1. You: a commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating and a minimum 500 hours for vfr or 1,200 hours for IFR. A class 2 medical. Be part of a drug testing consortium. And checkrides outlined by 135.293, 135.297

  2. To be fair we lost Sen. Stephens, and rep Young so it'll take some years to get the seniority back for our bigger share of the federal dollars. We'll get there though!

  3. To paraphrase Mark Twain "reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"

  4. Anchorage!!!! Oh...wait....no, it is actually pretty bad there

  5. A basic level of health care. It is ridiculous that if I snap a hoof in Mexico or Canada I can go to a clinic and be done. Retain private insurance for those that can afford it, but there should be free clinics available to every person in the US.

  6. For single Cessnas "floor to the door" flow will take care of everything You need to do immediately, and then you can pull out the checklist if you have time.

  7. I need about 100 hours in a plane to feel like I know it. I can fly it safely in an hour, but to really "know" a plane or s about a hundred hours.

  8. So what would you suggest? As an EMT we saw folks that were clearly deranged and a danger to themselves or others. They would be sent for three days and then we're right back in town. We knew it was just a matter of time before we'd be picking them up again, they'd be dead, or in police custody for hurting someone. The problem is real, and needs to be addressed.

  9. Oh no i meant after getting the rating, when can you fly a sea plane again? i would like to be able to fly one again

  10. That is the problem with SES and becoming more of a problem with TW. Insurance is becoming ridiculously expensive to allow rentals. I wanted to rent mine out and was quoted $12k a year for a $60k airplane, basically made it impossible to pencil out given the short float season.

  11. Jack brown's is quick and cheap. You will learn to pass the checkride and that is about it, but it is a lot of fun. That is where I got mine.

  12. Buddy has a B-17 type rating, I think it is pretty cool, but then I am pretty easily impressed. For example your flair says A-10 and ATP that impresses me. And you thought enough people would give a flying fuck to bother putting it up.

  13. I was flying a for a bush outfit into the native villages. A couple of flights come to mind.

  14. You’ll have a better shot at skipping the regionals with turbine time, especially if you can get into the Captain’s seat.

  15. At 15 hours a month it'll take a lifetime to get PIC which may or may not let him skip regionals. It might be better to get to regionals and wrack up the hours than stick it out at this job.

  16. I was a captain already cause it was a VFR op. Copilot is definitely not as much fun calling out speeds and reading checklists. I plan to make my way into some heavy metal at 15-1600hrs

  17. So at the rate you're flying a year or so out to "heavy metal" versus 4 monts at your old job. Not a big difference over the scope of a career

  18. I mean, wouldn't that mean the 2nd amendment is violated by not allowing to people bear arms on aircraft? Sometimes the greater good trump's individual rights. Like the yelling fire in a theater should be protected speech.

  19. Keep in mind radio free is our (US) propaganda outlet. Take what they report on with that context.

  20. Yeah for real, normal Russian moms would never really worry about or mourn for their sons.....

  21. there are literal interviews where they said they’re ok with it because they have other children.

  22. Cherry picked, the vast majority are just moms worried about their boys.

  23. Dropping in on a wave while surfing. It just can't be explained, it needs to be experienced.

  24. Breastfeeding; it shouldn’t be an issue but “society” has turned breast sexual instead of their purpose (feeding a child).

  25. This! If it is a case of my baby crying because she is hungry, or you crying because you might see my wife's boob, go get your tissues.

  26. On my list of shit to worry about a frame with the name of the dealership on it doesn't even rate. They are so common nobody even notices them.

  27. We suck. Gun control laws suck, mental health care sucks, military style rifles available to 18 year olds. Absolute shit show.

  28. I see BLI in the logbook - come on by! Bellingham is a great airport and is a good place to do customs coming back from a Canadian stop.

  29. I had the opposite experience doing customs in Bellingham. They were extremely rude like I was taking them away from there Minecraft.

  30. The bags from airframes are expensive but worth it. Go ahead and buy the spout too. Much easier to handle versus Jerry cans.

  31. Fuck the Pinkerton’s. Jesse James had it right when he fought those bastards along with the railroad magnates

  32. Oh Yes Jesse James the famous freedom fighter, fighting for the freedom to keep slaves, participating in the massacre of captured union soldiers....he was a great guy..../s (he was an asshole)

  33. Pointing out someone was a racist 200 years ago is peak Reddit.

  34. Takes a bad ass to shoot unarmed union prisoners. You choose your heroes...poorly.

  35. FIL is on a weird power trip here? I’d be annoyed but I’d still take mine off at his house to avoid a fight

  36. I live in Alaska and it is the norm that you don't wear shoes inside. I find that older folks from the lower 48 have a really hard time with this. The best way is provide them with slippers.

  37. And now we have a proven example of it working, it will be easier to be implemented in the lower 48.

  38. It has been working in states with run off systems for ever. Ranked choice is just a type of instant runoff election, instead of the time and expense of printing new ballots, more advertising and campaigning.

  39. Ranked choice is far superior to runoff elections because you eliminate the potential for voter fatigue.

  40. My god, you would think so, but look at the numbers that voted for her. I am so happy she lost. I hope she goes away.

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