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  1. YES. There’s a huge one down the block from us! But this is not that. The leaves are larger and more spaced apart.

  2. I haven't seen them as a native plant where I am (near Penn State). I'm on that tricky cut-off between 6b and 7a (I didn't see the map this year. We may be solidly in 7a). I've been having more problems than a little bit with Virginia Creeper, Walnut trees (which the squirrels planted), and Sumac trees.

  3. May you never meet porcelain berry vine. Worse than any other ivy/vine I’ve ever encountered.

  4. Ive never seen it. But I do know the stretchy stuff we refer to as chickweed is the bane of my existence when I'm cleaning out my beanbeds.

  5. All I get to see of these guys are photos, unfortunately. We just don't have them in Pennsylvania. The closest we have in terms of length are rat snakes and racers.

  6. I thought the pattern and chonkiness makes it look like a cottonmouth

  7. I'm not sure what snake it is. If I hadn't known it's geographical location, I almost would have said Racer. But seeing as op is from Nigeria and not the US...I just don't know enough to positively id.

  8. Yeah, it's milkweed. Like someone on here said, it's important to monarch butterflies. I have some milkweed growing in my driveway, and I've seen some caterpillars on my milkweed.

  9. That's definitely powdery mildew. Like someone on here said, you don't need rain to get powdery mildew. You just need humidity and poor air circulation and you can get this easily. There is a home remedy and a fungicide you can use to get rid of it and the names and recipes escape me rn.

  10. You've got a mantis on patrol. It's doing its job beautifully. Such a beautiful killer.

  11. This is the Russell’s viper then (Daboia russelii) - one of the Big Four

  12. What snakes are in the big four? I know you said Russels Viper.

  13. Common krait, saw scaled viper, spectacled cobra, russels viper.

  14. Thank you for this. Are these the big four for the number of people bitten or number of people killed? I know these aren't the top for toxicity.

  15. There was a song I was making a reference to. Here's the link.

  16. Shibata / Ishii was what got me in to NJPW and made Shibata my favorite Japanese wrestler.

  17. The first time I watched these two on AXS TV was the biggest WTF moment I had watching NJPW. I was hooked. Watch Ishii/Suzuki sometime.

  18. They look like mealy bugs to me. Insecticidal soap and water should work. However, be careful using it because it could cause photosensitivity.

  19. Oh no, I don't want to get rid of them, this was the middle of the woods

  20. I thought it was a handful of leaves till I saw the ones throat going. Very cool camo.

  21. I thought he'd hold a lot of water...but not that much. DAMN!!!

  22. In our area (London UK) there weren't really any berries this year. Even most of the plums on my tree shriveled and fell off, and the remainder went straight from sour to mealy and sour. I've never been in a drought before. This is shocking

  23. Drought will do that. I live in Central PA and we've had some drought here...but not as bad as it could be. We had more rain in winter to mid-spring and then it finally started drying up from about mid-may to now. We're probably a couple of inches under here, now. But we've had problems the other way round, too. We've had lots of problems with snails and slugs.

  24. We can get some wild weather, here. But not ad wild as some places. We just got over a heatwave of several days of temperatures in the low 90°F. There was a day in late July, where we had a recorded high of 99°F. We don't get many tornadoes here because where I am, we're surrounded by mountains...we just don't see many. We'll get remnants from hurricanes from time to time.we get hit by a northeastern. Or monster load on the winter. But most times...the weather is pretty even. We could use rain here. Do you get crazy weather where you are? I hear tradionally, it's cool and damp where you are...especially the coasts.

  25. Absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe the caterpillar these beauties come from is the bane of tomato growers existences.

  26. I was thinking cat eye snake. I think these guys are mildly venomous and rear fanged but can't swear by it.

  27. This is a one Steve Town, Buscemi. So it ain't big enough for the both of us. Harvey, just keep moseying on behind that beautiful mustache. Fuck you, Martin, you jerk... Austin, sir, you can stay. Wait for me, Harvey!

  28. This is too funny. Had my girlfriend going too before we knock off for the night. 🤣

  29. No wonder I don't know who he is. He was before I really got into New Japan. We got it more prominently here in the states on AXS TV in I think 2013 or 2014. So I watched Tanahashi, Nakamura, Okada, and others. Ofc, I know who Chono and Mutoh are.

  30. He used to be in Suzuki Gun from 2011-2015 and he did MMA as well (for example that iconic fight with Don Frye)

  31. Did he compete earlier in New Japan as well like when the three musketeers (hashimoto, chono, and mutoh) were making their way through the New Japan dojo and they were starting their career? Or did his career take a different trajectory?

  32. Why is Cena screaming during it? I never understood that.

  33. I've seen that, too. It's made me mad since he started using it I think in either 2005 or 2006. I can't understand the scream. Perhaps to mock intensity.

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