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  1. 1210 is hard. Different kind of math. If you are good with math. 1210 will be fine

  2. Just grind bro. Hyper burned wind archer, didn't put any time in gear, all my gears are fake cra and normal drops from daily bosses. I played for 4 days and is now level 229, I used all those free nodestones and free level 5 arcane symbols.

  3. Free lvl 5 arcane symbols? Do you mean the arcane symbol coupon from the ignition event? Damn 9k state and 2m dmg in 4 days? How the hell did you manage that?

  4. Yes, those free symbols are only available for a new hyper burning character.

  5. I had it on since June. A bit yellow on the side soft plastic, but the back is harder plastic and it's still clear

  6. this tells you that you hat so many supports on the part. because a lot of the failed and the print still worked.

  7. My room during winter is almost 19 πŸ˜…

  8. The base layer was on the build plate pretty good, just some of the sports are not attaching to base layer

  9. I like gboard, but I can't get the sound to work. It's too loud, can't turn it down. So I use samsung keyboard just for the hapticts

  10. Tiny bit od Super glue on the first half of the S pen. Insert back into the hole. That will ensure glue doesn't get to the walls. Then pull it out

  11. 2013 and 2014 in university was hell for me. As a freshman I discovered slowly to change my study habits. I came out of high school still has the mentality of high schooler, procrastinate, skip classes thinking that I could catch up and not doing homework. I failed about 1 class (MATH1210...) and dropped about 3 classes in my first 2 years of university.

  12. Thank you for sharing this. I have been telling my homies this, but not everyone listen. Hope the exam goes well for you. But dammmmmn bro 8 years 😭

  13. All good man. I'm not very time sensitive, why the rush :) end result is good

  14. I experienced something like this with my iPhone 12 before. No real solution, tried self reset, apple store reset. Then I just spend 30 dollars and got it replaced completely with apple care. Fixed lol

  15. Suggestion to buy best buy only and not 3rd party seller. No garenttee on the quality

  16. Hopefully everyone is ok, but I don't feel bad for them. Our society have rules for a reason, gotta follow them

  17. lol write "graduation this term" on your exam paper. I didn't struggle but I remember Paul said write that on your final exam paper if you are graduating

  18. Hobby sense in Winnipeg, or sunward hobbies in Toronto

  19. Iwata neo. Or harder & steebech ultra 2 in 1

  20. I do agree. That's really my weak point. Maybe I'll print off another set of 3 and try to repaint it and just practice. It's not too hard to replace those figures onto the diorama

  21. I used ammo migs enamel ground colours

  22. You can put some items you would find around a farm around that foundation gap...or even pile up leaves, or dirt...then add a wheel barrow and shovel. Most farms don't look like a formal garden, a lot is usually going on.

  23. Yes I have a lot of things lined up, 4 figures, fences, wooden boat deck, fences, more plants, ammo boxes and oil barrels

  24. This is so gorgeous and detailed.

  25. Wow! Thank you! I’m in second year, just got accepted for coop. I was thinking of leaving the coop program because of the intensive schedule. Hearing this gave me so much hope! What year did she start to do her exams? Would you mind sharing how she studied for them if you know?

  26. She finished p and FM in year 2, took an one year gap then finished STAM, now she's studying for IFM.

  27. Great! Thank you so much. I’m worried though since I most likely won’t be able to do any exams until the end of my third year, I still have prereqs left, then the actual ACT courses. Thanks for your input! I will stay in coop. Heard the actuarial jobs in coop are very competitive :/

  28. Coop is very competitive, but the key is never give up trying, and always improve yourself by getting involved when possible.

  29. Nice job! Did it feel weird having to paint a cat's butthole though? Cats always show that thing off.

  30. Truee...I saw someone on IG doing something similar using the 3D printer.

  31. I actually scaled it down to 72 scale as well. It's a 3mm cat that I'm going to use in my upcoming diroama haha, tiny tiny cat

  32. (im not an asper student) If you only starting your first year university in January, how can you get rejected my asper already? Don't you need to take 8 university courses then apply for asper!

  33. I was told I do not qualify for Asper's direct entry and I cannot take the math courses above that I just mentioned. That is what I meant when I said I got rejected for Aspers.

  34. Ah I see. That's a big difference between getting rejected by asper vs rejected by asper direct entry.

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