1. I wouldn't I mean I've seen 3080TI's going for that much so I don't see how it can be worth it for a 3080. At the moment there are 3080's going for sub 800 and 12GB models for not a whole lot more so that sounds terrible actually no matter how good the AIB.

  2. There's usually real small window where the prices will dip a bit just before a new gen drops but then they skyrocket right after because the old gen goes out of production immediately making those old cards much more valuable on the resell market. New gen cards will usually instantly sale out these days meaning that for months and months a persons only option will be to pay a crazy high scalped price for a 4000 series card or try to go old gen which means the price for those cards will stay high and go even higher until you just can't find them anymore.

  3. Most people in IT started by doing a low level help desk job like tier 1 or 2 maybe 3. There really isn't any coding involved with those jobs though. You be answering phones and doing troubleshooting stuff like that. Now you may be able to automate tedious / repetitive tasks with some code if you go that extra extra mile but that usually won't be your job like at all. A lot of that stuff can be done remote too so you may be able to find a fully remote position.

  4. I mean it be incompetence otherwise. You have a chance to obtain KD you have to at least entertain the idea and even chase after it if possible. Now would KD want to come back? Probably not but it isn't exactly up to him and KD back on the warriors damn near guarantees a repeat.

  5. If you stay offline and stick to lower difficulties until you learn the game sure.

  6. 3rd strike for me. The strictness of the timing + the precision required + parries and the lack friendly aids to make things easier like 4 and 5 do make it very difficult and gives the game an extremely high skill ceiling. Watching to pros go at it is just so much different than mid or low level players. 4 has the best balance imo it can be difficult but that was when capcom started finding ways to make things easier. Inputs don't have to be as precise. There are straight up input shortcuts. Less strict timing. FA acts like a much easier parry that crumples on counter or after being charged. 5 took things even further and you can tell like most fighting games that have been find ways to make things easier to bring in more players.

  7. PlayStation is the more popular brand at the moment so it sales more and is more in demand thus less Avila or supply which means it goes for a higher price.

  8. Good point. Currently wondering if a 3080 12GB is a good idea for $800ish. I’m just thinking the 4080 is going to be wildly better for maybe the same price or $200 more, and the 4070 will be $500 and be better than the 3080, so like…what do I do you know? Also, working in Davinci and Lumion means VRAM would be nice, so….

  9. Yeah but then there's always the will you actually be able to get a 4080. Even if things remain as is now it will almost certainly paper launch and be unobtainable for months unless you pay an absurd price so you can get msrp out of your mind. God forbid crypto bounces back then it's gonna be years. The PC hardware dilemma is never ending sadly.

  10. Yeah they do like zero marketing and stealth drop this stuff into a warzone and when it doesn't sale. They just assume it's the platform and not their crappy tatics. The cycle just repeats.

  11. I’m skeptical about any release near Black Friday so maybe they are intentionally avoiding November

  12. Yup cause they know dem prices gonna fall off a cliff two weeks later. Basically the last chance 5o sale games for full price til next year.

  13. Then he's gonna come out and say he's the victim and the evil wicked media are evil for reporting on what he actually said and did because they should be able to read through the lines or whatever because he's Malcom x reincarnated and his 3rd eye is open. We've seen this act before dude needs a new trick.

  14. They are good for showing you what's possible with a character if you are trying to learn them although some of the trials are outdated and may note even be possible in the latest version of the game. Some are really unoptimized just for show type things you'd never do in an actual match. Good for improving execution as well but that's only one aspect of FG's. You'll never be able to use said trial combos if you can never actually put yourself in a position to do them. So can it be a starting point? sure but you'd definitely want to head into the practice mode and just play against other people in general to expand your skills.

  15. Biggest thing is Microsoft releases all their first party games on Game Pass day one, and as of right now is very proactive in paying for new and popular 3rd party indie titles to be on the service as fillers in between the big hitters to keep users subscribed. That said, just because it's a first party doesn't automatically equate to a game being good, but it does give the general impression that MS and Xbox is going all in with Game Pass, whereas Sony is holding back with PS Plus.

