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  1. I personally love Load/Reload. Carpe Diem Baby is such a banger.

  2. Have you ever compared one of these to an older McCarty with their traditional wrap around bridge? I've always been curious how they felt and sounded after switching to a stop bar tail piece.

  3. No I really wish I could to compare myself. I was open to try a standard MCCarty before buying the purple one but that one just really called to me. I used to play a lot of Les Pauls though and can say that the 594’s give me aN LP feel but without the headaches that come with an LP.

  4. Thanks! They were bought years apart. I bought the charcoal one first and it quickly became my favorite guitar. I used to have a few les pauls too but got over their weight and just favored the PRS a lot more. So this year I decided to sell the rest of my LP's with the intention of getting another PRS. I wasn't exactly looking for another 594 but I fell in love with the purple one the second I saw the listing. I do keep them in different tunings too.

  5. Thanks everyone! I got super ripped off this last night and knocked tf out lol. Appreciate all the kind words and I definitely recommend this to anyone considering one.

  6. Ayeeee!!!! I have one in matte black too. She never lets me down, hehehheh! 🤘🏾🚀

  7. It’s beautiful and it gets me fucking ripped. Best purchase I’ve ever made

  8. The black is so much nicer than the original not worth a whole new machine though

  9. I had a regular classic for about 6 years but broke it trying to replace the buttons myself 🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. The little Line 6 multi FX right of the DL4; consider upgrading that to a HX FX. Has all the legacy FX and then all the new ones on top, the plugin version has replaced almost all my other FXs.

  11. I've heard great things about the entire HX line but didn't know that they included the legacy fx too. That's bad ass. I'll definitely look into them.

  12. So when are you going to use your money-in-the-bank ladder match contract? I assume you have a plan.

  13. Lol I’m just waiting for the perfect time to cash in. Really though I use it store some extra cables and mics. I always make cash in jokes when I have to grab that stuff

  14. This happened to me a few weeks ago. Super frustrating. I just came back to it another time and it worked fine then

  15. I remember this ad so well! I was so sad that I missed out on the gold cartridge.

  16. Yo, what'd you replace? What parts did you use?

  17. The body was routed for HSH so I just switched the pickguard with an HH pickguard and wired it with a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set in powder coat covers. I also swapped the neck with a modern C oversized headstock neck. Then I threw in some locking tuners for good measure. Loving how it feels and plays so far.

  18. So you kept the body, bridge and tone and volume controls and replaced everything else?

  19. Yeah and kept most of the hardware too lol. I didn’t plan on replacing the neck but I didn’t like the flat feel of the original. So I bought a new authentic online, swapped it out, sold the original and the problem was solved.

  20. Yes with fast paced first person shooters. But with an RPG I can get really high and just mindlessly grind for hours

  21. I just rewatched every raw, smackdown and ppv from 1999 on peacock. They’re definitely there.

  22. The hell on the cell match used to just be on regular named ppvs. So for some of the first cell matches you need to watch the shows Bad Blood 97, King of the Ring 98 and No Way Out 2000 just to name a few

  23. The amount of people that know nothing about dog psychology or their body language is frightening.

  24. Count me as one of those people. What gave off the impression that it was mad and about to attack?

  25. Yeah the wandering eyes, no tail wag and they looked a little tense. Plus a lot of dogs aren’t comfortable with small children and have to be introduced slowly and with a lot of caution.

  26. The cognitive disodence is strong with this one. "Abortion is the only way to have sex and not have kids" WTF is wrong with you people.

  27. Just admit that you’re this way cause women never wanted you and move on.

  28. I have two kids and have been married for 6 years. Why would the value of babies lives change if I was a virgin?

  29. Your emphasis on the slutty behavior. Also being married doesn’t mean much. You could have put a ring on the first gargoyle that came home with you.

  30. I got the faded whale blue 594, I love all my guitars but when I pick that one up I'm always reminded, oh- THIS is THE guitar

  31. Agreed! They just feel and play perfectly. Totally worth it.

  32. Volcano for desktop or Mighty for portable imo

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