1. “I suck at math the way kim sucks at everything” I’m fucking dead 😂😂😂

  2. For perspective: I have dyscalculia which is the math version of dyslexia. That's how much.

  3. Oh my god, thank you. I had never heard of dyscalculia before reading your comment. That might explain why I struggled w math my entire life. 🤣😅

  4. It was an epiphany way too late in life, lol. My entire education has been a source of trauma for me because my parents had 0 empathy because they were good at it & I got straight A's in everything else so they always assumed I just wasn't trying hard enough just because everything else was so easy for me. I got in so much trouble every report card that was all A's except for a D or F in math. No credit for that, they were just mad they couldn't brag to their friends that I didn't get all straight A's.

  5. Brutal that they sell instead of donate their clothes …but duh anything to make $18 I guess

  6. I know some people have to sell their kids clothes to buy new ones but I've given everything my children have outgrown away for free. Clothes, carseats, cribs, toys, anything. I love being in a position to give back to the kids in my community. I feel good knowing someone who can't afford things brand new can still have nice things. Their lack of charity is one of their worst traits. But I guess when you were born a taker, giving never occurs to you.

  7. You can get brand new OskKosh for less than $18 with a good sale or discount. I'm honestly kind of laughing at them including it because it's far from designer even if they are adorable & durable and I did just go crazy buying my baby nephew so many outfits, but it's a brand easily accessible to the entire world population & you can find used pairs in a consignment shop for half of that. Klueless.

  8. Undoubtedly most of them qualify or use Medicaid which is state subsidized health insurance for those in poverty and/or on disability with the exception of Ash who is on her parents insurance until she's 26.

  9. Does anyone know how many people are in her "special" Facebook group ATM? Is there any activity going on yet?


  11. Someone else actually drove it home for me: she's copying her dad's home video ads. I'm sure her dad's cleaning videos were sold in infomercials just like this. And she thinks that just because her parents had a successful business that she'll be a natural but she definitely isn't, lol.

  12. Shhh, no one tell her about the 13th amendment which says "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

  13. Sadly this is much, much bigger than fundies. There are a lot of average people who do this & all of these pics are memes from FB where are way too many more from Kevin & Karen and their 2 children Brayden & Caydence who don't actually go to church.

  14. What is occult about it? A sexual lifestyle is not an occult which is what S&M is. Just because Balenciaga is on some demon iconography shit which normally I appreciate but the problem is taking adult sexuality and applying it to children in any way, shape, form, or capacity is abhorrent. The Satanic shit is whatever. The S&M teddy bears are a real problem.

  15. The number one rule of BDSM is consent, not only of the participants, but also of any observers. This is beyond the pale, especially in the kinky community.

  16. At this point, Kelly's writing seems to me like things she is desperately trying to convince herself of.

  17. I think he embarrassed her at least twice: the “I would have smacked P” incident and the way he spoke to Kendall after that fight.

  18. I mean like publicly. He knows how to follow the rules of the circles they run in. He's not going to bring them negative press or not look his absolute best in a look that complements her. He understands PR better than she does. He makes her look good.

  19. I don't see how Kris & Corey would be a PR relationship at this point. It's been years now & it's not like they make headlines the way her daughters do. I think they have a mutually beneficial arrangement that is primarily rooted in business, plus Kris always has a dedicated +1 who won't embarrass her. They call him Calmye for a reason.

  20. And that says everything. She's essentially saying more money is worth staying for otherwise she'd ditch them to drown on their own. That kind of thinking is some psychopath bullshit. Most people would have reached their limit with this. Most people draw the line at harming children but not her. Then again, why would she? Her mother never did.

  21. Such disrespect for people whose jobs she could never, ever learn to do because she's fucking stupid.

  22. I love my natural hourglass figure & my boobs. I actually really like my hips after being on Reddit b/c apparently lots of people like mommy hips too.

  23. So if I go ask a doctor to cut my healthy left arm off for attention points & he says no he's a meanie? Sounds legit. I seriously feel bad for any & all medical professionals who have to work with them.

  24. I don't think someone who allows children to be blown up in wars daily is all that loving. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt her grandmother ever picked cotton. It sounds like some white nationalism denial. bLaCk PeOpLe AreNt tHe OnLy oNeS. Whatever you say, Karen.

  26. Why the fuck does she need her own elf? Anyway, I've never let one of these things in my house. I'm not trying to get murdered in my sleep.

  27. Lol Tom Brady would never. He was married to a global supermodel. Kim walked the Balenciaga runway like a 14 year old girl in her 1st pair of heels at homecoming. He & Gisele lived a very upscale life that Kim isn't built for because she's trailer trash. Love or hate him (he needs to retire) he's the all time GOAT of football. He's basically NFL royalty. He has access to much smarter, more beautiful, less embarrassing, serious women so why would he dumpster dive the washed up reality TV star pool?

  28. People are still mercilessly dragging her from one end of Twitter & back.

  29. The ruined mascara is too much. That's not keeping it real, it's begging for pity. She really is the most OTT of them sometimes.

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