1. You probably found it easier as this is the longest season so far, and double XP has been introduced.

  2. I’m curious as to why the windows are 5” off the floor.

  3. Eehhhh… only if there are other ways to come across the same quests. I don’t want to feel obligated to listen to the radio for quests, bounties, or whatnot.

  4. One of your crew members with headphones on "Captain, I just received word on the radio that a settlement needs our help"

  5. Seems fairly typical of this era of TV because they would have been cropped out in the original broadcast by the 4:3 aspect ratio. Love seeing these though. Always lots of fun.

  6. Didn't know it was a TV show and had never heard of it. But did some reading just now and also found this which was interesting

  7. There is such a thing is symphonic metal and it is incredible. Personal favorite is SepticFlesh. 😄 Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, Devin Townsend Project, etc.

  8. If you like Carach Angren then I also highly recommend Zornheym.

  9. We wouldn't be caught dead drinking Lipton, vile stuff

  10. B4B is an improvement in every way, except that it does not have a competitive versus mode.

  11. The card system is not an improvement I would say, feels very tacked on

  12. Mine is pretty new, just got it a couple weeks ago. This is the pic the artist took.

  13. Except Pharaoh is a classic game with a gameplay that stood the test of time. Builders of Egypt just has modern graphics (which do lack charms) but the gameplay isn't tested (the demo was very meh IMO), it's done by a Playway indie studio (they specialize in games with buzz with shiny fake trailers, including for this copy pasted in builders of Greece, Rome and China also with just a fake trailer and nothing else...) and is stuck in development for a very long time (there is barely any updates and it has been like 4 years at that point if not more).

  14. I adored Pharaoh as a kid, my city builder of all time.

  15. Thanks for the quick update! All worked straight away

  16. Being friends with someone doesn’t mean you know what they’re doing. Anyone’s best friend might be a serial sexual abuser with no indication it’s happening, it doesn’t say anything about them.

  17. If you watch the Louis Theroux documentary on Saville it shows how even he got completely swept up by Saville into becoming his friend, and that heavily affected him even more when the news came out, because he went in with all intentions to interview and get to the bottom of accusations and Saville was able to manipulate him into friendship.

  18. Black Sabbath rhymed masses with masses

  19. Interestingly enough the original lyrics were different

  20. I did 4 challenges continuing on, then backed out and tried another the old way - still didn't count :(

  21. Yep my key quest is not progressing at all, just wasted a fair few and it went up by one.

  22. Oh yeah that. It was the x-mas ornament that I was trying to remember.

  23. Who comes up with these prices? The merch for Bodies was already subpar to begin with.

  24. I don't think anyone was saying you can't enjoy stuff.

  25. Good fun, I liked that the unique reward (hat) was not at the end this time so most players should still be able to reach it.

  26. Some alright stuff but quite expensive. 35 quid for a t-shirt, 30 for a beanie?

  27. The beanie should have been 15-20. Otherwise, similar prices to other artists (at least those I regularly check)

  28. Really? Just looking at a lot of bands I listen and buy merch from.

  29. Are we talking ACTUAL shuffle or Spotify "fake" "shuffle"? Because Spotify just plays the same songs over and over.

  30. I just make playlists of the music I do like and whack them on shuffle. Unfortunately I like too much music and my "favourites mix" is at 5615 songs

  31. Damn I thought I had a lot of Music with 1196 songs in my favourites

  32. My "liked songs" section on Spotify is currently at 13k haha.

  33. Won't be able to do the purchase 1000 buildings or spend 2000 amber ones, but hopefully should be fine on the rest as long as my egg drops are consistent and I get some from mission rewards

  34. Maybe they changed it, but when the game first came out it didn't matter how armed to the teeth they were, if you didn't respond they automatically lost some turrets and had structures damaged, etc.

  35. It's all a dice roll based on defence number vs settlers, food, water.

  36. Where is the actual Predator Sketch?

  37. My local Aldi had to return an entire shipment of own-brand Hula Hoops because several people opened their multipack bags to find individual packs of actual Hula Hoops on the inside... Can't account for the crossover, but it certainly suggests that what you say is true.

  38. Used to work for Tesco and we had a few cases of own brand pasta come in which had a mix of some branded ones in there.

  39. I'm playing God of War 2018 just now, and honestly I miss the old simple upgrade system of the first six games.

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