1. Any update on hearing from them? Hope so. That sure looks good.

  2. I made up some oblates late last night and one choice was green big bang. Haven't tried it enough yet. I also have PMD1 and 2 because couldn't decide which one.

  3. Lol then why even comment if you don't have a thing to say, or even know the thing existed? Porqqquuue

  4. Kratom tastes like nothing else but feels like heaven sent.

  5. Mit% is 0.85% and 7oh is 0.005 it hits so quick is what I love about it and lasted like 3 or 4hrs and I've been taking kratom for 7yrs this was only the 3rd time I tried a white borneo!

  6. I don't think it's been studied much at all, all the focus of studies has been on the alkaloids and their effects, but I have to believe it's high in some nutrients, vitamins and minerals, like most plants.

  7. Many are the opposite, kratom causes appetite loss for some but also increases it for others.

  8. Yes they do, you choose other at checkout and they send an invoice. I paid by CC when I ordered

  9. Why don't you want it and why such a low price? Implies it didn't work for you?

  10. Nope has nothing to do with that. I don't want anything that I haven't seen labs for, so it's been sitting on a shelf. I'm OCD. I'm sure it's safe though because everyone's already had that batch and I haven't heard of anyone sick on their Facebook group. Cheap because I want to get rid of it and help some at the same time. I'd rather get a couple bucks and help someone then throw it away. If you're not interested that's fine, but you keep responding if your not interested just to tell me im wrong. Be gone! No good deed goes unpunished.

  11. You're just reading way too into things, never said you don't know how to store it, only said in general if stored properly it won't deteriorate

  12. Wow, she seemed so well spoken & kind,… regardless can’t deliver to 🇨🇦 anyways !!! … Just tried to place an order with Dragon!s Den for a second time and now I’m afraid my bank card is blocked after the site was red flagged the first time,… I’ll be so pissed if it has, cuZ I’m just beginning my cyber Monday online purchases 😠…

  13. I tried the Green Malay this evening, excellent! My sample pack was that, Red Bali and White Borneo and I added a Yellow Sunda, and they gave me 250g of White Java.

  14. You want a strain with a high concentration of 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Speciociliatine, and Speciogynine Pseudoindoxyl. So more mature Red strains or anything that goes through a fermentation process is what you want. Red Bentuangie is my favorite strain for anxiety and sedation, it comes on fast and lasts a long time (4-6 hrs). Other great options are Red Sunda, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Gold Bali, and Gold Bentuangie. There are also triple fermented strains that are brown or black, sometimes called chocolate. They tend to be extremely sedating and have a long duration of effects (6+ hrs). I get this Black Elephant from a farmer in Indonesia who is our main supplier for our shop. That (along with other plant medicines) will put me out, and I have severe chronic insomnia.

  15. Thanks for this. I just watched a YouTube video last night that mentions many of these herbs for anxiety by Botanical Queens. I'll look for it and add the link here. Need to try some of these. I wonder how any of them interact with kratom or each other.

  16. Oblate discs! I got 200 from amazon for less than $10 and they are so much easier than filling capsules. Theres tons of videos on how to fill them and take them too! I found those helpful. You could pre fill them, seal them and put them in a sandwich baggie to take on the go

  17. I got mini plastic Tupperware-like containers and condiment containers at Dollar Tree, protects them better than a baggie in my purse.

  18. Let us know how you like it. So far I've tried the Green Malay and Yellow Sunda and enjoyed both

  19. Bennis and Herbal RVA are working the best for me right now. Both have some excellent greens and lab tests for each batch on their website. I would also keep an eye out for Down To Earth Botanicals, they’re sold out of most things right now but should get a restock soon. New vendor but the guys been around awhile and knows his stuff, really good kratom so far

  20. Was thinking Benni's too 😉 and I'm really surprised how good Nova is, wonder how long their 50% off lasts

  21. Is the code on their site? That's a hard one to remember and wonder why they chose 26%

  22. They remind me of MitraMike. They excel in extracts but have mediocre powder. It's good powder for sure but it's not like philly or dragons den powder.

  23. Kratom keeps me awake no matter what strain it is. There's an herb called mulungu that helps me a lot. I buy a 2:1 mulungu extract and it helps me fall asleep fast.

  24. Got some from WG and haven't tried it yet. Do you mix it in anything?

  25. Thank u for this. Now when my order comes...i know what to do next time. Thank u for telling me this and I'm sure I won't like every strain I got. So! If I find 16 that I do like..now I'll know what to do. Hugs. Much appreciated

  26. That's how Benni's works too. Best deal is split kilos cuz you get a discount but you can split it 10 ways.

  27. Well I went ahead n spent almost 200 bucks last night I got like 20ish strains to try only an oz of each.so we will see. Very excited.i also ordered everything at gulf coast..10 strains. Looks like most of their stuff is fast tho which im not a fan of. But oh well.... I hope I end up liking what I got I also got some kava and a few kratom oz from northeast botanicals. ..and I'm thinking of trying all natural artisan and getting some more extract at wonderland... But I need to save my money. Ahhh. God I dunno if I'm addicted to kratom or addicted to buying it. Lol lol

  28. I was really surprised by Beckys Blend, I asked for a sample of it with my last order.. I’m usually not the biggest brown/red fan very few work for me. This is my favorite by far, I agree it’s a good mix of red/green effects

  29. If you got a free sample you're lucky, they used to offer one if you spent a certain amount and you could choose it in the notes but last I heard they did away with that.

  30. I never tried Hush. I'm back to only powder these days except very rarely. I have some Tusk still though

  31. I had that happen to me with a different company that was very popular on Facebook, disappointing, but never tried MBC which I heard is sub par bulk

  32. I tried it for 1st time this evening, just 2g of Yellow Sunda and like it a lot, was very good for me. I've never tried ND but my usual vendors are Benni's and a couple other small batch privates.

  33. Last I bought was around a month ago, everyone was loving the Green Borneo, Red Lida (I only got a sample of that, shoulda got more), White Lida, Green MD

  34. Icbinx blend is amazing....it had me cleaning the house singing Christmas songs 😋

  35. I thought it's supposed to knock you out, that's what X does for me! But then, everyone's different

  36. They're on my list to try, so many I want right now

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