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  • By - FKYS

[Pogba] tackle against Everton!

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  1. Became an Arsenal fan because of Ozil! Even though it was near his contract extension, so I never got to see the prime Ozil everyone talks about.what a player!!!

  2. These are the ones ‘could have joined the military but I tore my ACL’ bunch😂

  3. Why do morons get super horny and stupid pointing out Venezuela when the term socialist is brought up. Like do they not see how lot of our things here in US is socialism?

  4. Sometimes a rude awakening can give the jump a person needs in life, if you leaving her gets her that boost then do my guy. Clearly this relationship is harming both of you. An intervention won’t help, believe me just carry on. Focus on yourself before getting back in the game though don’t carry all the trauma from this to the next one. Don’t say or do anything just walk out, be strong.

  5. I scream schweinsteiger to my non football following friends, they think I am cursing them out. 😂

  6. Every time the ball rolls out to the top of the box and your about to hit a banger.

  7. Oooooo don’t know why I never did that, imma do that from now on too. Thanks 😅👌

  8. Sanchez in his prime was unmatched, Auba has speed and finishing (which has declined). Sanchez could do all.

  9. Do they make the video look old or something, I don’t remember the video quality to be this low. 🤔

  10. laurent koscielny, a decade of service with quiet stability at defense. Really felt his absence when he went down.😓

  11. Shows that Emery did not know his squad too well. He really rotated the player like he was playing football manager. Don’t get me wrong he is a good manager but no player-manager relationship. I don’t know if it was only the language barrier or the rumored squad division, but that line up is a mess😬

  12. Emery got the better of us last time in EL over two legs. Put some respekk on that man’s name. Lol

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