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  1. Thank you so so much for helping us out 🙏🙏

  2. Same, haha my mind went ???? Living beings??? wasn’t showing that there were more pictures at first lol

  3. This seems like flea/tick bites, we had rescued a dog infested with fleas and he had the same marks on his belly. I'd give him a nice bath and if necessary give him a medicated flea bath.

  4. Some girl found him on a street and immediately contacted us and we were able to rescue him asap. Although even after rigorous searching we weren't able to find the mother or his siblings, he does seem to be in perfect shape and had his eyes opened.

  5. Thank to all of you who pitched in we were able to spay 2 female and neuter 1 male cat yesterday. They are now under our care for 4-7 days after which their stiches will be removed and they will be released back into their territories.

  6. Please hug chulbul for me. Lots of hugs and treats for that sweet baby! 🦴

  7. Bless this baby as she heals and may she get all the love and treats she can handle ♥️♥️. Thank you for being there for her and loving her

  8. Thank you for the appreciation and kind words❤️

  9. Wish I could, I’m already in a rescue group. We have a few cat cafes and thrift shops in town that offer to pay for spay/neuters maybe your area has something?

  10. We are the only ones working for tnr of cats here in Raipur, India and people here seem to neglect cats a lot💔 so such cafes or stores are never an option for such a program.

  11. WOW, those are really good rates, better than our rescue. Where are you located?

  12. We are from India and ik compared to countries like US are rates are far cheaper😇

  13. Final update guys, the kitty has passed away :( more info on this post I made, thank you all for your support <3

  14. A little advice if you have any local ngos try to find a mother who is lactating, there's a good chance of hee accepting this littlw fellow although you will have to be vigilant and take extreme care when introducing both of them.

  15. I salute you for being such a kind human, this beautiful girl looks so close to my own cat it’s unreal, i will pray for her recovery and hope she gets a loving home that she needs. Are you keeping her? she looks happy with you. Give her lots of rubs and attention from me 😻

  16. Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers for Akira. And yes, she is with us and if she doesn't make a full recovery, we'll be adopting her as our own♥️

  17. So these 4 dogs, 3 females and 1 male have been sent for sterilisation today, it was tough to catch the two of them. But thankfully with the help of the dog catchers we got em.

  18. The back looks SO much better! I am sure you're very happy to see the improvement.

  19. Yes it was amazing how fast she recovered, its as if she never felt the pain♥️😭

  20. Thank you, sorry it took me a couple days to respond back. I was talking about the cauliflower looking tumor by her leg. It looked just like the one that was on my parents poodle.. I mean exactly. It’s the first time I’ve seen one like it. I hope the chemo heals your baby ❤️ It takes a special type of person to do what you are doing. I wish there were more people like you.

  21. Yes that's the one that was operated the day we posted the post. It was quite an easy and quick surgery, she was in and out in 30-40 minutes. I'm sorry for what happened with your poodle but again this is cancer we are talking about if it isn't one thing it is another. Thank you for the kind words🙏🙏

  22. Thank you for responding, I knew it was cancer on her and even pointed it out to the vet. It went from the size of a marble to being as large as the one on your dog within a little over a year. I don’t think the vet wanted to fool with her because of her age. I wish the best for your baby ❤️

  23. Yes sometimes the best thing that we can do for them if you love them and provide them comfort as much as we can. I hope you spread your love like this with every dog that comes over. Thank you ❤️🙏

  24. Hey so first of all where did you find them? It's not unusual to find kittens lying around since mother cat has to go and eat. If you found them from a place well hidden and protected then definitely go and check for the mother cat or do this, it takes a lot of effort and time but if the momma cat is around, it'd be the best thing for the kittens. Try to find Heating pad and place the kittens exactly where you found them along with the Heating pad you have to cover the Heating pad with a thin cloth so that the kittens body is not directly in contact with the heating bad and you will have to feed them every 1 hour you can also try keeping some cat food near the cat so that if the mama cat comes and eat it you can be sure that there is a mama cat. Now is talking about food and how to feed them you will probably need A syringe or a small nipple feeding bottle you can find it easily on Amazon or in your local pet shops the nipple of these feeding bottles are very very thin almost thinner than that of the straw that we use. If you cannot find the feeding bottle then dry feeding them with syringe.

  25. If OP has local Hindu temples, that might be a solution. When I lived in Thailand (and yes, Buddhism has a different belief system), cats would be cared for, or at least tolerated, on the temple grounds.

  26. Nope doesn't work that way here, it's said that if a cat crosses your path and then you cross it, its bad luck😂 that's how the faith goes here. And as op suggested, indie cats are loved by only a very few.

  27. Amazing job on the rescue, although one question 41/2 yr, how much is that, i assume it isn't 41 and a half years

  28. I'd suggest sending it to ngos in kerala for better reach. It's bloody difficult to find genuine adopters here in India, it sucks but just give it your best shot. Hopefully these little ones can find an amazing home soon.

  29. Hello she passed away this morning, kindly dm us your PayPal so that we can send the money back.

  30. The prednisolone is a steroid. That's good. I found the link, thank you.

  31. Thank you didn't know that it was a steroid. And sadly she passed away this morning, kindly dm us your PayPal so that we can send the money back.

  32. Why would you even post this?

  33. Because its real life, i lost my dog almost a year ago and seeing this brought me back and I saw my dog in this dog, they have the same eyes and you can see their pain and i feel that this dog is in a much better place now, out of pain but full of love its hard to watch but its reality unfortunately

  34. I would put the dog down sadly, sad to see an animal in this condition

  35. We too are trying our best to do so 🥺

  36. I pray whoever beat this innocent baby lives a life of agony and terror. I pray he gets what he deserves.

  37. Yes, we are looking into putting her to sleep🥺

  38. I'm not op, I just hate to see good intentioned people, who did help the injured animal in a timely manner, being attacked for no good reason. Since reading comprehension clearly isn't your strong point, I'll note that OPs response to you mentioned they were waiting for a plan to come together, and likely the rest of their team to get prepared, before collecting the animal. You don't know what kind of diseases may be carried by a street dog, it'd be reckless and dangerous for OP to just scoop the dog up in their arms right away without making a plan first. Even the friendliest animals can snap during times of distress, and rescues need to follow whatever protocols they have in place for their own safety. It seems obvious to me that OP was recording during a window where they could not do much more than that. Between sitting and doing nothing, vs recording a video that could be used to help the situation in whatever way, there's no reason to choose doing nothing. Their recording and posting a video online didn't affect the animal negatively in any way under these circumstances.

  39. Thank you so much for this and the previous comment, i believe the original person has deleted their comment. And as you said we were planning out the rescue to ensure both our safety and carefully picking her up as to cause no further pain.

  40. She reminds me of my little girl. Please send updates!

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