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  1. Just out of curiosity have you read the works presented by these religions?

  2. I’m not from America but can you explain why it’s bad?

  3. Hagaromo would be weaker than kaguya. Naruto + sauske are just him but with more power.

  4. Bruh Hagaromo is at LEAST 4x stronger than Naruto and sauske if he gave sauske one reni-sharingan he has two+ third eye, Naruto had nine tails the sage had 10 tails, if Naruto and sauske managed to seal kagyua then Prime Hagaromo could do it too and not to mention the sage still managed to have enough chakra to come in the world of living after giving “all” his powers to Naruto and sauske

  5. Hagoromo in his prime needed Hamura’s help to seal Kaguya. When Madara became the juubi jinchuuriki Hagoromo says that Madara’s power is nearing his own, and Kaguya was proven to be twice as powerful as six paths Madara

  6. Bro the sage wasn’t in his prime, he became the 10 tails jincuuriki after defeating kaguya…..

  7. Yes I hate boruto as a whole . Don’t take it the wrong way boruto had potential and has some good parts .

  8. Not to mention the design of adult Naruto is so mid and Bayreon mode was supposed to be Naruto’s ultimate form but it just sucked visually. Compare that to gokus ultimate form of ultra instinct which looks so badass.

  9. This is because The Pentateuch has been translated about a dozen times. When The Prophet Mohammed read it the text had gone from Hebrew to Greek then Greek to Arabic.

  10. You cant expect to be taken seriously if your information is wrong. If you studied the life of the Prophet Muhammed for even a little bit you would have known he was completely illiterate, your saying he translated from a different language but he did not even know how to read or write in his native language of Arabic.

  11. Of course he was illiterate, and he had the text read to him.

  12. have you ever heard the Quran? The verses are so meticulously constructed with constant rhymes while also getting the point across. It is impossible for a person to construct something like this considering his inability to read especially since it's over 600 pages. And the Quran was revealed over 23 years with tens of thousands of companions who saw the prophet it would be impossible for a person to make stuff up without others finding out.

  13. Basically. Birth rate is collapsing around the world because people know in their bones what’s coming, so the profiteers are trying every lever they have to get the monster running again

  14. Only in the west Japan and Europe everywhere else is fine

  15. My plan? To kill myself when I am no longer able to care for myself. Hopefully, I won’t get Alzheimer’s first. I am serious.

  16. Have you reached a point in your life where your existence is so meaningless that you plan to kill yourself at any inconvenience?

  17. Boruto doesn’t even come close to this suspense

  18. Is it worth watching tho? From what I heard it seems like it just kinda ruins the naruto series in a way

  19. Nah bro don’t waste your time, I stopped watching since the episodes are 90% Filler and the manga episodes aren’t even that good, it’s literally a show meant to be appealing to kids

  20. Why are you defending them tho?

  21. And Boruto & Sarada are the nerfed versions

  22. Sasuke is the Kakashi of Boruto, just here to get his ass kicked so we can see how powerful the new enemy is

  23. to be fair to Kakashi he got some nice powerups and the fight with Obito

  24. I don't belive our lives have any real cosmic meaning. But being able to see shit like this really let's you see that whatever the fuck is going on it's truly beautiful and amazing

  25. Doesn’t seeing something like this ever make you think maybe just for a moment that intelligent design could be responsible?

  26. They animate it well but they don’t show the attack…..

  27. I’ve heard people online saying it is regrading c-section but the Hadith says “discarded” so it more likely abortion

  28. Stay strong, I failed some of my final exams in high school and I thought I would have to take a gap year before going to university but Alhumdulilah things just worked out and I was able to retake them over the summer and get into university in the fall

  29. No one is blaming anyone. In plain text it says to kill non believers. Don’t really have any more arguments.

  30. Can you provide the verse please? DM me if it’s too long

  31. then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful."

  32. I told you to read the verse before and you didn’t.

  33. The prophet (saw) ate meat very rarely. Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA) compared the addictiveness of meat to alcohol and scolded someone for eating it too often. There is nothing in meat that you can’t find nutritionally elsewhere until you are somewhere where there are halal options available.

  34. The first part can you provide some source of the prophet rarely eating meat?

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