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  1. Now do a study between myocarditis and the covid "vaccine"

  2. They have that, it's called the clinical trials data and the adverse events reporting system.

  3. She is very defensive against other birds approaching her. Still there is one that tries to pluck her regularly, but i haven't seen him succeed.

  4. He is successful. Split her from the other birds for a while. Put her in a cage next to them. Give it 2-3 weeks and watch the difference.

  5. I can guarantee that the people in the top photo own significantly more pillows than the people in the bottom photo

  6. Nah, they don't ship to the Netherlands. Check out the flags.

  7. At the end of Trump's last rally he rambled off a long list of grievances while the Q-Anon anthem played. The anthem shares the name of their motto: "Where we go one, we go all". The pointing finger is a nod to the "one" in their motto. Go watch it, it's creepy as fuck.

  8. I'll take my gunslinger program trained Highlander anyday over those things.

  9. Wing patterns are different on the 1st and 2nd flights. Chest is different too. It's not Chips.

  10. The Antarctic used to have tropical rainforests. The UK could grow grapes in Roman times. Who gets to determine the "correct" climate of the planet?

  11. Stop trying to persuade your partner with pro vaccine propaganda. It is a losing fight. You did the first vaccines which says to me that your partner isn't completely unreachable. Were there any side effects? Did they see something that you didn't after the first vaccines? Are there risks to the vaccines? (Yes there are always risks.) Do they have a family history of reactions to things? I would advise that you start to read the research papers into the vaccines and look at the clinical trial reports. They are not nice reading when you see the side effects. Once you shake the notion that vaccines are completey safe and mundane you will be able to have a conversation that can risk assess the situation with facts and statistics. Most vaccines have side effects, it's just that the probability of having an severe adverse effect is very low. (1 in 10000 for a seizure etc.) Most viruses that the vaccines prevent have far higher probabilities of death or severe life changing side effects. In regards to the scientific word definition changes introduced during the Covid pandemic, using the statistics and the findings of immuniation in the scientific reports will help. An example for someone with Polio is Roosevelt in the US. That is a good vaccine to start with. Smallpox is good also, but the pitfall with the smallpox vaccines is that they used to also innoculate against monkeypox. Around 30 years ago they took out the monkeypox part to make them cheaper. So look for pitfalls too.

  12. it's rather dumb, they send people with no papers so they can make extra money without having to wait for screening check and all...

  13. This is illegal and exactly how terrorists get through. Report it now. You could also be hit by tax due to "your" extra income.

  14. It was edited on August 31st to include this information that has no citation:

  15. If that editor had only touched 2 pages he would not have the number of changes to edit pages yet. Therefore he is getting around the system somehow....

  16. Don't forget chemical attacks. Throwing bleach and acid in people's faces is often done.

  17. Netherlands is about to feel it starting next week. My bill is already up from 2400 a year to 3600.

  18. Female, but she’s yelling and when she goes out the cage she goes on my head

  19. I wouldn't have said heart wings. If you look from behind they will look like a heart shape. They would also be raised a lot higher. And being female, I wouldn't expect to see them.

  20. COVID-19 vaccination causes a more predictable immune response than infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine gives most people a high level of protection against COVID-19 and can provide added protection for people who already had COVID-19. One study showed that, for people who already had COVID-19, those who do not get vaccinated after their recovery are more than 2 times as likely to get COVID-19 again than those who get fully vaccinated after their recovery.

  21. You missed the part about the protection/efficacy dropping to 0 within 12 months. You missed the part where between 1 in 5000 and 1 in 250 people receive a life altering side effect. Figures are from Germany and UK respectively. You missed the part where the FDA admitted that it fell below 50% efficacy too quickly and had the data not been hidden it would not have been approved. You missed the part where Moderna knew the 4 week gap greatly increased tissue damage and had the data showing 8 weeks was 1000 times safer but didn't inform the medical services. The list goes on and on.

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