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  1. Garmin pilot does a good job of putting the ones you need prioritized by your flight plan. I haven't used foreflight that much but understand they do as well.

  2. Most of that seems like a fair assessment. However, I would like to push back a little on your claim that the definitions haven’t changed.

  3. The US military would have the same problem at home, people fighting for their own homes against a tyrannical government.

  4. And, given that the military is made of folks that would probably agree with revolutionaries, there'd be a lot of noncompliance or even desertion.

  5. It's worse more than likely, an air rudder doesn't move a vessel as well as a water rudder, with the water from the screw going over it.

  6. Most float planes have water rudders off the back of the floats.

  7. Took long enough. Someone here on reddit said that she has lots of local political connections, so the police and fish and game did nothing. Glad the FAA or whoever stepped up.

  8. Actually her dad was dead before this happened. To be honest he would have been appalled at her actions.

  9. Pebble wouldn't help Alaska. The amount of jobs created is pretty low and the vast majority would go to folks from outside the state. The impact of the mine on the true source of wealth in the area, salmon, could be devastating.

  10. If you or your kids are sick, stay home. Just like the flu and cold. Get your shot every year, pretty basic really.

  11. Same happened in the dining room of a house I bought where they smoked for about 35 years. I used two coats of kills plus two coats of paint and it would still bleed through like this. It was a great lesson for my teenage daughter up what is in cigarettes.

  12. I don't think the US ever put a lot of effort into training navigation using dead reckoning and visual position fixes. Prior to iPads they always had an extensive navaid network and I understand they used to just go from navaid to navaid. I imagine the navaids in EU (and the UK lol) are similar so I dunno I guess I'd just put it down to a different approach.

  13. You are ded wrong (hah! See what I did there!). We did a lot of our xcs with ded reckoning and pilotage. Although basic NDB and VOR stuff was taught, it was later on more in Instrument.

  14. so do I need to not use constant right rudder like in a nose wheel?

  15. More like varying degrees of right rudder pressure. All airframe dependent. An example, when you center up on the runway and lay the whip to her. The descending blade of the propeller takes a bigger bite of air than the ascending creating more thrust to the left....You need right rudder. But then you raise the tail with the rudder, after the initial gyroscopic precession that necessitates a bit more right rudder, your descending blade is generating more or less the same amount of thrust as the ascending so you don't have that asymmetrical thrust driving you to the left so you need less right rudder. "rotate" so once again You're descending blade is taking a bigger bite of air creating more thrusts then the ascending blade got it...more right rudder!

  16. Positive control. Make the tail / nose go where you want it by positively putting it there. This can mean you waggle it a bit, always feeling that you are controlling it. This is as opposed to just waiting with dead feet for some swing and then reacting.

  17. I will follow up on this, by wagging the rudder almost consistently while you are first learning you are offsetting the initial correction you made.

  18. Absolutely will, thanks! That’s precisely what I was wondering, the airport I fly at is uncontrolled and extremely chaotic during the summer especially (from Canada) when entering the pattern. There’s a lot of “missed radio calls” so to speak, and on some days a lot of NORDO traffic, so my thinking is I want to do everything I can to make myself visible, even if it’s not that significant, if turning on my strobe light catches someone’s eye and stops a midair then I want to make sure I’m doing it whenever I can.

  19. I give zero shits about the cost of light bulbs in a rental aircraft (or my own) it is a cost of doing business. Even if it has the .000001 percent chance if helping me be seen my lights are burning.

  20. Hadn’t even thought of getting her one to document her aviation journey. Great idea - will buy one now! Thanks!

  21. I have three kids that have all been flying since they were two or three weeks old. They all have log books for themselves.

  22. Love it. Our daughter’s logbook should be here by Friday. Thanks for the idea!

  23. Yeah even should they not decide to become pilots I think it will be a good record for them to look at in the future of our trips together. And they are handwritten so it will be a little more personal. Should they become pilots well we'll have that many more extra hours since I am the CFI and sign their flights off as dual!

  24. Not really, it is a landing with snow on the runway at night which happens all over Alaska every day. He pulls into the hangar so he doesn't have to fight pulling a plane uphill in the snow, which can be a bitch, especially alone.

  25. My willingness to work a 9-5 for someone else. I started a little contracting business that is going great. I'll never be someone's employee ever again.

  26. I did it way before COVID, folks do not know how much work it is to have your own business, but how rewarding it is (mentally, and hopefully financially).

  27. Every once in awhile comes along a photo that is truly old school cool. This is one of them

  28. I've always been curious what that whole operation is like. Mainly, what happens to the pigs people shot? I hope they're not left there to rot and someone goes and gets them, but how do they find them?

  29. I fly a beaver on floats in the summer and a twin otter in the winter, home every night. Pay on the twin otter side is good.

  30. I’ve only been flying in any capacity since 2017, so I don’t. But it doesn’t surprise me, either.

  31. In 1990 my buddy got right seat at American eagle his pay was $18.5k, flash forward to 2008 another buddy got on with RAVN at $21.5k.....$3k difference over 18 years. You can argue the benefits from none of the ATP rule however all of a sudden first officers were making at least a living at 40K for the first year.

  32. Why the hell would the Marines do that? You're acting as if Rules of Engagement aren't a thing and the only thing the military knows how to do is commit war crimes.

  33. Do you think those gangs are going to throw up their hands and give up their power?

  34. You mean the playbook we learned to get the better of in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not saying those wars were perfect or even necessary or justified, but it isn't the 90's anymore and the US military has plenty of experience fighting insurgents and, given how unorganized the gangs are, there is every chance that many won't try to really fight in the event of foreign intervention in Haiti.

  35. Ntsb has asked the FAA at least twice to reinstate spin training for all pilots.

  36. By training, do you actually take them up to do spins? Or just basics on how to recover? Also, do you have anything from the NTSB stating what you said? I would love to see that. Thanks!

  37. I hate that you feel that way, but I understand it. Police save more people every year than firefighters and EMTs for the simple reason they are on scene faster than we are. They clear folks out of burning buildings, they have AEDs on heart attack victims before we get on scene, I cannot count how many lives they have saved with Narcan that they carry. These acts go unnoticed except by the folks directly involved.

  38. I do not have to explain it away. It does not apply to the OP. 91.527 is under subpart F.

  39. True, that’s my mistake. How about 91.9(a). Can’t operate without complying with the POH. Granted, we don’t know the airplane isn’t FIKI, but we wouldn’t be having the conversation if it was.

  40. Ah! Good point, however most POHs are written way before the lawyers started writing them.

  41. I would be very willing to bet she doesn't spend any time at all in Jail. She has been showing signs of dementia for a while now according to locals, and she is from a very well connected family.

  42. Put the plane in a power off stall, hold the elevator all the way back so the plane stays in the stall, then initiate a wing high condition with your rudder and have the student "step on the high wing" to level the wings. See how far you can go and still recover before it breaks into a spin that needs a recovery.

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