1. I'm actually from Italy, so I cannot choose the PIZZA itself. KEKW.

  2. Yeah, eloshapes is pretty good to give us an idea of mice' shapes but it truly falls when it comes to give details.

  3. Lmao, they'll never learn until no one will buy these mice.

  4. Actually losing respect for all these big reviewers who haven’t said a word about Pulsar’s awful QC. I was apart of the second batch and had no luck with their customer support, nor have they fixed the problem yet, regardless of how many times they said they have on social medias. Kind of pathetic if you ask me but oh well. I hope most people who get these special edition mice get good copies.

  5. The problem is the copy they send to the reviewers is controlled at 100%, so everything seems good, then who cares about people who will buy that obviously, everything can happen

  6. We share almost the same grip and exactly the same hand size and I found the Deathadder V3 Pro pretty good, not what I could call and "endgame" mouse since I'm waiting for the Viper Mini Wireless as well, but I tried a lot of mice and the Dav3 is the only one giving me good vibes :)

  7. To be fair, he's only the main topic for Book 3, people still talk about James coming back in S2.

  8. The amount of posts about him is insane tho, Ghost got silver medal recently I think

  9. WAIT A MINUTE! Kanan dies? Damn I hope he don’t die in some shoot out because of Ghost’s kid.

  10. Guys, don’t worry I’m Breeze from the future and I didn’t die… yet

  11. I really hope she will handle a gun and do what she needs to do, lmao

  12. Avoid Pulsar, I did this mistake and I regret it, the QC is a damn lottery and, trust me, you're not gonna win that.

  13. Imagine trying to fix your issues by leaking a renewed X2 and preteding people to buy it, hello pulsar, are you ok? lmao

  14. Same problem with my X2 Mini, I decided to give up on Pulsar since I read about X2 renewed and it was like "hello? did you scam me then?"

  15. La matematica che vedi all'università è quella seria per così dire, quella che hai visto alle superiori è la barzelletta quasi completamente incorrelata. Io da background di ITIS mi sono trovato davanti a quest'idea che la matematica non è solamente essere una scimmia per calcoli, ma richiede più logica e deduzione... ed infatti ero sulla verge di mollare il primo anno perchè non riuscivo ad entrare nel ritmo.

  16. Concordo, io ho avuto l'effetto al contrario, provenendo sempre da un ITIS ho preferito di gran lunga Analisi 2 ad Analisi 1 proprio perché preferisco la logica matematica e concettuale agli esercizi sfrenati.

  17. Still, 230€ is really too much considering the slot machine you're going through

  18. Have you had any experience with warranty when buying from Maxgaming? Should be better than ordering one from FM site to EU.

  19. It is, but the return's policy of Amazon is unbeatable imho.

  20. Do you think the Viper Mini could be good enough? Its really cheap but Its 2 years old

  21. VM is the n1 cheap mouse and it shape is still the best in the market (according to grip and hand size), read my flair too

  22. Razer-sama, please, let's close this waiting room KEKW

  23. actually i have multiple g305s so I'm gonna make it wireless myself when i get the battery and then sell it when razer makes official version

  24. I wish I was good enough to make these things by myself too but I gotta wait kekw

  25. You need to reset the curve first and then you can delete it

  26. So maybe I should try to install it again, do that and then uninstall?

  27. Let's see the positive thing about that: it forces you to get high apm on mouse and never stand

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