1. When people say that, their meaning of racism is different. In the context of that phrase, racism refers to a more systemic idea, not bigotry.

  2. Pretty much any time I see a sub name start with "True" or "Actual", I know exactly what kind of shithole it's going to be.

  3. or "good" if it's the name of another sub (looking at you, goodanimemes)

  4. !remindme 2y if you're still gonna be a white nationalist. you're clearly like 12 so good luck on getting out of the alt right pipeline

  5. I've got idiots complaining about groomers. Yeah, that place is a cesspool I'm never visiting again.

  6. Under the "alphabet tribe" comment they somehow blame the subreddit getting banned on trans people

  7. That was also my interpretation. He's basically saying that just because she used her powers once, doesn't mean they're fully back.

  8. I started doing that involuntarily because I dont like using my other hand to crack my fingers

  9. Don’t peta kill like 80% of their “sheltered” animals.

  10. idk if it's exactly 80% but yeah, they say that it's just animals that will never find a home but they just decide that on a whim

  11. I remember the double rainbow guy. I miss him. He was the positivity that kept me going.

  12. for fun? it looks like the type you'd get to go to a range

  13. Maybe not, but in all the uncertainty I understand people wanting to distance Chris from the trans label.

  14. Distancing cwc from the trans label doesn't mean "disrespect their identity" it means "Don't accept them as a member of the community on grounds of the fact they're a sex offender" and "don't blame what they did on trans people as a whole"

  15. But we can't really know if that is truly their identity. They are pretty fundamentally an unreliable narrator.

  16. You can say this about literally every single trans person who is mentally unwell. It's the same argument that transphobes make about deciding who is and is not allowed to transition. Until there is hard proof that she isn't trans, respect her identity.

  17. Okay I see a lot of comments tearing into this person but like, I think they might have a point.

  18. yeah... everybody needs to be educated on intersectionality in particular

  19. yeah white trans and gay people need to understand that intersectionality exists but it should still be noted that being a part of the trans community absolutely strips many of the rights away that you would have had were you to just be a cis white person

  20. fun fact: trans women have a pay of smth like 60% of what cis men have

  21. That’s total across the board, not counting factors like years worked, field of work etc. it’s illegal in America to pay two workers with equal experience at the same position different wages (equal pay act of 1963), but wage gap calculations do not account for other factors. That’s why the woman’s wage gap can range from 70% to 90%, because they can calculate the ratio differently based off these factors.

  22. I might've missed something but where exactly was anyone talking about torrents?

  23. Surely you don't think that's the only thing VPNs are used for? OP never said a single thing about torrents so that's totally irrelevant

  24. another less recognized group are radfems who claim to not be transphobic then spout gender essentialist ideology

  25. I don't even understand what the point human pet guy was trying to make was. Like I cannot figure out how what he said fits into the survivorship bias. Am I just tired or does it actually not make any sense.

  26. He is quite literally only proving the point of the OP

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