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  1. It's pretty close to 100% for Wessenica. It's not a unique thing though, it is just how language evolves in real usage. It's similar how nobody fully pronounces the show Saturday Night Live. It's more Saturday nigh live. It's just a natural thing people do to smooth out words without losing their meaning.

  2. I kind of am too as I'd have liked to see more about what happens to everyone in the future, much like Six Feet Under.

  3. Nobody is living up to the SFU finale. I suppose they could havr just ripped the idea off completely. I think open ended was the way to go.

  4. I sort of agree, but it was basically just to wrap things up while leaving lots open as far as their lives. Unless they wanted to directly ripoff Six Feet Under and show the rest of all the characters lives at the end.

  5. Stop trying to change what is unique about the game. One of the best parts of baseball is the difference stadiums and field dimensions and the strategies that go with it.

  6. Remember when they said that after "Hardwired" we'd see them put out albums more frequently?

  7. I'm glad they don't. I'm fine with their album cycles. The only downside is the lack of full tours. There is anticipation and excitement for their albums, which probably would not be the same if a new one came out every 2-3 years or whatever.

  8. Had it recorded VHS tape. My brother and I must have watched it 100s of times.

  9. I see that school security is the current talking point in the wake of this attack. All kids will be issued vests and a pistol for now on, in the name of safety.

  10. Still mind boggling that GM got rid of Pontiac and kept Buick around.

  11. I thought it was underwhelming, but st the same time exactly what should have been expected. I'm glad they just vaugly hinted at Randall running for President and not just flashing forward to him being president or something. I watched every episode and I still can't decide if it was a good show. I don't think it hit prestige television rankings. I think it was an above average network show.

  12. I’m a bit weary of these replies that keep flooding in (or more accurately, having to use brain cells to respond), so I’m changing this comment:

  13. What a horse shit point. There are numerous ways people who are being reasonably safe can still get an unwanted pregnancy and expecting large portions of the population to abstain to avoid abortions is ridiculous. Should everyone abstain from driving to avoid crashes, never eat to avoid choking. Your dumb argument comes from a premise where everyone is being irresponsible and getting pregnant and having abortions as some kind of hobby when in the vast majority of situations that is not the case.

  14. It's "you don't say?" right? OP is fucking with us. Or have I been saying it wrong my whole life?

  15. It definitely is. OP making up his own saying.

  16. In England, that is a pretty common phrase, I've heard it said already once today and it's just lunch time. 'For fucks sake' might not always be put with the word pal, sometimes it would be put with the word dickhead or wanker. Such eloquence.

  17. It's a common phrase in all English speaking countries as far as I know.

  18. A family friend when I was a kid would use those, but not add any sugar. Vaugly flavored water.

  19. My mom would not let me get any Bart March that had his "I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?" catch phrase. Had to get a different shirt and hat. My hat was eventually stolen though. Sad times.

  20. Unless something changed, they would be getting half the money at the XFL, which more than likely will fail either way.

  21. lol I love how some of y'all are just "burn the thing to the ground" already

  22. Unfortunately Reddit or anywhere on the internet is not the place for rational responses.

  23. It wasn't coming back to retail. I think they said just a limited supply for a sweepstakes and it either already passed or never happened. Either way it won't be coming to a store near you anytime soon.



  26. You can't lock someone up in rehab, if they are there voluntarily. He escaped and nobody really knew where he was. The house he went to, they had only owned for a few months, so I'm not sure anyone would have looked there before he did it. The electrician who found him certainly thought nobody would be there.

  27. that's what I don't get. why didn't they put him somewhere involuntarily? that's clearly what he needed. but then again, he didn't want help. so not sure if it would have done any good

  28. It's hard to do and there is a process involved. Not many in his circle who could have petitioned for such a thing, were probably not motivated or capable to do that.

  29. I have never once used "LOL" even back in my AOL chat days. I always went with "haha" or later possibly using an emoji.

  30. It's called that because the street names are named after fruit. The Lakawanna police station is close and Curly's is a great Caribbean restaurant. You will be fine. Also don't forget to visit the Basillica

  31. I'm not any of those categories you listed, but if you relate to this guy, you probably are also a really shitty parent.

  32. There was a 25-26 year age gap between the parents in this movie. Charles Grodin was born in 1935 and Bonnie Hunt in 1961. Not sure if they were playing a couple more closely in age.

  33. Don Stevens, he’s the amerks PxP. I wouldn’t be opposed to him becoming the new voice of the Sabres but it won’t happen. Suzie Cool on the color commentary.

  34. Don Stevens is awful though. He barely knows what's going on most of the time.

  35. Don Stevens has been incredible for decades. I'm convinced you typed the wrong name or something.

  36. No, I know who I'm talking about and I'd have to disagree. Maybe he was better years ago, but nowadays he's pretty out of it. He misses a ton, from watching the broadcasts. Not to mention the gross sounds he makes during breaks. I know many Amerks season tix holders and they all agree he is not that great.

  37. I've watch them, but I still haven't decided if I like them or not. He's a strange dude.

  38. In the US, yeah maybe, in most western Europe countries if you quit your job without notice, you'll lose the claim to unemployment benefit and, worse, if you apply for another job, the possible boss will call your old boss and hearing that, you'll probably won't get the job. Worst case scenario you'll even get sued for breaking contract.

  39. You don't generally get Unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit in the US. In most stares, unless you are under contract, jobs are at will. Meaning you can be fired at anytime, for anything other than a protected class and you can quit at any time with or without notice.

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