1. This exactly, tho the annoyance of not voting labour based on a party 2 decades ago needs addressing, but if you can't see the change then one of the other parties had to be the way.

  2. Totally agree, also do not understand the logic of some people who in this thread refuse to vote Labour still because they just view it as Tory-lite… fuck that logic, Tory lite is better than this shit show, and when half the country were so convinced by the tabloids and tories, they’re not gonna suddenly swoon over to the far left when the proverbial hits the fan, you need to gently ease them in, show them it can be better and then maybe they’ll be accepting over time of more left policies, and then when Labour is in go at them and protest for further left policies for sure, but you have to change the policies slowly because these Tory voters had years of this shite thrown at them convincing them tories are the only way forward… if people in this thread can’t see that and refuse to vote Labour then they’re just as bad as those who still vote Tory. Change is progressive and doesn’t happen over night, subtle changes is how we got here, and it’s how we can make it better, not sudden changes, we’ve all heard the story of how to boil a frog heat up the water slowly and it’ll boil alive, straight in boiling water and it would jump out

  3. Happy to take a look - can you let us know what grade you’re applying for

  4. There’s many that can be on this but I particularly hate Mercedes’ c class AMG… see far too many as an accessible high performance car and they’re driven mostly by lunatics in their mid 30’s

  5. Disappointed I had to scroll this far to see Italian job. My favourite film probably fo nostalgia watching it as a kid, but I accept it for its flaws but it’s just a fun film

  6. I've posted this here before. A G7 colleague of mine got a job offer at EY for over double her pay. Very similar role but consulting, says she works about 40 hours a week and wouldn't ever come back.

  7. Out of interest What CS role was the G7 and SEO doing? Policy or specialist area?

  8. Both policy, I don't want to say specifically for risk of doxxing myself.

  9. No worries understand, did the seo leave for the same type of role in Deloitte too? Just assessing my future options and want to know what’s possible

  10. Picking up an old thread - as a mentor can you tell me how this relationship works? I’m looking for a mentor but I’m afraid I’ll waste their time. I’ve found myself a bit stuck, I want to go for promotion but struggle to get my work into competencies and have interest in areas, but I’m not dead set on a particular area would any of those be barriers and how as a mentee would you advise approaching the conversation - I think that’s something that’s put me off applying not knowing what exactly to talk about each catch-up etc

  11. I really didn’t get stats let’s flats, it might just not be to my humour but what is it that was so good about it? I just found it a bit silly

  12. There's always someone who will defend anything with a helpful anecdote about how when they worked in the private sector their balls were dipped in liquid magma on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you should be grateful to be treated so well.

  13. This… I joined the civil service form private sector in lockdown, my salary had just been reduced due to covid down to approx 21k, accepted a job as HEO for 33k, as a graduate who’d struggled for years to get a footing in a decent company with a grad scheme or a role I could progress in, I was over the moon with that salary… nearly two years on it grinds my gears than there’s no increase and I’ve not been rewarded for hard work - any promotional roles don’t fit what I’ve been doing/career path and feel a bit stuck trying to get that SEO position

  14. Curious, as a non fast streamer, why if you have the ability to apply for both SEO and G7 would you get stuck in an SEO role if you had the ability for G7 anyway?

  15. I’m in the same boat as you, no one from my team works in my London office. I was in today, spoke to no one. I have to go in one day a week but it seems pointless.

  16. Out of interest, if no one in your team is in London, how do they know you’ve gone in? Can you just say you’ve gone in and not go in? Maybe do it on a day with no team calls?

  17. I have been told it is not being micro managed, but obviously there are swipe records and we have to book our hotdesk. Even on video calls we are not expected to go on video, and it is never mentioned that we are in on a particular day. Not sure what would happen if I didn’t go in weekly?

  18. I’d maybe stop going in and if someone says something just say you felt lonely and it was getting you down, as you had no one to socialise with there or communicate with non virtually

  19. I’m not denying that, but the results of this poll aren’t propaganda. Stats that you don’t like aren’t any less true.

