1. This is something I have missed completely. I see in the comments that he is a raider in nuka world and I always exterminate them all as quick as possible.

  2. He should just play his guitar and shut up...

  3. Jag har ingen aning om vem du är eller vad du brukar skriva om. Investeringar är dock alltid individens ansvar. Även om personen ifråga har hoppat på en ide du haft så är det inte du som trycker på köpknappen. Ingen kan se in i framtiden och saker kan alltid (oftast) gå annorlunda än vad som var planerat. Antingen tar man smällarna som dom kommer och lär sig av sina misstag eller så håller man sig till sparkontot med 0,25% ränta.

  4. I like the whole first side of it. Juniors Eyes, Hard Road, Never Say Die & Johnny Blade. The B-side never made much of an impression on me though.

  5. Oh no no no! I'm from Spain and a bad cortado could get you into trouble, haha! I'm just kidding.

  6. You will get your revenge and develop a new skill at the same time. A double win for you.

  7. Good luck! There is never a reason to take shit from a business as long as there are other ways. They are very, very replaceable...

  8. I hope the rest of February will be worse for them.

  9. Hmmm... "Who is" not "Who was", so two of them are dead, two left the band which logically gives me only two options. Mr Jagger or Mr Richards. I know neither of them but I think I will vote for Mr Richards since he seemed like a nice guy in his auto biography.

  10. I have heard that chaff makes no real difference when it comes to taste. After a roast I usually dump the beans into a stainless collinder and hold the vacuum cleaner below it. While I cool down the beans with the help of the airflow the vacuum cleaner also takes care of any loose chaff.

  11. This is such a beautiful model. I really like it but don't own it. Yet...

  12. My go to white rum is Havana Club 3yo. There are of course nice ones from Jamaica and Martinique also if you want to spend a little bit more.

  13. I don't buy any game at all the first 2-3 years after release. They are usually an over priced buggy mess. Maybe I will take a look at this in 4-5 years when it costs $10.

  14. Albino rad scorpions for me. They are bullet sponges.

  15. I would quit if a game didn't let me pause. If there is not a sane save system I will also dump the game. I have a real life that needs higher priority than the games I play.

  16. All the immortal creatures in Fallout 4. I put 200 bullets in the Red Rocket dog and it still survived. I emptied my chaingun and all ammo for it in the people at the top floor of the museum of liberty and they all survived. I like how Morrowind handled essential characters. It just told me I fucked up the story beyond all repair and let me continue if I wanted to.

  17. Note to all those watching: This is NOT from deus ex. It's actually from the STALKER official twitter post today.

  18. Tried to do it once, probably f'ed it up, but tasted awful Afraid that it will explode, lol

  19. I have heard that too much heat will make the coffee worse. I have a Bialetti Elletric at work. Since it has its own heating I don't have to think of heat management. It has been a bit of hit and miss so far for me.

  20. This actually sounds interesting. Would it be able to run LibreOffice, Steam etc?

  21. LibreOffice yes, Steam no. The problem lies in it using Musl libc, just as Alpine Linux. It's perfectly fine for open-source software which can just get recompiled against it, but Steam is proprietary and compiled against glibc by Valve. Without glibc, it won't run. I'm assuming Chimera can run Flatpak though which makes it easy to run anyway.

  22. Thank you! I will let it mature a bit and wait until it can run KDE at least. I have decided to go with OpenSuse for now but Chimera sounds interesting.

  23. Is that a trick question? One of those that are impossible to answer...

  24. Definitely give TE a chance... but don't go in expecting classic sabbath. It is more of an experimental Hard Rock record. I recently gave it a thorough listen and found myself getting lost in Tony's leads. I don't care for the ballad tracks but my personal favs are You Won't Change Me and Gyspsy - such amazing composition. Then tracks like All Moving Parts, Back Street Kids and Dirty Women give some classic sabbath feel while pushing newer sounds. A seriously underrated album!

  25. I need to give this one a proper listening. It was always known as the shitty one when I grew up so I never bothered with it.

  26. 56 yo. Been using fountain pens on and off for 40 years. Mostly the last 10-15 years though.

  27. When the war ends and Russian military is a pile of twisted metal, it will be rebuilt. More beautiful and more glorious then ever.

  28. Isn't it better to start with a new design instead of repeating what was done 30 years ago?

  29. Why fix something that ain't broke? If it does what it was designed for and does it well, why make a new design that'll most likely be costly in R&D?

  30. With modern technology I imagine that you could get a plane with better fuel economy and range with the same capacity. Maybe even shorter take off... That sounds like a wiser move to me. That depends on how complete the second plane is. If it is almost complete it is of course better to finish it.

  31. My question is how easy is it to just continue building an air frame from the 80s that's been sitting around for decades.

  32. Maybe it is better to start over and build something modern instead of trying to revive a 40 year old design.

  33. So many to choose from... Mirrorball or The Hitch hiker maybe. Or maybe Time Fades Away...

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