 bushes in the middle of the night.

  33. Nice, move it closer to the window. Get some of the sweet sweet natural light!

  34. No. The Insurance slot is a special slot that lets you get that weapon back. You should have stash weapons you can take in with you.

  35. So let’s say you lose all your stash. Do you go in with just your bare hands? I ask cuz I don’t want to try it with a squad and screw them over.

  36. Theoretically yes. Usually these games have an in game mode currency that lets you buy guns from vendors. Originally that's what I thought the cash was going to be for, unless there's something I'm missing.

  37. Same, as a heavy Tarkov player, once I got used to it, it became very natural.

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