1. I can’t help you with your pyromaniac impulses, but if you’re looking to get rid of leftover sugar you have options- make Kombucha, give it away on somewhere like the Olio app. Or bake things for other people. I went through a cookie making phase to get rid of my leftover flour when I started keto. For the benefit of friends and neighbours!

  2. I’m Ukrainian, fluent in English from living in the US since I was little. So I have a perfectly neutral American accent. I’ve been living in the UK now for 13 years and somehow I came out of this all sounding Irish ☘️

  3. Depends, north east US? Sometimes people from like Kilkenny sound "American" to some people.

  4. Colorado, which I don’t think has any discernible accent. I think it’s because I pronounce my ‘r’ a little bit more than Americans would, but not as much as you’d expect a Ukrainian/Russian speaker to roll them. And now I use British English pronunciation of some words but not all. My accent is a mess, tbh.

  5. I’ve run my kettle dry a couple of times (like an idiot) that left it with burn marks. Fixed by leaving it to stand with vinegar mixed 1/4 part water, and then boiling it with that mixture. Maybe it’ll work for the milk burn marks!

  6. Looks like ink. I’ve removed ink stains from linen with those magical Tide pens before, should do the trick!

  7. UPDATE- I gave them away on Olio. I did share the link to this thread with the new owner so they can get some ideas! I realised I’m just not invested enough in these. Thank you everyone, love this community!

  8. If you’re able to get the remaining chipping pleather off the fabric you can actually use chalk paint on fabric. It gives a leather-like finish. Another suggestion would be to take any type of fabric and sew elastic around the edge. Make a sort of shower cap and then pop it over top! Voila!

  9. This is a great idea and right up my alley in terms of the amount of DIY I want to be doing on these. Thank you!

  10. Yes to Xanthan Gum, .5 tsp for most recipes. Also make sure you’ve got enough egg in there. I also add a bit of coconut flour, just a tablespoon, but keep in mind that coconut flour is super absorbent so you run the risk of over drying it. Just make sure the dough is still runny.

  11. Don’t be a shmuck, of course you should haggle! I came in at 15% below asking, my leverage was a 3 year contract instead of 1 year. We landed on 10% below asking in the end. And when it came to contracts I stuck a break clause in there that means I can leave after a year anyway if I want. Estate agents will make you feel like you’re shit but it’s part of their horrible toolkit of tactics.

  12. If you’re feeding yourself whatever you want. If you’re feeding others helping you move, get them the pizza and then whatever you want for yourself.

  13. It’s the “whatever I want” that I’m looking for suggestions on. All my cooking stuff will still be in boxes, I’ll be exhausted from moving, and it’s not like there’s a keto isle at the grocery shop where I can get a keto pizza for myself.

  14. It hit the mark but the chocolate chips all sunk to the bottom! Also I’d recommend mixing the dry ingredients first as you would in regular baking recipe.

  15. Crow in one month! Wow! You are underestimating your sportiness because that’s not an easy pose

  16. I know I struggle to stick with exercise, so I signed up to be a helper at my local studio. Every time I help steam mats and sanitise blocks for 30 mins between classes- I get a free class (90mins). So while I know I’ll find a million excuses to not show up for me, I’ll feel a sense of responsibility to other people because I’ve signed up to help. It’s silly, but I’ve been practicing 6 days per week for 3 months!

  17. Who's being beheaded? If we're being historic I volunteer for it

  18. I think we’d all volunteer the same person, he should be on the area. Historically accuracy and all…

  19. Definitely invest in a nice yoga blanket to cushion your knees! I like the ones from Hugger Mugger. Also doubles as a nice Savasana blankie too :).

  20. This is so depressing to me, I didn’t know. Women’s bodies just can’t catch a break. Thank you for sharing though!

  21. Hold on a sec. There are tons of different fasts. I don’t think it’s accurate to say it isn’t healthy for ALL women. I key is to find the right type of rhythm for your body.

  22. I’m an 18:6 faster myself. But the article says that the regular IF we know and love is bad for women. The suggestion is 12 hour fasts, or longer fasts but in non-consecutive days, no fasting during bleeding. I’ll have to read up on this from different sources. The issue suggested isn’t that it will mess up the cycle, but that hormones and metabolism are very closely tied for women and a fast puts stress on a woman’s body to detrimental effect. That’s just what I got from this one article though, so not necessarily the full story. if anyone has any other research on this I’d love to read it! Just trying to figure out what the best thing is and it’s interesting to note that men’s and women’ bodies are different when it comes to fasting.

  23. You guys have me worried, my RHR used to be 90. After 6 weeks of daily 60-minute yoga I’m down to 70s and was feeling pretty chuffed with myself. How do you get down to 50s?!

  24. Eggs, butter, chicken, frozen broccoli. Almond flour for baking if you need variety. Keep the bones from your chicken and make bone broth. I suggest investing in a pressure cooker for the bone broth. Lidl is my favourite for all essentials, I do splurge on meat from Waitrose but that’s just me. It needn’t be expensive, it becomes steep if your start buying “keto-friendly” branded stuff which is often not keto at all if you read the ingredients.

  25. Out of curiosity, how long do you pressure Cook for bone broth?

  26. 4 hours or so. I collect bones from various meals and keep in the freezer and then make one big batch. So it’s super concentrated, keep in the fridge mix with water to make a beverage.

  27. Do you take any supplements? I remember I started bruising like crazy when taking krill oil.

  28. right now i’m taking d3, magnesium, and just started curcumin. i’ll see if it changes at all as i adjust my dosages. thanks!

  29. Do you do anything else? Jogging? If not- this doesn’t sound like too much physically. A big time commitment yes, but if you can afford it in your schedule, go for it.

  30. You kidding, in the UK it takes one flake to shut down the entire country 🙄

  31. Pro tip: avoid pre grated mozzarella as they mix it with potato starch. Instead if you buy the balls (same brand) they’re zero carb.

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