  20. Agreed, as someone who used to work in market research it annoys me how people automatically assume a population sample isn’t representative when it’s a few thousand people and say they don’t represent the country because it’s not representative of their echo chamber. But also now working as a civil servant admittedly before I didn’t know half of what went on - but I never belittled them… now when I talk to people about my job and what things are being done they react like oh you’d never know that was happening or people are doing this, they don’t think how these things appear and just magically produced out of thin air… the govt uses that to their advantage to blame us for their failures… if we were allowed to outline everything that goes on in civil service and publicise it bar the ignorant ‘don’t want to hear anything but their own truth’ people I believe perceptions would change

  21. As if regular people don't take too many flights, eat meat, buy too much cheap plastic shite, drive range rovers...

  22. I’d revisit your flights statistic… social media has made it seem many more regular people take lots of flights, it’s 1% of people that account for just over half of all flights (they tend to be the rich goons).. it is indeed a personal responsibility but large corporates have shifted that responsibility to us, when they could be doing far more to invest in renewable practices and not greenwashing activities instead they’d rather suck out the profits for their dividends. Anyway I’ve sidetracked, unfortunately whilst it is on us, the media have created this perception of its on us and we have to give up our few luxuries… whilst the small 1% carry on as Riley, if they have up more - what they’d probably not miss we’d all have to give up less collectively.

  23. A return flight to Malaga from the UK generates around 300kg of carbon per economy passenger.

  24. So it may do… but my point is 1% of people are repeatedly doing these flights whereas ordinary people will be doing that once maybe twice a year and not every 2 weeks… so it should’nt be stopping your one holiday a year when someone can cut out their ridiculous amount of flights when they’re travelling every couple of weeks…

  25. When we meet with him he has a Mont Blanc ink pot for his pen. He also refuses to use a computer so his private secretaries (all 5 of them) print out each email for him to write on and then transcribes it

  26. Because this sounds so outrageous I have to ask… is this true? Or have you heard about it through Reddit/other people

  27. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling about unions the last week or so, like we should be saying they’re doing the right thing, why don’t all us little peasants stand up for ourselves against the big bosses and corporate greed and help ourselves to get a fair wage

  28. Thanks for the response - sorry if this is a stupid question, you say what little I do get in pay rise is negotiated by the unions, so I still benefit from it by not being part of a union in that sense?

  29. Not able to offer advice sorry, but if you email MoJ asking for feedback they will email you to it - as you apply through their separate website you don’t get feedback on civil service jobs like usual or on their website either

  30. Interview isn’t until next week - but haven’t been able to find much out specifically about how it will be formatted. Kinda cards close to chest atm

  31. Not educational, but I’ve worked in stats type roles for a few years now

  32. I think perhaps I wasn't clear enough. The badging exercise/interview is with a different panel from the job interview panel, and it is scheduled for 4 hours before the regular interview. I wasn't told that the separate badging exercise/interview would be necessary until after interview time had been arranged.

  33. How did your interview go? I’ve got a badging exercise panel coming up and I’m really not sure how to prepare for it (my examples for the three GSS competencies are pretty similar!) did you find yours went okay?

  34. I have a question on this, if they deliver it to LAX, does this mean you can drop it off at LAX too? Or does it have to be to their ‘free’ location eg their house etc. it’s not clear on the app regarding this

  35. I agree that this is difficult to diagnose while you are riding on dirt because of the other ambient noise. The noise I heard sounded like it is with the rotation of the wheel and not if you are pedaling or not. Does it still make the noise when you are not pedaling?

  36. Yeah so this is part of the issue, it doesn’t happen all the time, it tends to happen in certain gears and when I’m pushing hard in that gear eg going up hill, it reminds me of the sound you immediately get when you push on the pedals after it’s been free wheeling.

  37. Search for car rentals on Kayak. You’ll get different vehicle options with different companies. Make sure you’re familiar with differences in driving laws in the US.

  38. Thanks - I’ve seen fox rent a car come up quite a bit as the cheapest, reviews seem okay. Do you have any advice on that brand? Is it one to avoid or cheaper for a reason?

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