1. The claim is significant regardless of validity because an extremist liberal militant could take inspiration from a false headline like this and carry out Trump's invitation.

  2. I would suggest a FF against the left. He wouldn't invite them to actually do it on the chance they take him out. If it happens it will be planned prosthetics like a movie set, and it will set the stage for a very heavy hand against the left when he returns. I don't see this going good for either side.

  3. Except some ice sits on dry land, oops

  4. I didn't think it would work on mobile. I used to love these as a kid. I'd run up to any new book and immediately press it against my eyes and slowly bring the page away. This time, 15+ years later, I thought I lost the art. It took me at least 7 tries before I got it. The first time I thought it was a troll post, then after a few I could recognise something trying to form. Then the focus came in and bam! These bring back good memories.

  5. Because you don'y need to send your best people against Ukraine. BBC numbers show Ukraine is getting slaughtered.

  6. Why's it have to be recreationally justified? The reason is to prevent government tyranny. Oh wait lol

  7. Why on god's green earth would you buy an automatic sportscar? Especially an underpowered, needs to have the balls wrung out of it sportscar.

  8. For the same reason you buy a car for it's looks. Some people don't give a flying F about transmission.

  9. The arrest of Trump was being spoken of last year. But, protesting was condemned and warned by the same people as an opportunity of a false flag. These people are all 'Q truthers', so why is Trump calling for protests now? I used to have hope in Q, but now I think it's a cynical plan to control the other side, being the patriots.

  10. Meanwhile i bet still call it the Myer centre for the next 10 years at least.

  11. Why IS it called Garden City? I've always known it as Garden City.

  12. It looks like a Grizzly staring down a black bear. It's head is on the right side turned/hidden behind it's body. The black bear looks like it's walking away/keeping watch.

  13. Also.... Beelzebub is meh.... Level Terrance asap, there are beginner guides and tier lists please check them out before you build your heros.

  14. His DPS isn't too bad at higher level. He was my first 11 and 16 star. Absolutely a let down, but I think he shines in other areas and needs to be equipped properly.

  15. Before The Return of Jesus:Gog is the AntiChrist and Magog is Modern day Turkey(Turkey has the seat of satan which is Istanbul or Constantinople and also the altar of Zeus) not Russia

  16. Joel Richardson has a pretty similar/same opinion. He says probably Turkey or there abouts, and the AC will probably be of Islamic faith.

  17. The protest was not peaceful, and the fucking police did not let people in but by all means continue pushing Trump’s fake bullshit. I don’t support Pence or Trump. They are both corrupt pieces of shit.

  18. When you open the door, to people who want to go in, are you inviting them in or preventing them access?

  19. Didn't he put up 1 million for any doctor to publicly debate him?

  20. The rapture is a gathering of the elect. It's pretty clear that the elect will be present during the tribulation:

  21. Who's face is on the silver? When the SHTF, who's it really belong to? I'm not saying don't buy it, it's just that unless your face is on it, how can it truly be yours?

  22. That's exactly the plan they have. They've got a more sinister system ready to go.

  23. Wow lol. In todays climate where covid isn't seen as a legitimate risk anymore? 🤡 🌎

  24. Avoids jail? Like it was a legitimate crime? What country was this for? Sounds like a frivolous and vexatious attack on his persona and rights.

  25. no...too boring. Cycling outside is fun though, so I can actually stick with that.

  26. I don't know anyone who goes to the gym to 'have fun'. You go to get in shape, whatever that means to the individual. Fun and enjoyment is a byproduct. Sometimes the gym is a chore for me. I'm not always motivated. Sometimes I get bored listening to the same stuff.

  27. That's not good for anyone. As soon as we accept open shooting for a particular group, that opens the door for OTHER groups to be dealt with in the same manner. It's easy for any group to have a smear campaign done against them with propaganda. We could be next. I don't agree with youth looting. They should have the book thrown at them and dealt with as violent terrorists, as that's exactly what they are. Robbing and looting happens daily.

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