1. Hello, thanks for replying. Can you show me some Steam capsules you have created for published games?

  2. Check out what is new in The Villain Sim Beta 33 here:

  3. Check out what is new in The Villain Sim Beta 33 here:

  4. There is a concept in Game design called emotional distribution, this is used to attribute certain emotions to different aspects of the game such as attribute fear to a boss. In this case the sadness of the reality of stray animals is being attributed to your game and when people describe your game they think of it as sad when the actual sadness comes from the stray animals situations

  5. But anyway, they already apologized because Kendys was out and somebody else without the correct knowledge was answering the emails, they sent a full replacement

  6. They also were specific to use a needle, these are his exact words: There is a hole beside of USB A,use a needle poke it

  7. Thats not how it happened, I send them a picture pointing at such hole, they replied that was the correct one

  8. The same game but would hire a good dev and I would just direct and chill

  9. A few shots Are from things I wouldn't really consider "games"

  10. Indeed you are right, some of them are pretty fun sandboxes, not games per se, at least for now

  11. what are the games showed? doesnt look like half of them arent even in that bundle

  12. All of theme are, trailer was created with in-game footage of those games

  13. I had never used my math background so extensively than when I started creating games, and I was an iOS developer 12 years before that.

  14. I'm not insulting you, sorry if I came off rude. I'm just stating my opinion. Planes are tens of thousands of feet in the air and onto a planned route through the sky before they're given the ability to self control. Like another user said, they're basically maintaining speed, height, and direction, much like cruise control on an empty highway. Even then they require the pilot to take over if/when something unexpected happens, and those pilots are heavily trained in how to handle most any problem.

  15. No problem, yeah marking my opinion as absurd comes a little rude.

  16. Just being honest yo, sorry. With planes, trains and maybe even low speed busses I think it makes sense. Again though, they're all on set routes, they come nowhere near eachother, and they still have a failsafe operator with loads of training and regulations.

  17. I agree on you about population, however that is entirely another problem.

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