1. Could u do the neibor and his wife and kids I saw it on tiktok

  2. Get him AC Odyssey, it's not the best AC imo but its kinda similar to Origins. If he likes origins ofc

  3. Protip: Get a bow ASAP. You won't be using it in active combat, but it makes a couple early encounters a bit easier to draw enemies away. You can also cheese an easy dragon kill, but I won't tell you how lol.

  4. Wow. In elden ring bows SUK and magic but ok! I will! Thank you!

  5. Your phone doesn't do that? Or you want a separate device?

  6. Thanks! That helped! The only problem is those are either watches or something that's over 100$

  7. Ok if seen that before there’s a lot of theory’s on it when I first saw that it gave me the chills because I couldn’t remember if I have seen him before or not

  8. It's about androids becoming self aware and fighting for rights. Some swear words drug use and a mission in a strip club but none of the game directly revolves around that.

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