1. I love this so much 🥹 Cannot wait to see an update a month or so from now, hopefully this somewhat feisty feral boy will melt into a roly-poly bundle of love.

  2. Get better Casper, you’re in good hands. Thank you for helping this kitty.

  3. Would be more comfortable donating directly to the clinic or hospital that is caring for him. Is that possible?

  4. Unfortunately that's not possible, we don't live in a metro and hence deal in cash here, we are probably one of the few who have paypal here. Anyways the amount was successfully raised.

  5. All the dogs have been sterilised and released back, thank you for all the support❤️

  6. We have caught these dogs from the outskirts of our city and are trying to raise 60$ for their sterilisation, there are 2 females and 1 male. If you wish to come forward and donate please use the link below. We are lacking funds and have to pay for the past 3 surgeries, so please come forward❤️

  7. Received it thank you so much ❤️

  8. This handsome boy met with an accident a few years back and we had to amputate both his hind legs. Despite that he walks and runs and is living a happy life in the shelter. We want to get him sterilised asap since he howls and tries to grab any female dog around him. We have talked to our vet and he will sterilise him this week for which we are trying to raise 70$.

  9. God bless you- please try to give them safe homes!!!!!

  10. Yes will post their adoption story soon

  11. Bless you & bless those beautiful babies. So many reasons to spay/neuter, all of them good!

  12. So all these kitties were successfully sterilised with all your help, they are under our care till their stiches are removed. Out of 120$ we were able to raise 90$, if you wish to help us and cover the remaining bills please do come forward❤️

  13. Also, donated $20 for those two sweethearts. ❤️

  14. We got it, thank you so much for pitching in ❤️

  15. You’re welcome. And THANK YOU for all that you do.

  16. They're lucky to have someone who cared enough to do that. I am broke and debt ridden so i can't help with donation but i hope to someday. Just want to appreciate.

  17. Thank you so much for the kind words and appreciation. We hope that everything gets sorted with you too very soon😊❤️

  18. We have caught 3 more cats to be sterilised tomorrow. There are 2 females and 1 male amongst them. We are trying to raise a total of 120$ for their sterilisation.

  19. aaa the fourth one looks exactly like my cat!

  20. Any more photos of after surgery where we can know that the surgery was actually done,

  21. Hello, we have updated after surgery photos.

  22. Thank you so much fkr your kind words, we have updated after surgery photos.

  23. Awwwww - she looks like a beautiful sweet girl. Thank god she’s on the road to recovery ❤️‍🩹

  24. Oh she is sooo cute! I love her!! Best of luck to her as she is undergoing chemo! She looks like she is a such a good girl!! Hugs!!🥰💕🦴

  25. Oh yes, she is very gullible and sweet

  26. They are part of our tnr program so they will be released back. But these cats are semi strays, that is they have people who take care of them in their localities

  27. This is one reason it's good to get pups spayed/neutered at an early age. One less place to get cancer.

  28. Actually this is a little incorrect as far as i remember, sterilising them can help fight cancer in ovaries, uterus and testes. This is penile cancer.

  29. We are sterilising these 3 cats under our TNR program. Their surgery is scheduled for Tomorrow and we need to raise 120$ for their surgery, which includes their post operative care as well. Two of these cats are females and one is male.

  30. Thank you so so much for donating the remainder, we are forever grateful🙏❤️

  31. Hey if you are in the San Diego area I can put your dog on my plan and I get a 70% discount at all VCA hospitals. If you are interested message me.

  32. That's amazing but sadly we are in India, and we received your donation, thank you so so much

  33. You’re a noble man, my friend! Much respect.

  34. I'm not alone doing this, me and my fiancee are doing this together😊

  35. I buy dragon eye strings for myself. Been using them for almost 5 years now. The punch and control are good

  36. I got the double bags of dog food, as well as the wet cat and dog foods. I tried to send you the litter but Amazon says it is undeliverable to that address. Sorry! Good luck, and thank you for all you do!!

  37. Hey yes sorry for the really latw reply but we have got everything today, we can't thank you enough for all the help. All of our dogs and cats and us are truly grateful❤️❤️

  38. We have alnzot run of all fhe dog food that we have right now, we only have 2-3 days worth of dog food left and with the other rescues and vaccinations of puppies we are completely drained. Dog food is an essential part of our sterilisation program since we use if to befriend dogs and also feed malnourished dogs into being healthy.

  39. Even after getting all the necessary vaccines and post bite anti rabies injection. Panda still got rabies, suddenly she stopped eating and started howling/crying which led us to take her to the vet where rabeis was suspected. Eventually our vet confirmed it was rabies and with a heavy heart we put her down before she suffered more. We have been taking our time off due to all of this and hence didn't post an update. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped us in saving panda's life.

  40. This boy has a big penile tumour and our vet says he needs about 5-6 chemos after which he'll be all fit. Each chemo is costing us 20$ and we are trying to raise 120$ which will cover his chemo, supplements and transportation costs.

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