  16. Yeah the selection much much better. All first party titles are on it and release day one. Many great 3rd party games are also now releasing day one on it. Ultimate gets you PC games as well. Also the game streaming is infinitely better and works on just about anything (xbox, PC, mobile). You can actually download 360 games and play them directly on your xbox with enhancements like FPS boosts and resolution boosts or added HDR and it works damn well. There's more too Sony is just way behind honestly and they have a ton of work to do.

  17. Nice detail almost certainly just a simple transparent texture rather than an actual rendered reflection. Still dope though.

  18. bro i know we could be better but how do you guard this?

  19. You don't. Seriously You are either gonna foul him or open someone up for the easy basket. You do what timelord did honestly and pray.

  20. My best friend asked me once as a very last resort. I knew she was desperate, and I told her not to pay me back, just so there wasn't any unpleasantness between us.

  21. After 30 years you either know a person or it's an Oscar award winning performance by Jared Leto.

  22. Personally can't use it on my lap myself. My legs will move in intense moments which mess with accuracy. I'm far too used to the rigidity of a table.

  23. Hes right they arent breaking any rules Calling game 5 a checkbook win is crazy when they couldn't wait to dump Wiggins on the warriors and get that contract off their books. People are just salty that the warriors FO keeps winning that thier organization knows how to take these unwanted players and make them shine. They are paying so much because of the continued success not the other way around.

  24. People love it when the outcome is unpredictable. Great season and wild playoffs with a few upsets. I doubt many people thought it was going to be the celtics and warriors at the start of the season. Definitely more exciting than the last two seasons have been.

  25. Nah. He doesn't even think she is into him. It's worse. He thinks he deserves to have her into him despite.... Nothing?.Dunno. Classic pathetic incel thinking he should be entitled to sex. Dangerous thinking that.

  26. Yeah it's good deal worse. At least with strippers it was in real life and they knew you existed and even talked to you. You could entertain the idea. The girl has no clue who this guy is and no clue he exists most likely. Also he's on onlyfans were he will 100% see said women having sex with people that aren't him but is somehow mad over that? Definitely in mentally ill and dangerous territory.

  27. I mean the two games I've played that did have that were the outer wilds and no man's sky. I get why. Those gamed either kept things real basic for the planets and scale and or used some procedural generation as well. Its neat but that's a hard thing to scale up for a AAA game. Also while neat doesn't add much to the actual game honestly. I mean the only other game that I've seen try it at that level AAA level is star citizen and well its star citizen so I can respect the choice.

  28. Yes. It doesn't exactly stray too far from the classic formula but is easily the best game since three which was the height of the series. Depending on your tastes it may actually surpass 3. Easily one of the best action games of the last generation.

  29. Yes imo. Many GPU's are actually selling at MSRP or close to it which is still higher than things should be especially for cards that are a year or two old at this point but with the current state of things that's the lowest it's been in years. Probably more important is that GPU's are actually in stock + cpu prices are quite low as well. All of this is probably going to go bye bye once new gen hardware comes out and the phase out all of this old stuff. No doubt the new stuff paper launches and then we go back into hyper overpriced limbo territory for awhile.

  30. Yall reaching way to much to try to hate on everything.

  31. Yeah games not out yet and clearly it was delayed for a reason. I could see if the game was coming out next week or something but it's literally not coming out this year and people are complaining about minor bugs? Yeah it's definitely a stretch.

  32. I actually watched the game and Draymond was definitely a big part of their win

  33. Classic Dray game really. Is he lighting up the box? score no but every little thing he did while on the court was crucial for the win.

  34. I think just like gamepass it's gonna take a few years for this to be really something that every playstation owner will want.

  35. Because it is disappointing. The selection is crap the price is high and the streaming quite frankly is not good. I know some people think it will get better but they had all this time to look and learn from game pass. They shouldn’t be starting from zero. I feel they could have come much more correct here. Maybe one day it will be good but that’ll be no time soon. I wouldn’t advise anyone to pay for it til that day honestly.

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